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Today was the day for a national walkout from schools, in protest of our government’s complete lack of interest in stopping school shootings.  But in Ocala Florida:

A school shooting preempted a Florida high school’s walkout against school shootings

(because, Florida!)

Never before has the phrase, Only in America! seemed quite so apt.

This photo was tweeted by a student who said, “It becomes super real when it’s your school.”

Why does it need to be your school?  Will we finally have sane gun laws after every school has had its turn?

Mull of Kintyre

A favorite from the 70s

A simple enough song, but one that does not get lost in an elaborate production

Bagpipes: when they are good, they are very good.

I will not say whether Sir Paul had the Mull of Kintyre test in mind when he wrote this song.  But that is (or is not) a thing, and now you know about it, too.

Nailed It!

The Herald (Scotland)

It’s exhausting, living in a superpower being run by a hyper-caffeinated four-year-old with an iPhone.  Before this missile strike, Pumpkin tweeted,

Nice and new and smart.  You’d be not-very-impressed by a four-year-old who gave that assessment of some piece of military technology.

He followed up after the strike, of course, with an oldie but a goodie:

Ah yes, “Mission Accomplished.”  What could possibly go wrong after a Rethuglican idiot rolls with those two words?

Come to think of it, “Nailed It!” would be better.

But I guess he saves those words for… porn stars.



Totally Normal and Routine

Michael Cohen’s office raid might actually be the beginning of the end of this long national nightmare.

mm hmm.  click through for the rest of the #NoParody

Two articles make different but roughly equivalent arguments about just how serious this is. In The New Yorker, Adam Davidson explains how the investigation centered on Cohen is about different crimes from the Russian-election-collusion that Mueller is focused on, and – not incidentally – probably more resilient to fuckery from Pumpkin or the DOJ.

Meanwhile, over in the National Review, Andrew McCarthy delves into the necessity of there being serious criminal – not civil – charges before a step like raiding the President’s lawyer’s office would ever be taken by the prosecutors of the Southern District of New York.  Where he worked as one of those prosecutors for two decades.

(Yes, I just linked to William F. Buckley’s flagship rag. Surely a portent of end times or something.) 

Popcorn is always good but this next batch might be extra-tasty.

h/t bOingbOing 


Do you think this is a good thing?

Lemonade is an insurance company powered by machine learning and behavioral economics.  It’s expanding operations to more states.  It’s also a B-Corp, which means its profits go to non-profit orgs chosen by its “community,” in this case, the insured.

One one hand the B-Corp is the kind of thing that can yank capitalism back from the brink of being pure evil.  But on the other hand, an algorithm deciding insurance rates?  Coverage decisions?  Claim payouts?

Where does the big data for that come from?  Facebook?  I have a lot of questions about something like this.

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