Where’d It Go?

I knew I had Friday around here somewhere.

That was when I was supposed to post a blog entry.

Now I can’t find it anywhere!

Anyway. I may have mentioned that I have a new job. I’ll be updating my LinkedIn soon with all the juicy details.

But I will also tell you that the blog may be only spottily updated over the next two weeks. I have to do some travel to meet the whole team, who are geographically diverse. Arrangements are not final yet but progress is happening.


New Job

Starting a new job is tiring.

Indoor Caturday

Indoor cats, plotting world domination.

Then they realize they would actually have to go out there to do anything.

Never mind.

Trans Europa Express

This is from 1977, so when you think about how much Techno and EDM sounds like it, you realize how influential Kraftwerk really were.

Of course this also reminds me how backward the USA is when it comes to rail as a transportation option….

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