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Rum Tale

Indeed, this sounds like it’s from the 1910’s or so.   A “rum tale” is what Arsenio Hall might call, a story that makes you go Hmmm….

It’s Procul Harum, who also brought us this:

and in fact, they debuted with this eternal earworm:



It’s an emergency!  But… not really.
Imagine a 911 caller who needs to report a home invasion.  But they start their conversation with the operator talking about a business meeting they had that week (China).  And a friend (U.K.) who’s going through a tough divorce.  And a difficult relationship they have (N. Korea) but they are making progress! 

And oh yeah, finally after twenty minutes, there’s this dude (Mexicans) breaking into my house, maybe come do something about that.

That was the scene in the Rose Garden Friday. This is possibly a good parody of that because it’s WAYYY more coherent.

And then… and then… he went off to play golf.

Yeah. Emergency.

February #Caturday

Gert sez, Happy #Caturday!

OK, I lied. What she’s really saying is, leave me alone while I pick the ideal moment to walk across mom’s keyboard

Poor Old Charlie

There are great political protest songs.  Protesting and raising awareness of war, famine, fascism, injustices of every stripe.

And then there’s this.

And still, I always smile at the image of Mrs. Charlie slinging a sandwich to her starving husband on the moving train. (Why doesn’t she choose a station where the train actually stops? Or give him the damn nickel in the bag with the sandwich?)

#NoParody Marches On

If it’s tax cuts for billionaires, or wars to pump up business for multi-national arms dealers, don’t think, don’t question!  Just Do It!

click through for the whole sad story

But for anything like Medicare for All or a Green New Deal, anything that might benefit someone who doesn’t run their own SuperPAC… those things we must nitpick to dust.

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