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Two Weeks

Two weeks from today the counting begins. The Rethuglicans are doing everything they can to make sure it’s chaotic and inconclusive. They figure that will allow them to claim whatever result they feel like claiming. They are also trying to ram in a fifth toady on the Supreme Court to make it stick.

Read this comic carefully

In two months, this could be us. US.

Planning to Vote

As in really making plans…

This is 100% the result of allowing politicians — desperate, like cornered rats — to have any influence on election logistics.

This is how democracy dies: suicide.

How Deep

You wonder how deep Rethuglican shamelessness can go.

Keep wondering. I assure you, we are not yet even close to hitting bottom. They are not likely to DE-escalate between now and Nov 3, are they?

Soon After Midnight

When you go to a Bob Dylan show you never know which Dylan you’re going to get. I have been to two. One was raspy and incoherent, and one burned the house down (in the best possible way).

I’m thinking this audience made out okay.


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Theocracy is not the final goal of the ones at the top. Fascism and unfettered greed is. But theocracy is the way they can sell it to the rubes. And those of us with working brain cells, and less than 10⁸ dollars, are stuck in the middle.

Oh, yeah that Supreme Court stooge Pumpkin is pushing through started her “hearings” today.

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