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Monument Avenue

New Orleans has removed its monuments to the 19th century criminals whose crowning achievement was killing their non-criminal countrymen, in support of their Treason in Defense of Slavery (TiDoS).  In the face of horrible threats from the spiritual heirs of those racist thugs, Mitch Landrieu’s speech on the occasion was a model of eloquence and grace.

It’s way past time for another city to step up and take the traitors down.  Richmond, VA has a boulevard called Monument Avenue.  A finer microcosm of pride in treason and racism, of pretending that TiDoS was something good and noble, you cannot find anywhere.






Richmond is where I graduated from high school.  As a white high school student in a school that was named after another apologist for TiDoS, I actually thought, in 1974, that these monuments were beautiful, wonderful things.

At the time, idiot teenager that I was, I did not think about the fact that the city glorified these criminals who literally fought and killed for the right to own 80% of its own citizens as property.  To deny their humanity or any of their rights as humans.

In 1996 they put up a much smaller statue of Arthur Ashe, farther out, not on horseback of course.  Because a black man in their eyes, if he rides a horse, he clearly does not know his place.

I no longer live in Richmond, and I now understand how corrosive were the attitudes I drank in its tap water back then.  I no longer have any real influence there, but I add my voice, for what it’s worth, to the chorus asking Richmond to TAKE THEM DOWN.  I hold little hope for Richmond.  I plan never to return there.  But it would be the removal of a vast stain on our national landscape if these could be removed to the same scrapyard as New Orleans’ were.



Always try to learn something from anyone.  The Jewish sages asked, “Who is wise?  One who learns from all people.”  Even the bad examples are worthwhile.

When the whole Pumpkin fiasco is over, when he and his merry band of greed-head Nazis have scurried back under their rocks, there will be much to study, much to learn.

The survivors, if they are wise, will be some smart m*f*ers.


Works for Me!

Veteran big game hunter dies after elephant,
felled by gunfire, collapses on him

via WaPo 


Pharma Ads

Here’s the best Pharma Ad ever

This is a marvelously succinct send-up of two terrible aspects of health care “marketing”.  Pseudoscience garbage is bad enough.  But legitimate medications are being pushed at the uneducated, who are being told to ask for specific drugs by name for diagnoses they are instructed carefully how to imagine.

A responsible FDA would ban all that advertising outright, but “responsible” is not a word that can be associated with our executive branch this year.  Except in the negative sense similar to “guilty.”

Preakness Caturday

A video for Preakness #Caturday

Today, Cloud Computing won the race.  Which proves that technology moves really fast!



Baseball Season!

One thing Pumpkin hasn’t managed to ruin yet is baseball.  He’s a Yankees fan, which is just fine with me.  My three favorite teams are the Orioles, the Cubs, and whoever is playing the Yankees that day.

Enjoy your classic Friday Funny


Ailes Dead

click through for NPR’s obit  

Roger Ailes has died.  Ailes founded Fox News, the Randian-Dominionist propaganda outlet that has broken our democracy.  Beyond repair or not, remains to be seen.

To put it in the same terms as Susan Sarandon’s Bette Davis on Feud did about her rival, Joan Crawford:

You should never speak ill of the dead, only good. Roger Ailes is dead.  Good.

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