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Does It Even Matter Anymore?

I have to agree.  I think he could blow Putin on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at noon on the Fourth of July, and it would probably cost him about 1.7% of his base.


Grace and Frankie

Here we go with Season Four!

A show in Season 4 that is still looking to hit its sophomore slump, is perhaps not going to.  This series is really fun again.  But I will say that Lisa Kudrow’s turn in the first few episodes was kinda annoying.  Phoebe was a marvelous character but I think that’s Kudrow’s one shot.

And yes – I saw The Comeback.  It wasn’t.

Rochester is Out

Rochester, like 218 other cities, is out of the running for the Amazon HQ2.

The “lucky” semifinalists or… whatever

I think we dodged a bullet, frankly.  Cities are doing horrible things to get the privilege of being taken to the cleaners by a gigantic corporation.  Viz:



Today, here we have a Blues classic about a train.

I know this is a Train Music break, but the “train” aspect of this really doesn’t matter.  This song would be every bit as irresistible if it were about a Key Lime Pie.

Bonus material: I 100% recommend that you spend the next three hours following the Howlin’ Wolf links the video will show you when it finishes.

Camacho 2020?

@JenSorensen for Daily Kos

Of course, Idiocracy is a comedy, however dystopian. Pumpkin-land is just plain dystopian.


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