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Reality Bites

Reality is anathema to one-third of the country

Ugh. Enough of reality, which sadly includes these anti-reality troglodytes. How about some cats, for #caturday?

Gert snuggles with her dad

While Alice must have the fireplace

When Everything is an Emergency

Nothing is an emergency.

Just sayin’


Click thru you must!

It’s easy to make fun of this but it’s a genuine problem. About one-third of Americans can literally not see the problems with our Pumpkin. It is, indeed, a psychological problem. (Warning: Only click that link if you’re feeling super-cheerful and need something to tone it down.)

Holiday Kickoff

We had a very nice long weekend to kick off the winter holiday season.

Just like this all weekend, only indoors

We actually did make some progress on organizing the basement. There are boxes we moved here nobody has looked in since 1997. Like our own mini time capsules!


Our Thanksgiving tradition

And the advice holds up today. We need a movement.

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