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Drown it in a Bathtub?

Trump’s cabinet picks – possibly excepting defense – are each dedicated to destroying their departments.

If there is anything you think the US government does for the American people, then understand: these folks are opposed to it.  It’ll be a great time to be a defense contractor and everyone else is f*ed.

The old “conservative” way of getting government small enough to drown it in a bathtub is now apparently too slow.  The new plan seems to be to machine-gun the entire thing, by Valentine’s Day.

RIP, John Glenn

Man, does 2016 ever suck.

Never mind this…

How about this – 36 years later!  At the age of 77!



Is this a Cover?

Is it just a dramatization?


It has no right to be that good.


My Other Response to All Things Trump


My Response to All Things Trump



Who Thinks…

Klan March, DC, 1925

Ku Klux Klan March, Washington DC, 1925

…that this (or something very much like it) will happen again before the next Winter Olympics?

The Atlantic today tells of this Klan march that took place in DC in 1925.  Middle-class people flocked to the KKK in the 1920s for its message of wholesome, small town values.

They came for the American Values and they stayed for the racism….

Sound familiar?


Too Much

There’s too much to write about from the Pumpkin Patch.  I don’t know how people like this keep doing it.  I need a break.  Then I saw John Scalzi’s post today, entitled:

I Was Going To Write Something Thoughtful and Meaningful Today But Then I Thought, Screw It, I’ll Just Put Up a Picture of a Cat, Really, It’s All The Same, Isn’t It

And given that I have at least half as much feline-privilege as John*, I will now grace the Intertubes with pictures of not one but two cats.


 Daddeh! Why u bloggin? Get ovah here and rub mah belleh! 



 Oh, do wat u want. U gonna, anyway! Wat u think, u iz a CAT? 

* – as far as I can determine by empirical research.  Methodology:
∑ (cats seen in my home) / ∑ (cats seen on Scalzi’s blog) ≥ 0.5


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