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Golden Age or Golden City?

Midnight in Paris is a 2013 film that generated a lot of critical verbiage about Woody Allen’s take on nostalgia.  A longing for the “good old days” – referred to by one of those trademarked Woody Allen pedantic-prick characters as the “golden age fallacy“, drives a time travel tale about Gil, an American writer.

Gil is in Paris in our time, but he longs for the Paris of the 1920’s, with the Lost Generation.  He gets there because Paris is magic, maybe a tad more so at midnight.  There he meets everyone — Hemingway, Stein, Picasso, Dali and more.  He also meets Adrianna, an art groupie who falls for him in the 1920’s, though she also longs for her idea of the Golden Age.  She wants to get back to La Belle Époque: the 1890’s.  When she does, she decides to stay, once Edgar Degas recruits her to design ballet costumes.  Gil returns to the modern age (via the 1920’s?) and decides to stay in Paris.  Just as well, his fiancee is a shallow twit who sleeps with the pedantic-prick dude at the drop of a hat, and her parents are odious Rethuglicans who think the TEA Party folks are very nice… but would never invite any to their Malibu beach house.

The whole movie is an hour and a half to tell maybe 40 minutes’ worth of story, so why does it exist?  My operative theory now, after two viewings: it’s straight up Paris porn.  And it works.  After seeing it again, I want to go back even more.


Condragulations, Sasha Velour!

Winner of Season 9 on RuPaul’s Drag Race

During the final competitive episode (12), she said she was “more true than real.”  Given that our current power structure is all too real, yet has a decidedly adversarial relationship to truth, I think “more true than real” is something we can try now.  She also told an ew.com interview:

I believe drag is a form of activism. It centers queer people and queer ways of being beautiful, especially in a political context where beauty is narrowly defined or what’s considered important or valuable is narrowly defined, and drag always offers a different option.

Reality drools.  Truth rules.  Wear that crown well, Sasha!


Quiet Time

What a week it has been. Rethuglicans have made their intentions plain: fatten the tax-free offshore wealth of their owners at the cost of the lives of 20 million Americans who were too f*cking stupid to be born into families with mid-seven digits of net worth or more.

I need a break from this increasingly sh!tty country.




This is some next level sh*!

This is the headline from today’s Slate.  Spend a moment parsing this….

White House Warns Reporters Not to Report on Instructions About Not Reporting on Thursday’s Press Conference

A Trump supporter is someone who does not think the press has a role other than to report the Pumpkin’s propaganda.

A Trump supporter has no f*ing clue what America is, or should be.  Sickening.

Bread and Circuses…

…and whatever the f* this is:

This is what we should be paying attention to, I guess, while the Pumpkin burns our democracy to the ground.

Replace Ryan!

Randy Bryce is the candidate for Congress from Wisconsin’s 1st district who does NOT want to murder people for not being rich.

Because that is what the Rethuglican health care plan amounts to: be rich, or die.

https://randybryceforcongress.com.   I’m just sayin’.



One might even say, record-setting!

The impossibility of parodying this clown show continues apace.

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