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The Only Supergroup

Roy is in this one:


but he must have reached the end of the line before this was filmed…

Watch carefully during his vocal parts.

onions.  blinkin’ onions.

It’s All a Scam! (And that’s OK.)


Premieres Nov. 9!  Check your cable listings.

So for a while, when it was still quite the Clown Car, I was mentioning that a lot of the marginal Republican candidates seemed to be in it for the money.

Then the challengers fell away, and I became focused on the hideous, hideous possibility that this homunculus might actually get his hiney into a chair behind the desk in the Oval Office.  As of now, this seems unlikely.  In fact, based on the primary electorate he built up as his base, almost everything he’s done since the convention only seems to make sense if he’s actively trying to lose.

Return to the fact that Trump has been a con man and a grifter for his entire career, and instead of thinking, “holy crap, a grifter might possibly become President”, think, “holy crap, what an enormous grift this whole sorry spectacle is!”

Example: When his campaign started getting donations at a serious level, Trump Tower raised the rent for the campaign’s office space by a factor of five.

Or spending eight million dollars on web design to raise more money from — let’s be blunt — idiots.  Idiots who have shown the distinct lack of judgement required to actually give a billionaire $50 checks.

And then we have the hats.  So.  Many.  Hats.  Somewhere I read the following definition of the Trump campaign: “…a hat website that advertises by running a guy for President.”  (That’s from memory. Oh how I wish I could find the quote again.  If you know where it’s from, hit me up in the comments so I can give it the link-love it deserves.)

Finally, we have the word on what Trump plans to do with his campaign’s mailing lists and donor rolls after the election: “Monetize it.”


What is it About 3/4?


3-4-timeA soft-rock or pop song in waltz time is so compelling.  I have no idea why.  And don’t tell me, if it will ruin it for me.

This one is almost the best of that too-small group:


But… this one is the best.


UPDATE: One more that’s so, so good.



Wishful thinking, right on the corner. .

Wishful thinking, right on the corner.

Rochester is trying to be more bike-friendly, but it’s still a car-oriented sprawly mess.

I commute by bike on every day that the weather allows me to without arriving looking like I just finished a triathlon, soaked to the skin or frostbitten.  It’s only two miles but I am sure I experience a pretty full range of Rochester biking annoyances.

The best of them is this gem.  Imagine you’re on your bike on a two-lane road. It’s a 40MPH speed limit, double-yellow line, pretty busy.  The cars wave at that speed limit as they whiz by it.

But it’s all good – you are in a dedicated bike lane.  True, it’s only about two-feet wide but you have a decent pace going and no trouble keeping it straight.  Then you look up and… there’s a sign, “BIKE LANE ENDS”.  Not even at an intersection.  In the middle of a long straightaway, the road narrows a bit, and Poof! there goes the bike lane.  Now it’s just you and the cars, all jostling for the same width of road.

This happens all around Rochester.  I guess our bikes need to be fitted out with a device where we can de-materialize at random locations, only to re-materialize the 150 or 300 yards further down the road where the bike lane magically resumes.  As wonderful as the folks at Full Moon Vista have always been for us, they do nothing but giggle when I ask about them stocking this wondrous device.


Our Dignified Political Discourse

It’s hard to believe how serious… or at least how not-at-all un-serious… this sounds now.

from 2011

US Trains Suck

Trains here DO suck.  And they might always suck.  High speed rail keeps getting promised and will likely never really deliver any relief.

I would forgive them the creation of time zones if they would just be… good.  But they will not.  Amtrak was supposed to fix things, but never got to build any decent amount of track.  So the tracks they share with freight lines are because the freight service beats the crap out of the tracks.

Still: here we have something this country is doing something worse than Uzbekistan.  Never mind France or Japan…


We should want to improve on that, shouldn’t we?

Amazing Sprinters

Usain Bolt is an amazing sprinter.  So is Andre De Grasse.


Finishing together in the 200M Semi-Final  Found on Twitter: Shaun Williams @thebadpedagogue

Jesse Owens was an amazing sprinter.


image: PBS

This video gives some insight into how Owens and De Grasse might compare, courtesy of the Bronze-medal winning Canadian.

I love studies that attempt to tease out the effects of technological help from the purely innate ability of athletes from different eras.  Baseball is ripe for lots of these.

Aside: It may be that what I hate about the Olympics is simply NBC’s amazingly crappy coverage.  For 2018, I may try to find a way to VPN into the UK and stream the Beeb. 

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