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November 6, baby.  

November 6.

The Asteroid Science Is Not Settled

This would go this way if there were a wealthy obsolete industry whose ability to have one more decent quarter were affected by an asteroid.

The fact is, the carbon industries (oil, coal, and adjacent) have been fueling this massive campaign of lies about the climate to eke out a few more good quarters.  And their majority shareholders and decision-makers are old people who don’t give a f* anyway.

Putin joined in on the reasonable projection that in 50 years the only place on this planet where food can be grown will be Siberia.


Box Hell

This is our living room now.

<picture removed at spousal request>

Not much else going on.

When I left the old place to run an errand, an enthusiastic mover packed my Chromebook. So this iPad is all I have to blog from right now.


More soon, I hope.

Railroad Song

Melanie was never one to go with the easy, or the popular, or the desirable from a company point of view.

It’s why we like her.


With his stooge now on SCOTUS, not only can Pumpkin investigate himself, he can pardon himself.

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