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From the Buffalo News:

Rep. Louise M. Slaughter didn’t live to see Rep. Chris Collins’ perp walk last Wednesday, but she might have set it in motion.

It went little-noticed at the time, but early last June, Slaughter went into a rage over a report in the Hill newspaper. The report said Collins, at a dinner with congressional colleagues, urged them to invest in Innate Immunotherapeutics, the tiny Australian biotech that counted the Republican congressman from Clarence as its largest investor.

She stayed on this until a full investigation was going.  And last week, it bore its fruit.

Louise passed away in March, but until that day, she was my Congresswoman.  Now here she is, kicking Rethuglican ass from beyond the grave. 

Having Louise represent me in Washington has been one of the best things in my life as a political animal.  She is sorely missed.  

Casey Jones

Did you think of this when you read today’s title?

So sorry.  I was referring to the original ballad.

Johnny Cash sure shows up a lot in this series, doesn’t he?  I think it’s because he has a thing about trains.

As do I, Johnny.  As do I.

And lest I leave you without something truly different, here is the Allan Sherman parody of today’s train song.  Of course now it’s about a subway train.

Stop The Fear

The marvelously Orwellian-named Department of Homeland Security is sponsoring programs aimed at schoolchildren called Stop The Bleed.

click for NYT coverage

The Times calls this an acknowledgment of “the sad reality that shootings at the nation’s schools are far too prevalent”, but I call it something else: Fear maintenance.

The Rethuglican governments have been determined for a long time to keep the people of this country afraid.  9/11 was a great opportunity in this regard.  (Or achievement, if you go the conspiracy theory route.)  

We now allow ourselves to be made afraid of exploding shoes and water bottles at airports.  Muslims.  Blacks.  Refugees.  You name it, we fear it.  “If you see something, say something” is a message that anything you observe that isn’t part of your boring routine is a potential life hazard to be reported to authorities.  “For your security” is the ultimate excuse that lets petty authoritarians get away with any abusive rules they like.

Why do they do this?  People who live in fear look to autocratic figures to reassure them.  To take over and remove their potential for making a bad choice.  To be strong and “protect” them. 

Just as Putin “protects” the Russians.  And us, by proxy. 

Nazis Again

Or as Pumpkin calls them, very fine people.

Some of last year’s national shame — CNN 

They’re marching again today in Charlottesville and Washington, DC.  Last year they only killed one person.  I’m sure they would like to expand on that total this time around.  I hope they fail.  In fact, I hope every single person supporting these racist displays fails in every single way imaginable.

All the articles I read wringing their hands over how Pumpkin supporters never waver no matter how much corruption and graft he flaunts, or badly his policies damage them economically.  In my Google+ stream, I have a collection I post these stories to: It’s the Racism, Stupid!

I am eager for America to prove me wrong.  My expectations are nice and low, however, so I am unlikely to be disappointed.

The Nib

If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you have surely noticed that I post a lot of political cartoons.  Since there is no longer any way to parody what goes on in our government or media, I maintain that political cartoonists are now just straight-up reporters.

More of the Same” by Tom Tomorrow Aug 7

I collected this lovely example of reporting and analysis from a site called The Nib, a daily collection of the best political cartoons with a progressive viewpoint.  Between here and Google+, I probably post 10-20 cartoons a week that I find especially incisive or funny (in a laughing-as-the-world-burns way).

Here are a few panels from some of my favorites over just the last few days.  Click the titles in the captions for the full cartoon. 

Jen Sorensen is always worth reading, especially the short essays she posts with her cartoons on Daily Kos.

Give and Let Die” by Jen Sorensen Aug 8

Matt Lubchansky has a very distinct visual style that lends itself well to depicting the feelings of futility we can all experience lately

A Racist in the Opinion Pages!” by Matt Lubchansky Aug 8

Kendra Wells’ style says to me, I may be just one person with a pen but I will. not. stop. fighting.

Twitter Loves Alex Jones by Kendra Wells Aug 10

New stuff every morning.  Or, as The Nib’s own tagline puts it:

Rise and Shine. The World is Doomed.

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