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Turns Out, I Hate TV

Today, I learned that I actually hate TV.

Yep – that’s me, the guy who seemingly cannot shut up about the golden age of TV we live in right now.  For three hours today, I was in the presence — with the sound on — of the other side of that coin.  A local broadcast channel, beginning with the early evening “newscasts”, on through the network news half-hour, and wrapping up the time watching Wheel! Of! Fortune!

So here’s what I don’t ever, ever see when I am watching all that TV that I rave about:  Local news, which is pretty rough.  TV network news, which is probably the main reason Pumpkin is in the White House as opposed to some other accommodation federally-managed but a little less luxurious, like, maybe Allenwood.  And the truly worst of the worst, the bottom of the sh*pile… commercials.

I do use TiVo for the one thing it’s really good at – making sure commercials are not part of our viewing experience.  Today’s experience included pharmaceutical ads that would get their makers sent to prison in civilized countries and political ads that make dirty politics play out in your living room until you want a shower just because of what has been on your screen.

So when I watch non-premium (i.e., ad-supported) channels, I erase their ads from my stream.  If the originators don’t like that, then they can go back to the advertisers and ask for ad content that is not absolute pollution to the eyes and ears.  But they won’t do that, so I will never stop skipping ads.  I will purchase no service with unskippable ads (looking at you, Hulu).  If that means one day I have no service I can purchase at all, then so be it.


OK – This is Scary

This has wrapped completely around the point of my #NoParody tag, full circle, and then swooped gracefully into an inward spiral that will soon disappear up its own fundament.

BTW the Daily Kos page where this was published is titled, “Breaking the News.”  A sly nod to Michelle Wolf?


It’s Wearing on Me

I find myself feeling a deep dislike for all supporters of our flat-out fascist Federal regime now.  These are people I want nothing to do with anymore.  Financially-privileged white suburbanites.  Rural #MAGAs.  The entire states of Indiana, South Dakota and any of those that ever styled themselves part of the CSA.

I don’t want to use the word “hate” for what I feel, but it’s functionally indistinguishable.  I have reached the point where I do not find it useful or even possible to make a distinction between a “person who supports a policy like that” and the policy itself.  Empathy for such people is beyond my reach.  And I don’t even feel motivated to try.

As for the people of color, the queer, the women, the disabled and the immigrants who are trapped geographically in amongst all that human fungus around them… I want to work now on shielding them from the worst of it and on rescuing them from it where possible.

Trump is Theirs, Alright!

‘Crimea is ours, Trump is ours!’ Russian state TV celebrates president standing up for Putin at G7

Check the video clip at the end.

From the article:

What’s more, Trump reportedly asked the G7 leaders why they were so insistent on standing up for Ukraine, which he described as “one of the most corrupt countries in the world.”

Skabeeva and co-host Evgeny Popov relayed this news excitedly to their audience, and they clearly approved of Trump’s actions.

“Krym nash, Trump nash!” Skabeeva says jubilantly at the end of the show, which in English translates to “Crimea is ours, Trump is ours!”

“One of the most corrupt countries in the world” would have to apply to any country being run by a Pumpkin.

Hanging is still the penalty for treason, right?  Asking for a friend.

Concentration Camps

My brother voted for this.

Kids being stripped from their parents and put in camps.

He once joked to me that he would not buy a Mercedes because, and I quote, he “could not own a car where he might be related to the seat-covers.”  Haha.  Many of us have family members who just as inexplicably supported this fascist.

NB: not even Hitler got from taking power to camps in under 18 months.

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