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Who Cares About the Railroads?

Nobody, that’s who. Or almost nobody.

Which is a shame, because the carefully plotted, strategic destruction of all public transit is a chief contributor to climate change. But hey, GM got a bunch of nice shareholder value so, it’s all good.


Dug-in. Defensive. That is what Pumpkin’s core of support is, and there are a few basic reasons why. I think the top reason is, he makes their racism seem a little more OK. Even though they know it’s evil.

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So nothing he does, nothing he says, nothing he is, will shift that very much.

The only solution will be a sound thumping at the polls. That’s right, I am leaning to the side that says not to impeach. First, Mike Pence will do even more damage per week than Pumpkin does.

And the last thing this racist band of Americans should be given is, a martyr.

Daydreamy Day

We started the day off with a walk in Owl Woods, where we saw a Northern Saw-Whet Owl.

photo by Jill Frier

To me, they look like grumpy feathered beer cans but Jill finds them cute.

Notre Dame’s New Spire

A billion euros are raised overnight to rebuild a famous church. Flint still has lead in the water for lack of $55 million to fix a problem that’s been known for 4 years. Yes, Elon Musk said he’d fix Flint. But what’s he doing?

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As much as I loved visiting Notre Dame, this is grating.

Parsley, Sage…

…rosemary and thyme. If you read the names of those four herbs and thought of a bouquet garni, I have to ask: how is the weather on your planet?

They (the ubiquitous “they”) tell us that more than things we never acquired, we’ll regret the experiences we never had. I had a solid chance to go to Central Park on the afternoon of September 19, 1981, and I said, no.

I’d plead temporary insanity, but is it temporary when it persists for some 26 years? The afternoon was a Saturday. I was in that long phase of my life when religion trumped just about everything. Now I can only watch the film and listen to the recording.

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