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Betsy DeVos Comes Clean

She finally gives us the truth.


Trump Vs. the Judiciary

This is the constitutional crisis.  This is where the fascists can win and the rest will be just paperwork.  Pumpkin is now trying to destroy the ability of the Justice Department to do anything about his treason.

America survives in any meaningful way IFF Pumpkin and his circle go to jail or the gallows.


Andrew McCabe was fired by the Pumpkin yesterday, one day before he was set to retire.  As a result, he loses his pension.  This is Pumpkin’s petty revenge for McCabe not rolling over after Comey was fired.

Our so-called President and his flying monkey, Jeff BS, are at war with the FBI.  Just because the FBI is strangely reluctant to look the other way about treasonous activity when it comes to Russia and perverting our elections.  The nerve of those guys, amirite?

If you doubt this, read McCabe’s full statement.

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Congratulations, Trixie Mattel for winning All-Stars Season 3!  It certainly was not how we expected it to go, from watching the edited final product.  We don’t know what goes on in the hundreds of hours we never see.



Dixie Flyer

Randy Newman’s music just shows up everywhere.

You can make an argument that he’s the next great American composer, after Aaron Copeland.

Aaannd… your faithful blogger sits back and makes popcorn as the music nerds’ heads explode.

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