Check out this piece in The Guardian where AOC (29) met with Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg (16) to cover a wide range of topics.

As I read through it, I realized that Pumpkin must be attacking AOC non-stop because of how terrifying she is. She makes it obvious that while his mouth-breathing troglodytes may have power now, it cannot hold.

The attacks that won’t stop are bullying born of fear. The misery he must feel… wallowing in that pool of fear… it’s a good start on the punishment he deserves for the evil he wreaks daily.

The Racism is the Point!

By now we’ve all seen this defecation from the Pumpkin:

The Racist-in-Chief, doing his job

But here’s the thing. He makes some token denials that he’s a racist, but of course, he is. And it’s the whole point.

Racism is what keeps his base solid. The unrepentant racists all over this country love that we have a racist president because it justifies their own racism.

Tonight he’s holding a rally in North Carolina to drum up opposition to a coming House resolution against racist language. North Carolina, who would have thought?

Happy… what?

The French find the “patriotic” displays of Americans – the flags everywhere, the pugnacious slogans on bumper stickers – kind of apalling. Not really any kind of reassuring that we really appreciate our country. More like we’re horribly insecure about it and ready to punch anyone who giggles.

We call the French national holiday Bastille Day, but it’s just another way in which we don’t get true patriotism. To the French, the storming of the Bastille is a very minor part of the whole story. Whereas, our national anthem is nothing but the story of just such a battle. We don’t have much patriotism on display here, but we do have a poisonously intense strain of nationalism.

So in France you don’t say, “Happy Bastille Day,” but rather, “Bonne Fete Nationale!” Have a good national festival! Now go watch the fireworks across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower.

How to Get People to Care About Climate Change

This is so sadly true

Click though for the one weird trick

Life’s a Long Song

And it is true, it ends too soon for us all.

So: Get It While You Can!

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