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This Bird Has Flown

Norwegian Wood is probably the most waltz-y of the Beatles’ many waltzes.

What Will They Do?

My worry about the seemingly inevitable fall of Pumpkin is twofold.  One, how violently will his cult followers react?

Two, how passive will the police be in trying to quell that violence?  Especially where it’s directed against black or brown people.  We could see Tulsa writ large.

Christmas Lights & Music

This one seems to have started it all

It was built in Mason, Ohio by Carson Williams in 2005.  It was featured in a Miller Light beer commercial, and Williams went on to run a business designing things like this for malls, etc.

It also quickly escalated

Happily for the neighbors, the music is typically not on loudspeakers but broadcast over a low-power FM station at the house.

And now this, which takes the genre to what should be its logical conclusion:

But that’s silly.  Nothing is ever done that someone won’t try to outdo.

Train! Train!


And live:


Today’s post is over at Safer Computing, about data breaches and what they mean to you.

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