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Catch the Wind

This was the apotheosis of the ’60s.  Flowers in your hair, a beaded curtain, the smell of thoroughly illegal pot smoke mixed with patchouli incense, and gently playing in the background…

Here he is again, about 16 years later. His voice is technically better, yet somehow, not better. It had a ragged quality in the ’60s that served him well. Losing that raggedness may have seemed the thing to do.

Oh, well. Crystal Gayle is marvelous, anyway.


Goose Game!

Direct action works.

Seven Million

via Kottke

The Beauty of Truth

A lie is not just anything untrue. A lie requires knowledge of the truth, and intent to deceive.

Biblical literalism about the origin of our world and our species has not always been a lie.

But it is now.

Detective Work

The Pumpkin with the Very Good Brain susses it all out.

Suppose he will throw his children under the bus, when it comes to it? Oddsmakers say, Yes! By 7:2!

I Love the Smell of Treason in the Morning

It smells like impeachment.

Click through for the whole stupid story

The civil war threat is no joke. Too bad the rest of the administration is. A very unfunny one.

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