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Amazon Aflame

The right-wing idiots who elected Bolsonaro in Brazil are doing their part to ensure the death of the human race.

This is of a piece with this, on American soil:

The continuing presence of oxygen in the atmosphere is, apparently, some kind of liberal conspiracy.

On a not-entirely-unrelated note, David Koch died today.


Sisters of Mercy

Oh, Leonard.

We hardly knew ye

But of course Waltz Wednesday is often just my excuse to post a song that I think is amazing even if it’s not in some odd time signature

And the secret of life is in this song somewhere, I am sure

It’s why it’s so widely covered!

Deranged… I Hope

This tweet has two possible explanations:

  1. He’s really this delusional
  2. He thinks this will play to his base

I actually think #1 is a bit preferable? Because if it’s #2 and 30% of our population are this far gone from reality, they will rip civilization to shreds as soon as that recession hits.


Well, we say goodbye to Joan and Sherlock.

I liked that this show depicted a loving relationship between working partners that never needed to go to a sexual or romantic one. A heterosexual man and a heterosexual woman are allowed to just plain like, even love one another without getting into bed or getting married! Way more unusual on TV than it ought to be.

Also it’s good to see series go out when they know it’s time. Too many series don’t end when they should. This was a good endpoint.

Fifty Years

How can it have been fifty years?

American musician Richie Havens performs onstage at the Woodstock Music and Arts Fair in Bethel, New York, August 15, 1969. (Photo by Ralph Ackerman/Getty Images)

For my readers of A Certain Age: if you weren’t there, maybe you tell people you were. You definitely nod along to this:

Well, let me tell you, my brethren: that performance of this song should never have happened. It’s a masterclass in missing the point. Here, listen to it as it was intended to be:

Joni Mitchell.


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