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Cloudy With a Chance of Information Security

Here is today’s post at Safer Computing: how to have a chance at keeping your information safer in the Cloud.


Both sidelines were empty at the singing of the National Anthem yesterday for Seahawks@Titans

Empty Sidelines.

Awesome.  Pumpkin is a walking poster for the Streisand Effect.


Cars > Humans?

South Dakota Rep. Lynne DiSanto, the GOP’s majority whip, got fired from her day job for this, but… I can’t really figure out why!

One of the ugliest American exceptionalisms is the tendency to value internal-combustion powered vehicles over the humans they supposedly serve.  This example is not a departure from American values, it’s an extension of them.

Consider this: why is jaywalking an offense?  Literally: whose streets?  Our streets.  Our cars’ streets?  No.

Or, other than automotive chest-thumping, what is the point of this?

I don’t mean the so-called “rolling coal”; the disgusting pointlessness of that is self-evident.  My question for you might be a little harder:

What is the point of a Ford F-450?



A very few songs will stop me in my tracks, and I am rooted to the spot while it plays.

This is one.



Death Squads

Sweetie-pie Ann Coulter says that “death squads” are the way to go, now that not even Pumpkin supports the most extreme and oppressive immigration restrictions her racist and nativist listeners can conceive.  She says that anyone who doesn’t support less immigration is ruining the country, and so all we can do is <sigh> go to the death squads.

St. Louis area Pi Pizzeria was subjected to intense harassment after objecting to police randomly shooting up the place.  Photo: HuffPo

There is, of course, no question who would staff the death squads.  They have already been recruited to support a fascist, racist regime.  They are already armed.  They already have their team spirit!

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