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Teh Gay Agenda

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pssst… don’t tell anyone… atheists have the same agenda. we’re just about 40 years behind in the program.


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So here’s my take on this stuff. The military does their job honorably 99.999% of the time. The fact that the jobs they are given by civilian commanders are shitty… not their fault.

The fact that military officers think the Pumpkin’s actions depicted here are a travesty bears this out.

The only reason he’s doing this is to feed the lowest, worst elements of his base, for whom “being a man” means ruthless violence, nothing more or less.

John Bel Edwards

Bless his heart

Wins the Governor race in Louisiana. Pumpkin campaigned hard for his opponent. The voters of Louisiana stuck a finger in Pumpkin’s eye!

Here’s a video clip of Edwards’ victory speech (skip to 6:20):

For those of you unfamiliar with Southern USA patterns of speech, “Bless his heart” means something on a spectrum ranging from “What an asshole” at the good end, all the way to “F*ck him!”

Don’t Laminate Your List

Like Ross, here.

It’s a great scene on the surface but it also holds a real meaning. “Laminating your list” can be a metaphor for making your set of desires immutable, and not being prepared to flex when opportunities present themselves.

Don’t do that.

Sorry for late posting. Back on schedule tomorrow.

Dear Doctor

Blue-tinted, and kinda country-sounding.

Are The Rolling Stones not the first band that pops to mind for you after that description?

Me neither.

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