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Falling In and Out

Listening to Pandora, I get this song in the random play-list quite often.

Well, not all of it – just the first of the three tracks.


I can’t even thumbs-down it, because I like the band and I like the album.  I don’t want to put Pandora off it.  But of course it’s the second of the three that really shines.  If only Pandora would play them together!

And now that we’re thinking about this issue, you know there’s another serious violation of this principle coming up.

Either of the paired tracks here played alone is just agonizing.


F* the BSA. Seriously.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images for NY Times

The NYT ran a story today that puts the lie (again!) to all the surface, meaningless, cosmetic moves the Boy Scouts of America have been making to try to overcome the PR penalties of being the sexist, homophobic, theocratic organization they are at their core.

The Cub Scouts (get ’em young!) den in Broomfield, CO heard 11 year-old member Ames Mayfield ask visiting State Senator Vicki Marble,

“I was shocked that you co-sponsored a bill to allow domestic violence offenders to continue to own a gun,” Ames said in a question that took more than two minutes. He continued, “Why on earth would you want somebody who beats their wife to have access to a gun?”

So they kicked him out of the chapter.

Let that sink in a bit.  They kicked him out.

How’s that for a bizarre manifestation of the 100% legitimate observation President Obama made about clinging to guns and religion?  Search carefully in the Boy Scouts charter or creed or whatever-the-f* they claim is their guiding principle that the most radical positions of the NRA are inviolable.  I doubt you will find it.

So their supposed reversal-not-reversal on gay scouts or leaders does not impress me.  Their new idea to compete with the Girl Scouts (a genuinely humane and progressive organization) by admitting girls does not impress me.  In case it might still be a little ambiguous: not only will I never, ever support any activity that supports the Boy Scouts, I will actively oppose any such activity.


This is a very sad story showing the state of the polity.

No matter how much information we give you, you would never write a fair piece,” Liz Bowman, a spokeswoman for the E.P.A., said in an email. “The only thing inappropriate and biased is your continued fixation on writing elitist clickbait trying to attack qualified professionals committed to serving their country.

“Elitist” is a dog-whistle to the morons who make up the Pumpkin moron’s base.  It serves to remind them that intellect and reality-based inquiry are anathema, and anyone who engages is such subversion should be exiled.

So it goes

Cubs, after the year you gave us in 2016, you’re OK.

The season may be over but the eternal cry of fandom rings out,

Wait ’til last year!


It’s hard to overstate how personal this song – and this album – is to me.  Cat Stevens was not only one of my favorite rock acts in the ’70s, his was my first rock concert.  To which I took my first college date.

A few years after, he converted to Islam and changed his name.  Since then, he has been steadily vilified in the American press pretty much on no other basis than his religion.  Count on America to keep up its firm commitment to freedom of religion as long as you’re Christian.  Other religions and atheism need not apply.  If I had not been born here, I doubt I could immigrate today.

Here’s a video I managed to smuggle into the country.

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