Today’s post is over at Safer Computing, about over- and under-estimating risk.

Taking a Fresh Hatchet to The Man-Box

As you might know from reading older entries I am a huge non-fan of this thing we call the man-box. Well, recently I found a podcast and NY Times article that bring this issue to the foreground again.

Aymann Ismail comes out of Arab culture: one of the most stereotypically fecund sources of toxic masculinity. Honor killings, srlsly? If you needed a reminder that the man-box is deeply rooted in misogyny, there you have it. His podcast will show some of the personal aspects of what it’s like to journey out of that milieu. Highly recommended.

This distressing NY Times Magazine article tells how the author’s cousin was suddenly motivated to kill. A violation of a narrow idea of what being a man means brought hormonal rage dangerously to life in a lightning-quick moment. I found this hard to read in one sitting; I needed breaks.

I do believe that the most recent presidential election result and, not to be redundant, the decline of our civil society, is mainly due to basic American racism. But that said, I think the vast majority of the remainder is due to toxic masculinity. Abating or eliminating both of these would certainly result in a return to progress.

Some older material if you just can’t get enough:











Piano Sounds Like a Carnival

One of the O.G. rock& roll waltzes for you today…

from one of the O.G. rock&roll singers. It’s hard to believe that this first hit the radio and started lilting through my brain when I was still in high school. It’s as if it’s been playing for the Longest Time….

They can play that at my funeral; no joke. It’s evergreen. So is this Traveling Prayer

And by the way note that the Piano Man version played on this here blog is the full-length, and not the chintzy 3’05” cut Billy kvetches about in

Attentive readers have noted that my Waltz Wednesdays and Train Music Thursdays entries are sometimes just excuses to post a bunch of music from artists I like.  

Attentive readers are smart.


I think that word means something different out here in the Realty-Based Community.

What’s going on is of course a fascist takeover and the elimination of any meaningful democracy in the USA, just as Putin has been guiding his useful idiot to do.

But, by all means, continue to discuss the Game of Thrones coffee cup.

Springy #Caturday

The temp is just perfect – high 50’s (F)

Gert likes to sniff

We opened the office windows to get the stuffy out.

Alice is more like, OK, that’s outside. Seen it.

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