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“You have been watching,” said the disembodied voice of Anderson Cooper, “one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president at a summit in front of a Russian leader that I’ve ever seen.”

So Pumpkin went to Helsinki and did everything his boss, Putin, could have wanted. Maybe even more.

These two men are loyal to Russia, and neither of them to the USA. That makes one of them good at his job, and the other a traitor. (NYTimes. Click through for the whole story)

He did not blame Putin for Putin’s meddling in our election.  He blamed the US intelligence community for pointing it out!  He blamed the press for reporting it!

Disgraceful is the mildest word.

Congrats, John Cynn

John Cynn won the $10,000 buy-in no-limit hold’em main event of the 2018 WSOP.  He played almost flawless poker the whole time we could see him.

There were two very remarkable deep runs this year.  John Cynn won after going to 11th in 2016.  And the day before, Joe Cada went out in 5th after having won in 2009.

In the days before what they call “The Moneymaker Boom” the main event of the WSOP attracted fewer than 1,000 people.  But in these last few years, the fields that Cynn and Cada fought through to make it to 11th / 5th / 1st twice?  2009: 6,494.  2016: 6,737.  This year: 7,874.  These are some truly remarkable players.  It was a joy to watch.

This is Why I Block Ads

And why you should too.

Introducing, The Spinner!

Warning: this video is their ad, so take it with many grains of salt.  Like, the whole shaker.

The Spinner is a product that you, a shitty man, connive to have your victim wife install, unbeknownst to her, in her web browser.  Then it starts guiding the articles she sees on all websites she normally visits.  The intention is, to influence her to initiate sex with you.  Because, being the lump of excrement that you are, you have no other way to accomplish this lofty goal.

All the different dangers and creepiness of online ads have long since gelled in my mind to the simple idea that ads are evil.  In a way, I am grateful for this product.  It distills that concept to its purest form yet and provides a single concrete example I can point to.

And that all said, the same ideas and techniques are touted by all major online advertising platforms as a reason why one should engage their services.  They just manage to pull it off with less PUA flair.

Now that I have read these last 17 news items, I must go do my husband immediately!“, said no woman ever.

h/t @aral 

Please Use the N-Word


Ruben Bolling at DailyKos

Nazis, or as Pumpkin has called them, “very fine people.”  On the other hand, the 1933-45 German version probably did indeed have Germany’s interests at heart, even while going about it very badly from every point of view.  They were certainly not trying to sell it out to Russia or any other foreign power.

Rick Wilson (no friend of Pumpkin, to be sure), says in this Newsweek piece that the cruelty of the “zero tolerance” immigration edicts and stripping babies from their mothers plays well on TV, revving up their base of shitty, shitty people.

And their core supporters want anybody who’s darker than a latte deported. They’re not happy about immigration of any kind. They don’t believe in the asylum process. They want to take and separate these families as a matter of deterrence and as a sort of theater of cruelty. I think it really doesn’t speak well to their moral standing.

Everyone darker than a latte!  What do you want to bet that will also mean Jews and LGBTQ+ people before this is over?

That last sentence, by the way, is Wilson’s entry in the Understatement Olympics.


It’s Who Ya Know

The Hammonds got pardoned for setting fires on public lands ahead of a line of ten thousand other applications because their lawyer knew someone… who knows Forrest Lucas… who knows (and gives money to) Mike “Whitest Man Alive” Pence.

Are you pardoning people for felonies because they’re buddies with the members of your administration?  You might be a redneck!  Or a banana republic! Or BOTH! 

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