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Their Plan Wasn’t

It’s nothing. An empty binder. That’s the Pumpkin “administration” plan for COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

After disdaining masks and all other common-sense precautions, dozens of these criminals got sick and then checked into hospital beds and took high-end treatments costing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, all on the taxpayer dime.

Then they left the absolute nightmare of a mess for the next guy to clean up. But look on the bright side: if the next guy had been the same guy, he’d have just let us all die, because

Perfect Day

I found the perfect piece for today’s #WaltzWednesdays posting.

I’m posting this early in the morning. Almost eight hours before the event. Consider it my wish.

If Pumpkin manages to f* this up somehow then consider it ironic.

The 20th Will Be Interesting

So far this week:

  • The FCC has had to warn people that threats of violence over amateur radio frequencies is against regulations.
  • The National Guard is vetting the soldiers it’s got in DC to make sure that part of the security force doesn’t become the very thing it’s supposedly protecting against.
  • The person who stole the laptop from Pelosi’s office was arrested today. She was purportedly trying to sell it to Russia.
  • Several Q-Anon supporting Congressthings were seen giving elaborate tours of the Capitol on Jan 5.

This coming #WaltzWednesday’s entry will be on the most interesting day of my life, probably.

Lazy Caturday

Gertrude and Alice say, You go have your lazy day and leave us to have ours.

So Much Winning

I found this on Reddit, and I thought it was a pretty good summation:

I am trying to imagine a “presidential” library built in this thing’s honor… I cannot. What I think we should build instead is a library and museum dedicated to all the ways political power can be abused. The history of the past four years serves as a card catalog to that.

If his “legacy” will be anything other than the destruction of the Republic, it will be a hardening of that same Republic in reaction to the abuse it has endured and survived.

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