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Blue Waltz. Danube?


I find this piece really calming. That’s valuable, these days.

The Stupid, It Burns

I had a friend (sadly, he died last winter) who kept a sign over his desk,

Stupidity should be painful

If only, if only.

C’mon, Portland, Tell Us How You Really Feel!

Another sporting event participated in another (probably purchased) veneration of the military. Incidentally, shit like this is a major hallmark of fascism – see #4.

click here if the video does not play

The crowd weren’t having that.

For extra credit, go back to the Characteristics of Fascism piece I linked and find one that does not apply to the US in 2019.

via HuffPo

Just the Thing

Click to see the cure for your health-care woes!

The USA’s approach to health care stems from the basic fact that (according to rich people), being poor is a result of bad character. You, poor person, have bad character, made bad choices as a result, so now you have no access to health care and should just die.

Civilization is At Risk!

Or… we could… stop policing what women wear?


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