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Jeff is Listening

Do not, under any circumstances, have one of these in your home.

There is no reason whatsoever to assume that “smart devices” with microphones are not listening and analyzing everything they can hear 100% of the time.

There is no reason to assume that the mute button does anything other than turn on an LED.

There’s a reason that a 70″ LED monitor costs $4500 while a 70″ smart TV costs $399. They are making up the difference in revenue via the sales of your data. What you watch, what you eat, how much you argue, how much you have sex. What your kids talk about. If they can hear everything, they know everything.

I will have more about the state of IoT security in weeks to come. Suffice to say, things have not improved.

Black Friday Specials!

Super Sale! One low price for everything!

Plus: Not just free as in beer! Free as in Freedom. Not to mention, software that is constantly being inspected by a community at the source level will tend to be more secure, and will always get its serious security bugs fixed faster.

I support the Free Software Foundation, because they truly support freedom.


Some say we’re on a pendulum, not a road. Well, as of now it’s feeling like swinging in the correct direction.

I like this version – it’s fully in the spirit of the original, but also brings a very Flogging Molly energy. By the way, I ran this song for a Waltz Wednesday once before, just before the 2018 midterms. Well, it just felt like it needed to be run again. I will not do that often, I promise.

I saw a headline this morning, something like, “Biden transition now getting cooperation from White House, but Trump will still not speak to him” (paraphrased). And I thought,

“Wow – that’s what I call a win-win!”

Lockdown Again

We have a color-code system here. Our area is currently “Yellow.” But all around us is “Orange,” and less than an hour’s drive away is plenty of “Red.” We’re probably headed for Orange again, too.

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And why is this? Consider these two headlines from the past 100 hours:

CDC’s Last-Minute Advice on Travel for Thanksgiving: Don’t Do It

U.S. airports screen millions of travelers ahead of Thanksgiving

The second one mentions specifically that “…people ignored a call from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) not to travel.

Pumpkin continues his bumbling attempt at a coup d’etat, and continues pursuing his Putin’s goal of killing as many non-billionaire Americans as possible. So he’s continuing to make sure the messages about COVID safety are as muddled as possible.

They must fail

And when they fail they must be punished, with prison or worse.

Nothing about this can be allowed or tolerated, or the next Rethuglican to grab power will not fail to excise the remaining husk of democracy from this country.

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