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Not Even Trying

Tom Tomorrow is one of our brave cartoonists, trying to create parody in the face of a world that will allow #NoParody.

No… wait… he’s given up.

Policing, USA

It is a national shame that the talks documented in this video are necessary. But there it is.

Instead of trying to end it, our so-called President tweets support for the racists that make it necessary. And calls the victims thugs.

Wave of Violence

This is dead-on. It has to stop!

This week’s Central Park birder instance was just the latest in a long line of such garbage. Whites, mostly women, are happy to weaponize the inherent racism of the police against any black man threatening to make them aware of their extreme privilege. Most of them get away with it, unlike Amy Cooper.

Here’s this kind of story from the black birder’s point of view, that I found this morning. And here’s a piece about the same issue I did a few years ago.

Sunny Goodge Street

Is this the hippiest hippie song that ever hippied?

It just might be!

Here’s an almost-as-good version but, oh, okay, I guess he DID write it.

I am just not into a combination of surreal and sad.

Pandemic Activities

Click for all that is good and just

When the stunning levels of denial and outright mendacity come back to bite them….

…how will they manage to blame Obama?

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