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Always try to learn something from anyone.  The Jewish sages asked, “Who is wise?  One who learns from all people.”  Even the bad examples are worthwhile.

When the whole Pumpkin fiasco is over, when he and his merry band of greed-head Nazis have scurried back under their rocks, there will be much to study, much to learn.

The survivors, if they are wise, will be some smart m*f*ers.



Works for Me!


Monument Avenue


  1. Glad to see a hint of optimism in there David, despite the cynicism.

    How long before the Orange One crawls back under a rock?

    From our perspective – and distance – the show is quite entertaining. We’re relieved that, so far, nothing drastic has happened, at least nothing drastic enough to materially affect us. Sometimes the inherent conservatism and inertia of the bureaucracy is an advantage!

    I’ve noticed various news media seizing every opportunity to poke back, quite pointedly, at whatever inconsistencies and lies they can spot in the tsunami spewing forth from the Orange House: I strongly suspect an orchestrated media response to the fake news situation coupled with simple but deep-rooted and widespread anti-Trumpism.

    • David Frier

      It could take as much as a year, but that’s just based on the Orange Crush’s ability to distract.

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