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Soldiers of Peace

CSN got together with Y once more in the tail end of the Reagan administration to make an album called American Dream.  Just as the Rethuglicans were finishing up Act I of wiping their asses with the American Dream.

David Crosby said some derogatory things about this album but I like it, and I especially like this waltz-anthem.

It’s Still Mar 18 Somewhere?

On the same principle that it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere?

New Yorker, 1993-05-03

One of my favorites, and marginally about how fluid our definition of time is.

Handmaid’s Tale IRL

This is how Rethuglicans operate.

According to this schtick dreck and others like him, the raison d’etre of a human female is to breed. Anything that interferes with THAT should be illegal. According to this schtick dreck.

Rethuglicans are staunchly anti-abortion until their mistresses get pregnant.

Railroad Song

Croce, like many people featured in train songs, died in a horrible accident, and too young.

And I must also mention – nothing to do with the song – happy Pi Day!

Social? Media

History and future in a cartoon… 

Click thru for the future

The more they sell, the less it’s worth. So the more they need….

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