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This is some next level sh*!

This is the headline from today’s Slate.  Spend a moment parsing this….

White House Warns Reporters Not to Report on Instructions About Not Reporting on Thursday’s Press Conference

A Trump supporter is someone who does not think the press has a role other than to report the Pumpkin’s propaganda.

A Trump supporter has no f*ing clue what America is, or should be.  Sickening.

Bread and Circuses…

…and whatever the f* this is:

This is what we should be paying attention to, I guess, while the Pumpkin burns our democracy to the ground.

Replace Ryan!

Randy Bryce is the candidate for Congress from Wisconsin’s 1st district who does NOT want to murder people for not being rich.

Because that is what the Rethuglican health care plan amounts to: be rich, or die.

https://randybryceforcongress.com.   I’m just sayin’.



One might even say, record-setting!

The impossibility of parodying this clown show continues apace.

The Many Faces…

of President Pumpkin!  I just stumbled onto the charming, tumblresque blog called 1001 Trumps.  Today’s offering,

For reasons I am sure they would appreciate, I hope they never get to the point of having been able to post all 1001.



This is the drug dream you grew up in, in the 1970s


Ride for Pride 8!

last year, before starting out

Congratulations to the GAGV’s Ride for Pride 8 on hitting the $50,000 fundraising goal this morning!

I can’t ride this year, but I managed to start a little fundraising before I realized that fact.  I thought it was a good theme for this year’s ride, seeing as how 8 is the first natural number cube.  There’s still time to donate $27 or $64 or… (hint, hint).


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