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Honoring His Roots

This is a real item from the Pumpkin merch store. (very reluctant link)

The one on the left, I mean. I know, I know… it’s easy to get confused.

By the way – everything I need to know about “America First” I learned from Dr. Seuss:

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Our Proud History!

I have been trying to make this point, but this video does it so much better.

Blow the Man Down

This has been on my list for a long time, and it’s now up in the rotation.

Sea shanties are often (but not always) in a nice 3/4. It helps with getting a crew working in synch – tug on the rope at the downbeat, recover and gather the next length for two beats. When everyone hits together the pulls are way more effective.

This is fortuitous also, because we just recently enjoyed this:

Women working together. Set to sea shanties. What could be bad?


The white-supremacy terrorists are now driving cars into crowds of protestors, echoing the 2017 attack in Charlottesville. Here’s the latest widely-publicized incident, in Seattle.

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One of the women injured in Seattle, Summer Taylor, has since died.

I wonder how many of these murderers will be shot by police? The over/under is at ½. I’m taking the under.

Domestic terrorism will not get you any more inconvenienced at the airports. Your police force will not be even more heavily armed with, (oh I don’t know, what’s left? Fighter planes? Tactical nukes?) because this is the kind of terrorism your Rethuglican government likes.

“Very fine people.”


This is Oglala Sioux Nation land.

But of course when the owners of this land said Pumpkin was not welcome to trespass there and make yet another pitch for boogaloo, the police were instructed to break up that “illegal protest.” Pumpkin went anyway.

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