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How Technical Should You Be?

From time to time I write about techie topics here, or over on Safer Computing. But a level up, the question that occurs to me is, how technical should I be? More to the point, how technical should I have to be?

There are a lot of things we are told to do to protect our online safety. Check links before clicking them. Use a VPN in a coffee shop. Make sure you are patched up to date. Block ads to prevent malvertising.

But… what are you checking for? How do you tell for sure a link is safe? If you use a VPN how can you tell if it’s doing anything other than taking $75/yr of your money? Are your patches coming from the manufacturer’s certified repository? Are you sure?

My point today is not to teach these skills. But these things make me think that a certain amount of technical knowledge is important. And not the kind you pick up on the streets of Reddit. Real solid knowledge that is based on current technology, and kept up to date.

I do this for a living, and I find it challenging. I know many people my age (young Boomer) don’t have a chance at this. The shame is, the current atmosphere of denigrating knowledge and any hint of regulation on rapacious corporate greed mean that effective protections for people unable to defend themselves will only occur fortuitously.

My next project should be, making some of that fortuitous occurrence happen.

To the Center!

No… wait. Centrism will not help us now.

Click Through for the Journey!

The Essence of Good Cooking

Today’s SMBC:

Mouse-over text: “If you want good food, find people who’ve been poor a long time, but have plenty of salt, sugar, and fat.”

To quote Anthony Bourdain:

“Poverty is the great engine of gastronomy. It takes deprivation to make chicken feet into something good.”

Bourdain, quoted here

Anyone can make the best cut of meat from the animal taste good. It’s yours to screw up. Making the offal good, that is the hard assignment.


Holy crap. I did not expect this to get to the level it did.

Worth a read! Click!

“We” are to blame, but outside influences are indeed trying to tip things the wrong way, and the oligarchs in this country are inclined to let them.

Silent Eyes

The CW when this came out was, here’s this Jewish guy from Queens, tossing his bit into the Zionist kitty.

But if you pay attention to the words, I think it could be more… ambiguous.

Silent Eyes
Burning in the desert sun
Halfway to Jerusalem
And we shall all be called as witnesses
Each and ev’ryone
To stand before the eyes of God
And speak what was done

Paul Simon

I would be glad not to have to answer for what has been done in and for Jerusalem.

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