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Coder Perspective

From the reader-nominated best tweets of all time, this classic.

I hate vi also.  nano is tolerable.  emacs used to be good…

…on Multics.

Thanks, Kottke!


What? Caturday Again?

Every week, it comes around.

I thinkin how to free teh ballz

Daddeh, doan bothr meh. I tired.

Home Again

Yes I have been away for a few days – it’s good to be home.  I went somewhere that might be the apotheosis of Good Fake.  It’s staffed by people who are uniformly amazing, even though in the service of a morally flawed corporation.

And the air travel experience on the return trip was so stressful that I had to bribe my way into a humane final experience.  I paid $30 to upgrade my boarding order on Southwest to be in the first 15 (not counting the pre-board elderly and disabled).

Southwest has us herding ourselves into precise queues, right down to sequences of 1 to 30 in exact order.  O Brave New World…!

Good Fake / Bad Fake

Fake has its place.  Sometimes the real is not appropriate or not attainable.  Sometimes it’s not even preferable.  Good fakes are well-executed, with attention to detail.  Bad fakes are sloppy and easier to spot if you have any knowledge of the original, whatsoever.

Another take on fake: Good fakes are honest about their fake-ness.  Bad fakes are actively trying to deceive.  If a bad fake is well-executed it might get away with it.  Much harm can result.  Think of the Fox “News” coverage of any issue.

If a good fake is poorly executed it’s more disappointing than anything.  You indulge in the honest fakes to go along, have some fun.  When it’s well done, it really delivers.  But if it doesn’t do a good job, it’s just a let-down.

I sense the eventual arrival of one of those 2×2 matrices, and more discussion on this to come.


Sometimes you have to separate the corporate or legal entity from the people who have the duty to carry out its imperatives.

The laws in your city or state may be just and fair but perhaps the police act with bias and corruption.  Or the other way around: the laws may be enacted to please bigots but the policing is as humane as they can make it, sometimes at great personal cost.

The system we’re in can shape who we are to the world but it doesn’t have the final word.  Employees of the most evil corporation in the world can still provide good customer service.  And of course, neither the faceless entity nor the individual in its employ is ever purely good or purely evil.  It’s always more complicated.

But then, that doesn’t make as good a meme, now, does it.

Nostalgic for Greyhound?

When the airlines makes us fondly remember traveling by bus, they are doing something wrong, right?

Or maybe not.  Maybe the fat profits are in making us miserable enough on standard flights that we start buying all those upgrades that cost them nothing.  Like, boarding earlier or 1″ more leg-room.

Trading on human misery, it has many names….

You Tell Me…

…is this parody? Or reporting?


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