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Happy… what?

The French find the “patriotic” displays of Americans – the flags everywhere, the pugnacious slogans on bumper stickers – kind of apalling. Not really any kind of reassuring that we really appreciate our country. More like we’re horribly insecure about it and ready to punch anyone who giggles.

We call the French national holiday Bastille Day, but it’s just another way in which we don’t get true patriotism. To the French, the storming of the Bastille is a very minor part of the whole story. Whereas, our national anthem is nothing but the story of just such a battle. We don’t have much patriotism on display here, but we do have a poisonously intense strain of nationalism.

So in France you don’t say, “Happy Bastille Day,” but rather, “Bonne Fete Nationale!” Have a good national festival! Now go watch the fireworks across the Seine from the Eiffel Tower.

How to Get People to Care About Climate Change

This is so sadly true

Click though for the one weird trick

Life’s a Long Song

And it is true, it ends too soon for us all.

So: Get It While You Can!


The US Women’s National Team won the FIFA World Cup yesterday in a dominating performance over the Netherlands team.

Now she gets to not go to the f’ing White House
I can hardly wait

Little boys are wearing Rapinoe jerseys. This is a good thing.

And of course, Nike was ready

India Note #3 and Caturday

I really did love most of the food in India. It was alternately amusing and annoying to watch my Indian meal companions fretting about how I would react to the spice levels. Personally, I found none of the food overly hot. Spices were used appropriately. There were even a few things where I could have taken a bit more. My Indian friends and colleagues are probably not used to Americans handling indigenous flavors very well.

I was only served beef once, in biryani at a place in Kerala. I did not like it. The meat was overcooked for my taste, and a little tough. Meanwhile, the same kitchen treated both lamb and chicken beautifully.

I bring up the subject of beef because on my homeward journey I gave in to the temptation and visited…

I just had to try it.

I just had to try it: a Burger King, in India! Unlike the restaurant I mentioned above, this one has no beef on the menu. I selected the Mutton Whopper. Sadly, I cannot recommend it. The fries, however, were delicious.

I would skip #Caturday this week, had my furbabies not granted me a rare vision. They have seldom allowed us to see the cat tree with both of them settled on it, not since they were tiny kittens.

Sharing the Tree

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