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Not a typo.  Because the schedule for a holiday visit from our daughter Nechama and her wife Kat worked out to this weekend instead of next, we’re saying What The Heck? Why Not? and throwing an installment of Christmas Eve and Christmas morning in advance.  We are having Christmas Phase 1… Christmas Part 1… Early Christmas… We don’t yet have a settled name for it.  We’ll come up with something.

One of the best things about Christmas is, how flexible it is.  Every year you can adjust your celebrations to the circumstance and your own desires.

As holidays go, Christmas is the willow, not the oak.

“Make Our Planet Great Again”

France Trolls Trump by Funding US Climate Scientists.


Of course, the point is really to try to ensure that this planet is still habitable in a hundred years.  Infuriating the Pumpkin is just a lagniappe, as they say in the Old Country.

Meanwhile, in the USA:

A cartoon by David Sipress. #TNYcartoons

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This is a great old(-ish) blues standard by Taj Mahal.

But the reason you thought, That sounds familiar…, is a little movie you may have seen used it as the opening scene soundtrack.


Yes, Jones Won

But the FCC casts its bought-and-paid-for-by-the-telcos “vote” to repeal Net Neutrality tomorrow.

The Rethuglicans are planning to jam through a vote on their 1.5TB (that’s trillion bucks, not terabytes) tax heist before Jones can even get sworn in.

Enjoy the narrow victory.  Alabama decided — by less than one percentage point — not to send someone to the Senate who is probably a child molester.  Moreover, one who has said, on the record, that women should not have the vote, and blacks should still be slaves.

This feels more like a small reprieve than a full-on victory.  Victory will be a veto-proof Democratic Congress being sworn in as of January 2019, and paralyzing President Pence for the remaining two years of his stolen term.

Really That Good

There’s a YouTube series by MovieBob called Really That Good, in which he justifies the praise we heap upon certain movies with a detailed critique that backs it up.  In short, he argues that movie X is… really that good.

This is one of two Christmas movies on the list that have gotten the “Really That Good” treatment, and I have to say, it’s my favorite.

And if you want some snark, it has a sub-list called Really That Bad.  I enjoy his snarkier reviews… I will say I laughed so hard it was painful during most of this review:


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