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So Much Winning

I found this on Reddit, and I thought it was a pretty good summation:

I am trying to imagine a “presidential” library built in this thing’s honor… I cannot. What I think we should build instead is a library and museum dedicated to all the ways political power can be abused. The history of the past four years serves as a card catalog to that.

If his “legacy” will be anything other than the destruction of the Republic, it will be a hardening of that same Republic in reaction to the abuse it has endured and survived.

This IS Who We Are

Rob Rogers

They say the first step in solving the problem is recognizing that you have a problem. It sounds way easier than it is. It has taken the vast majority of this country five years. But maybe we’re there now.

I found this article encouraging. It’s about the real “deep state” (as opposed to the Pumpkin fantasy).

You attacked America. Maybe you think it was justified — as a response to a stolen election, or a cabal of child-trafficking pedophiles, or whatever — but it was still a violent attack on the United States. No matter how you describe it, that’s how the real Deep State is going to treat it.

The impact of that will make everything else feel like a LARP.

Nicholas Grossman

Possible Bright Spots

Never mind the usual suspects (Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell et al.) blabbering about how they mean business THIS TIME. Feh. The only business that lot mean is, “as usual.” That is what they want to get back to ASAP. And Pumpkin is being left alone to stir up more shit for the days from the 15th to the 20th, so expect that.

But the FBI is arresting dozens of the insurrection participants on Federal charges, which are somewhat less likely to be swept away on a tide of white privilege than state-level. So there’s that.

Richard “Bigo” Barnett, Wednesday
Same traitor, two days later

We went food shopping this morning. On the way to the supermarket, we always pass a house I have come to think of as “the Trump house”. Flying a Trump flag, all kids of inflammatory yard signs, etc. Well, today: no more yard signs. And the Trump flag has been replaced by a regular old Stars & Stripes, the actual flag of this country.

Small moves, Sparky.

Rock Bottom

So I was an ass and wrote this two days ago

I never imagined how bad it would actually be.

For four years, every time the Pumpkin hit another new low, I would think, This must be it. It cannot go lower. The country has to bounce off this floor now. This time. At last. Every time, I have been wrong.

I now think, there is no bottom. In case of a bottom, some red-hatted MAGAt will grab a shovel and get to work.

So You Thought You Might Like to Go to the Show

This was on the randomly generated list of songs to post on Waltz Wednesdays. Now, it’s in triple meter alright, but I don’t think I would waltz to it.


Consider the massive plans the radical right has for rioting in Washington, DC today. They will try and disrupt the process of Pumpkin being removed from office by a fully certified election. In that context, this piece makes perfect sense.

Here’s hoping the only thing that mob accomplishes is infecting one another with COVID-19.

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