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What Did He Know?

What did Jeffrey Epstein know? About whom?

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Where are all the recordings? I bet President Pumpkin would really like to know. I sincerely hope Epstein had copies on a dead-man switch ready to dump any day now.


Today’s post is about password discipline, and how most companies that we entrust with passwords don’t really have much!

See it over at Safer Computing.

Weirdly Beautiful

and beautifully weird

Out of all the acts on this show, there are one or two that are just… something.

I think this should have gotten the golden buzzer, but for some reason they do not consult me on these matters!

Thousand Mothers

This may be cheating a bit on the #WaltzWednesdays theme. This is in triple metre, sure enough…

…but that would be an exhausting waltz.


via Daily Kos

As Hannah Arendt has famously pointed out, the politeness that stems from fear of not knowing who will shoot you dead if offended, is not much to be valued. And it’s the opposite of freedom.

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