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Christmas Drag Brunch

Drag Brunch today at Edibles. Rochester throws  some pretty big shows!

Two veterans of RuPaul’s Drag Race: Mrs. Kasha Davis and Darienne Lake.  Plus the brilliant Aggie Dune, and the 7ft-tall (in heels, but still) Ambrosia Salad performed hilarious lip-synchs and ad-libs.

All photos by Jill Frier.  Soundtrack highlights below.

(I think this is the right cover version.  Minor key makes it creepier.)


Ornaments and Movies

Today was all about decorating the tree, and while doing that you have to have a Christmas movie playing in the background (it’s in the rules!).

Which movie I think is absolutely the best can vary based on my mood.  But this will never be far from the top at least.

Safer Email

Today’s post is over at Safer Computing, about how to keep the email demons at bay!



Train music? What is that?  As anyone older than this century should know, this is what train music is at its core.

And yet, as much as Boxcar Willie is irresistible – not least for being called “Boxcar Willie” – I still like the bass better than the tenor.



This week’s Tom Tomorrow cartoon is yet another utter fail at parody.

click through for the whole thing .

Dan Rather is pretty steamed at how knowledge, reason and logic are all negatives in our current political climate.

When the time comes, and I hope it comes soon, to bury this era of moral rot and the defiling of our communal, social, and democratic norms, the perfect epitaph for the gravestone of this age of unreason should be Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley’s already infamous quote:

“I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing… as opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies.”

Grassley’s vision of America, quite frankly, is one I do not recognize.

Read the whole thing here.  In an environment where technical advances and their effects on society are accelerating hockey-stick style, this is suicidal.  But the Rethuglican plan seems to be to kill off the lower classes.  That’s you and me, boys and girls; read the tax bill.  So it makes a macabre kind of sense.

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