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When Parody Becomes Impossible

Tom Tomorrow is one of those cartoonists who struggle mightily to parody Trump.  It just never works very well.  It’s not TT’s fault, however: Trump’s straight-on reality reads like such an over-the-top parody that actual parody could never have credibility enough to be readable.

This week’s example:


Copernicus and Bon Scott

Copernicus was born on this day in 1473.  He developed the idea that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and not the other way around.

Many Republicans don’t seem to get this yet.  Maybe this bit of light verse will help them.

And on this day in 1980, Bon Scott, an original member of AC/DC, died.

AC/DC was devastated by this loss and almost broke up.  But I’m glad they did not.


Lizard Brains

Do you remember middle school, when two kids got in a fight and the crowd around them started chanting, Oogh, oogh! Oogh, oogh!

Pres. Pumpkin is not talking to the people for whom words represent ideas leading to logical arguments and rational decisions.  He is certainly not talking to these reporters in any important way.  He is talking directly to the lizard-brains of the worst among us. And it’s been wildly successful so far.

That is what his speech pattern is.  It bypasses whatever intellect his fans have. And since they no longer believe in the power of thought and reality, they reject anyone who does believe in those things.

As soon as he’s threatened, we’ll see whether this is recoverable.  The only way to stop it is to put it on full ignore.  I think civilization depends on it.


Facebook Stalks…

Stalkscan is a service that really doesn’t do anything you can’t do anyway.

But it does show you how very much information Facebook aggregates about you… or anyone.  If you find this disturbing, well, I think you should.  Quitting Facebook is not easy but it’s important.

Quit now.


Friends don’t let friends Facebook.



Always tuneful, always interesting

A friend of mine was surprised that I like her.

My question is, why is that surprising?


Fedex and UPS

Why do they hate us so?  I get that they need to concentrate on the volume customers where the margin is, but… have you had the experience of going to pick up a missed delivery lately?

First to our local (thank goodness!) UPS store.  After checking my ID, the clerk found my package and brought it to the counter.  Then they proceeded to scan three of the four barcodes on the surface of the package approximately thirty times.  For some reason, the fourth was ignored.  It took a minute, which sounds tiny… but in that situation is a very long time.

Think a one-minute delay in this situation is a hyper-quibble?  Try it!  Get ready to go somewhere and put the last thing you need to take with you on the table.  Then set a 60-second timer and stand there, imagining someone cluelessly beeping and booping a handheld scanner at it every couple of seconds until the timer rings.  Then, and only then, you can finally grab it and go.

With my mood thus primed, I was off to FedEx.  There are three FedEx locations near us so of course our missed delivery was taken to the one 40 miles away, not the 12 or the 15.  Why?  It’s how they divided up the city for no reason they were willing to explain.  This location was an enormous warehouse only accessible to the public by ringing a security intercom in the parking lot, then going through a subway-style turnstile.  This is not a mistake, this is where the sign in the parking lot directs the public.

When I entered the building, I would not have doubted if someone had told me that I had died and the obnoxious PK in my Senior English class was right — I was in Hell.  I got to spend twenty minutes, too, while the staff debated whether the remote location the driver called us to tell us it would be was the right one.  Finally someone pedaled off on a tricycle with a basket to fetch my package.

So. Back to my original question: why do they hate us so?


New Ringtone!

For my work phone!

Now this composer remains very unjustly obscure.  Because few works of Western culture have a more immediate and powerful connotation than this one.

I would love to hack all the phones at the White House and do nothing but put this on as the ringtone.  Considering their track record so far with technical challenges such as light switches, it should be a hoot for weeks!

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