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Trudeau Gets It

He knows parody is impossible

So he just switches up to telling the truth – maybe not as strictly observed, but as how it could obviously be with no great stretch of the imagination.

Thus does religion show its true function in any society: the maintenance of inequality and patriarchy.


F* the BSA. Seriously.

Tom Pennington/Getty Images for NY Times

The NYT ran a story today that puts the lie (again!) to all the surface, meaningless, cosmetic moves the Boy Scouts of America have been making to try to overcome the PR penalties of being the sexist, homophobic, theocratic organization they are at their core.

The Cub Scouts (get ’em young!) den in Broomfield, CO heard 11 year-old member Ames Mayfield ask visiting State Senator Vicki Marble,

“I was shocked that you co-sponsored a bill to allow domestic violence offenders to continue to own a gun,” Ames said in a question that took more than two minutes. He continued, “Why on earth would you want somebody who beats their wife to have access to a gun?”

So they kicked him out of the chapter.

Let that sink in a bit.  They kicked him out.

How’s that for a bizarre manifestation of the 100% legitimate observation President Obama made about clinging to guns and religion?  Search carefully in the Boy Scouts charter or creed or whatever-the-f* they claim is their guiding principle that the most radical positions of the NRA are inviolable.  I doubt you will find it.

So their supposed reversal-not-reversal on gay scouts or leaders does not impress me.  Their new idea to compete with the Girl Scouts (a genuinely humane and progressive organization) by admitting girls does not impress me.  In case it might still be a little ambiguous: not only will I never, ever support any activity that supports the Boy Scouts, I will actively oppose any such activity.


…nothing to kill or die for.  And no religion…

…living life in peace.


Wardroom Telephone Fahrenheit

The Pumpkin administration has gradually worn off a lot of my capacity for WTFery at the news coming from the Right Wrong.  So I was glad I could see a new news story from the super-wacko side of American politics and think, Oh that is just too f*ed up to be real.  It can’t be real.  Can it be real?  Holy crap, it’s real.  It’s kind of a delicious process.  I have missed it.

Anyway, here is what did it for me.  Hobby Lobby has been sued by the DOJ for hoarding Mesopotamian antiquities.  You remember Hobby Lobby, don’t you? You should – from one of the worst Supreme Court decisions since Dredd Scott.  They get to encode their religious nut-jobbery into their HR policies.  So they have Scalia’s legal hall pass to deny any women unfortunate enough to work there access to birth control.

Wanting to see if they could take that to the next level, they decided they could buy stolen Iraqi cuneiform tablets for some gag-reflex-testing thing called the Museum of the Bible that will open this year in Washington, DC.  Because of course it will.

Do they think Raiders of the Lost Ark was a documentary?

the Nazi angle kinda fits, don’t it?

Seriously: Christofascists literally do not think laws apply to them.

Southern Baptists

Southern Baptists are just racists, plain and simple.  What’s amazing now is, just how emboldened they are by the Pumpkin to stand up for that position.

Richard Spencer was pleased.

What a country.


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