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An excellent response to mansplaining.

Tom the Dancing Bug 1374

The trouble is, you don’t always know so clearly as the folks around Gavin that a mansplain is coming.  And once it has arrived, now you’re in a game of Pigeon Chess.

Pigeon Chess is where a normal person tries to play chess with a pigeon.  The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, craps on the board, and then struts around thinking it has attained a victory.


via BoingBoing

Super Fail

I have still not gotten around to the roughly seven minutes¹ I spend each year after the Big Game² checking out the best-reviewed commercials.

But it came to my attention (thanks, Matt Bors!) that Lady Doritos are a thing.

Less crunch!  Because that’s a selling point for a tortilla chip now?

Here’s what we know about pretty much any product “… for women”.  It sucks.  But it will make up for that by being more expensive.

Sexism and racism are about equally structural to our society.  We need a new one.

¹ – Seven minutes is the total amount of time I spend any more on football every year.  I find the time savings to be an enormous yet unforeseen benefit of my NFL boycott.  I estimate the annual time savings to be around 120 hours.

² – I have to say “Big Game” because you are not allowed to say “Super Bowl” unless you pay the NFL a whole sh!tload of money.  And since I will never offer the NFL even thirty-five cents for the rights to say “Super Bowl”, I will not be saying, “Super Bowl.”  So if you catch me saying, “Super Bowl” please remind me not to say, “Super Bowl”.  

Choice or Labor?

I told you about thisMore than once!

Wisconsin GOP lawmaker says women should be forced to give birth to grow the labor force

You like that, women?  “You will give birth to that rape-baby, so we can enslave employ it when it reaches the working age of 6.”  The billionaire criminals running the Rethuglican party think of us as one thing only: sources of cheapest possible labor.


Life Begins at Birth

Here’s a gorgeous refutation of all the phony arguments anti-choice zealots make against abortion.  It was put forth as a Twitter thread by SF author Patrick Tomlinson.  You can read a great account of it here

Man Shuts Down Anti-Abortion Argument By Asking One Question

But, allow me to summarize.  One single question smashes their “arguments” to powder: If you’re in a raging fire and you can save either a single five-year-old child, or a tray with one thousand frozen embryos (but not both!  Or all 1,002 of you die!), which one do you choose?

Sane and honest people know the one correct answer to this question: you save the backup tapes.  KIDDING!  Of course you save the child.  Nobody seriously places the moral or emotional equivalence of a child onto even a million fertilized eggs, never mind a thousand.  Not even the maniacs waving bad PhotoShopped posters and screaming at scared teenagers outside Planned Parenthood clinics.

Liars, one and all. Some of them just don’t know it yet.

So, please DO try this at home.  See if you can get an answer.  They don’t want to answer this question.  They will dodge it, or simply refuse to answer.  But hey, there’s always a chance that the cognitive dissonance this will create in one or two of them cracks the facade.  That will be a big, big win.



Nonsensical Rifle Addiction.

The gun, and the violence for which it’s a tool, is part of the definition of Manhood that is drummed into every American male from birth.

If we could end the manbox and racism, this would be a humane society or something.  One problem is, though, that “humane society” is something American men, steeped in the manbox bullshit, have been trained to disparage, not desire.

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