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A drawing by @lianafinck. #TNYcartoons

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Oops.  I looked at the comments.

I was browsing New Yorker cartoons on Instagram and I found this cartoon.  Then I did what they always warn you not to do: I looked at the comments.  

rickjwise@washd_out oh boy… well do you talk to and look at nobody? Has no one EVER sexualized a stranger on the street while talking to you without you telling them that was wrong? Did nobody nearby you as a child ever claim you hit a girl because you liked her, or say « boys will be boys »? Did you call out EVERY boy in your middle school locker room who said things he shouldn’t about girls? Really, you have NEVER let a single sexist thing slide and you have never interrupted a woman, explained something to a woman and then found out she already knew, joked that any woman should make you a sandwich, or said the word « bitch » or « cunt » or « hoe » or « slut » in your entire life????? You have never been or allowed sexism in any way and have always used your privilege as a man to stand up for every single woman everywhere?? I guess you’ve proved me wrong, you’re a saint and there’s definitely no way that, because they are raised in a sexist culture, every man has sexism engrained [sic] into him by his surroundings from the day he’s born and accidentally and even maybe actively uses his privilege every single day

The point being – that even if you are not the guy in the cartoon, who would abuse equality by reasserting his privilege to oppress, you – we – have all been so steeped in these ways of oppressing women and POC and especially WOC that it’s hard to be sure you’re not doing it at any moment.  You have to check.  Check your… 

Class?  Class? I can’t hear you!


This is Why I Block Ads

And why you should too.

Introducing, The Spinner!

Warning: this video is their ad, so take it with many grains of salt.  Like, the whole shaker.

The Spinner is a product that you, a shitty man, connive to have your victim wife install, unbeknownst to her, in her web browser.  Then it starts guiding the articles she sees on all websites she normally visits.  The intention is, to influence her to initiate sex with you.  Because, being the lump of excrement that you are, you have no other way to accomplish this lofty goal.

All the different dangers and creepiness of online ads have long since gelled in my mind to the simple idea that ads are evil.  In a way, I am grateful for this product.  It distills that concept to its purest form yet and provides a single concrete example I can point to.

And that all said, the same ideas and techniques are touted by all major online advertising platforms as a reason why one should engage their services.  They just manage to pull it off with less PUA flair.

Now that I have read these last 17 news items, I must go do my husband immediately!“, said no woman ever.

h/t @aral 

It’s Complicated

Season 2 of GLOW is on.  And it’s on!

In the first season, they had nowhere to go but up.  Now it’s more complicated.

As this show, like Dietland, amply demonstrates, a sexist world is pretty much always a hostile work environment.

We may be in a moment where the snap-back starts to make some real progress on fixing things.  It seems like a lot to take on quickly.  But as someone once pointed out to me in a similarly discouraging situation: you cannot leap an abyss in two hops.

The Golden Age Rolls On

If you are not watching this, please start watching this.  This is not just good and fun – it’s important.

This is the radical-progressive fantasy that will make plenty of progressives squirm in their seats.

Also: catch the companion talk show, Unapologetic.  Smart and fun and… unapologetic.

Things May Have Gotten a Bit Heated

Yesterday I went out to do some errands.  It wound up being more stressful than it had any right to be.

One of the errands was dropping off Jill’s shirts at the cleaners to be laundered, pressed and put on hangers.  Now, I have been doing this every week for months at this particular place.  But this time, as I was doing this simple and routine thing, the clerk said, OK so you have seven men’s shirts.  I said, without a thought, Haha, no, these are my wife’s.

Everything stopped.

The ticket being written was discarded and a new ticket came out, changing “shirts” to “blouses.”  And doubling the price.  Now the “Pink Tax” is not new news to me, nor is the quality gap between men’s and women’s clothing.  But – for laundering?  The work is the same regardless of the gender of the garment’s owner… right!?

I did not take this well.  OK, it freaked me out.  I may have given out that this establishment was not up for any more of my business.  Word of my possibly noisy exit reached the proprietor, who called me later.  She explained that their shirt laundry service provider had recently automated the process of cleaning men’s shirts: the new process requires the shirts sent through it to button left over right.  So, of course, they held the prices steady on those and doubled the price of the ones that require the old-fashioned manual work.  A process that is not directionally-challenged.  Complicating this conversation was the fact that the majority of Jill’s shirts do indeed button left over right; Jill has been buying men’s shirts to wear to work a long time ago because they are better-made and cheaper.

Unpacking this incident, I’m not a big fan of what it says about the state of gender equality in the workplace.  The fact that the laundry service found it worthwhile to automate cleaning dress shirts using a method that excludes shirts designed for women speaks to the fact that they are not getting enough business from women needing dress shirts to go to work in.


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