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Named After Women

What would your city look like if the proportion of places named after men were flipped?

Here’s a re-drawn NY Subway map, for an example.

Rebecca Solnit commissioned this for a project you can read about here.  I will say that coming up with enough names doesn’t seem to have been the hard part, because I found very few of these women so obscure that I had to Google them.

Think about the implicit bias built into how we experience our world by things like this.

via Kottke.


Those amazing presidential debates last year, between Brenda King and Jonathan Gordon, don’t you remember those?  Me neither.  But NYU economics/poli-sci professor Maria Guadalupe decided to re-stage the Clinton-Trump debates word for word, but with the genders reversed.  Here’s a sample:

The audience reactions were not a clear as you’d think.  Rather than her brashness coming over as bitchiness, and his buttoned-up sticking to the points coming over as confident, he did seem kind of stiff.  She seemed more at-home and confident.

Maybe this is our attempt to figure out how we could have gotten the result we did?  I don’t know for sure.

Read the article at NYU’s site



A Mildly Complaining Story

I was preparing my lunch at the office when someone wandered into the kitchenette and said something that just pegged the racist-o-meter.

Once I got away from this character, I just wanted a mental frais-palate.  So I found this on the YouTubes:

And still, there was no escape.  The bro at 2:20 who needed to remind his adult daughters that they are his property just blew me away.

I had chosen not to fight with my office racist because I feel I need to reserve that energy for arenas where it can actually help people I care about and who are vulnerable.

Then, I was looking for a recharge and instead I got a slap from a slat of the manbox.  I guess some days are like that.

Safety Pin

pinned After Brexit achieved what is now the second-most idiotic and self-destructive political outcome of recent decades, many immigrants and other vulnerable people in the UK were fearful for their physical as well as political safety.  Decent people started wearing safety pins as a visible signal that here was someone willing to give assistance and comfort, to help deescalate a situation flaring up in public, and to work for justice for all humans and not just the nativists.  Well, now the safety-pin movement has come to America.

I’m glad it’s here, though I’m sad it’s needed here.  Sad, but not really surprised.  The racists and xenophobes have been heating up like tea in a microwave, Trump is just the spoonful of sugar* that makes it all go PLOOSH!  And people get burned.

If I can be the shelter from one difficult situation for one immigrant, black, Muslim, LGBTQ person or woman, it will be worth it.  I think of this as an obligation incurred by my unasked-for but undeniable privilege as a white, male, American-born person of no obvious religious affiliation.  Equally important to the desire to do this is to have a plan of how to act in the moment.  This article goes into detail and you should read it all.  But the outline is:

  1. Be aware of how your companions feel about “getting involved.” If someone tries to deter you, it may create a worse problem than you already face.
  2. Be aware if you are with others who increase the “attack surface”, e.g., children.
  3. Be sure the apparent target actually wants help.  You will have to read the situation carefully.
  4. Be able to respond, to whatever limit you know you are capable and willing.  For example, are able to, and willing to, oppose a violent physical attack?
  5. Plan to employ deescalation of the situation, first and foremost.  Here’s a good basic guide to that principle:



Until President Pumpkin is exiled to whatever St. Helena will have him, I will be wearing a safety pin.

* – warning: do NOT try heating tea in a microwave and then adding sugar, unless you like first- and second-degree burns from scalding.  The water is superheated in spots, and the sugar crystals result in the instant formation of steam that propels hotter-than-boiling teas in all directions.

Nasty Woman

nasty-woman-cocktail-cropElizabeth Warren tore Trump a new one in NH today:

Nasty women, are tough. Nasty women are smart, and nasty women vote. And on November 8th, we nasty women are going to march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get you out of our lives forever.

It probably should go without saying that the exact same behaviors that cause a homunculus like Trump to call a woman “nasty,” would inspire him to call any man who showed them, bold, assertive, or no-nonsense.

I am proud and lucky to be married to just such a “nasty woman”.  She stands up for her beliefs and she will cast a vote against this Trump stain in the next booth over from me, two weeks from tomorrow.

Finally, have a drink to celebrate:

Three parts silver tequila (made by the “bad hombres” of Mexico)
Two parts cherry juice (I like this one from Trader Joe’s)
One part lime juice
Pour over ice and top it with sparkling wine or sparkling limeade
This gets a wedge of lime. I’m too nasty to fuss with a twist.


For Some Reason

Douchebag as a strategy

Douchebaggery as a strategy . .

WSOP 2016 coverage is under way.  ESPN hates poker, and thinks it’s boring and stupid, but they show it anyway.  For some reason.

Only about 4% of the field this year were women, and the announcers were bemoaning that and saying women should be more involved.

For some reason.

In the next minute, they show this hand

This is apparently Kassouf’s entire game: verbally harassing his opponents until they make bad decisions.  What’s hard to imagine, though, is Kassouf getting the pass he gets for this performance from other players and from the announcers, unless he does this to a woman.

Bonus asshole: Alex Keating

If I’m in any kind of minority, especially gender, do I want to dive into this mess?  Hell no.

For some reason.



hqdefaultMy daughter Nechama is quite the geek.  Sitting with her and a few of her friends, they good-naturedly started quizzing me the way they get quizzed by guys accusing them of being “fake geeks”.

First I had to point out that I was only into certain fandoms, so they agreed to restrict their questions to those.  Then I had a chance.  But of course, the sexist man-babies who subject them to this stupidity don’t extend the same courtesy.

Sometimes I am thoroughly ashamed of my gender!


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