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Gillette Gets on Board

Slowly, slowly, organizations are moving to the right side of history.

Now, of course, there is a backlash. Men are furious and responding with everything from calls for boycotts to mass destruction of Gillette products. I do wonder what is going on in the minds of these men who have such a visceral need to defend rape culture and bullying.

Of course, the remedy Gillette offers to toxic masculinity is, well, less-toxic masculinity. The binary shall reign supreme, but men should just be a bit more… polite? So this video is quite incrementalist in its approach. And still, it’s easy to imagine the jitters in the boardroom before this was approved.

As for Gillette – let’s see if they stick with it. It’s not far enough, but it’s still a considerable step for a brand like that. If they hold firm, and move it forward… if they run this ad or one like it during the Super Bowl…

I might even consider buying their products again.

Conservatives Are Destroying Humanity

No exaggeration.  Read this (long-ish) piece  (click through this panel)

We can’t even frame it for them as a national security issue, because “national security” is masculine to them, and “the environment” is feminine.

We’re literally dying of the manbox.

This is Why I Block Ads

And why you should too.

Introducing, The Spinner!

Warning: this video is their ad, so take it with many grains of salt.  Like, the whole shaker.

The Spinner is a product that you, a shitty man, connive to have your victim wife install, unbeknownst to her, in her web browser.  Then it starts guiding the articles she sees on all websites she normally visits.  The intention is, to influence her to initiate sex with you.  Because, being the lump of excrement that you are, you have no other way to accomplish this lofty goal.

All the different dangers and creepiness of online ads have long since gelled in my mind to the simple idea that ads are evil.  In a way, I am grateful for this product.  It distills that concept to its purest form yet and provides a single concrete example I can point to.

And that all said, the same ideas and techniques are touted by all major online advertising platforms as a reason why one should engage their services.  They just manage to pull it off with less PUA flair.

Now that I have read these last 17 news items, I must go do my husband immediately!“, said no woman ever.

h/t @aral 

Instant Car-ma

We had a delicious – and all too rare – experience on the way home from work today.

An urban redneck in a Dodge Charger was tailgating us impatiently in moderate traffic where the road was two lanes.  61 in a 55 is never fast enough for these mucking forons.

As soon as the road widened, this dude flaunted his micropenis, took to the new lane, and kicked it into third gear, I guess.

He had to be doing north of 80 when we saw the lights up ahead.

We could not stop smiling, the rest of the way home.



(Photo by: George Kraychyk/Hulu)

Legalizing rape, that’s what supposedly serious people are talking about now.  Inspired by sexual, as opposed to religious, terrorists such as Alek Minassian and Eliot Rodger, who have somehow made mainstream a conversation about what they are calling “redistribution of sex.”

For those of you in the cheap seats, that means “making sex available” to the male assholes who cannot get it by being ordinary humans, most of whom can find a relationship when they want one – or recognize that there are things they could do to make that easier if they cannot.

“Making sex available” will necessarily mean, making someone who does not otherwise want to participate in that sex.  If you think this sounds a lot like rape, then yes, you too have at least one empathic bone in your body.  Which makes you that much better than the typical Pumpkin voter or Rethuglican, so thank you for that.

It will not surprise you that this simple fact has escaped the notice of such luminaries as the New York Times’ senior troglodyte, or a “conservative” “economist” from George Mason University (Go Slaveholders! yee-haw!).  By the way, does anyone want to take bets on how that same creep from GMU might feel about redistributing dollars?

What is disgusting is that we now have to spend oxygen, neurons and digital ink swatting away people who watched The Handmaid’s Tale and thought, Yeah, I’d like to live in that world.


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