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Happy Towel Day

Do you know where yours is?  I like to think I am something of a hoopy frood.  Do you?

WannaCry Defense

As with all ransomware, the defense is simple:  Backup, backup, backup.  The fresher your backups are, the less work it will be to reconstruct your data and the less temptation you will feel to pay the criminals.

Backup, backup, backup.

Microsoft is blaming the NSA, and the NSA is blaming Microsoft.  A pox on both their houses.

Backup, backup, backup.

Anti-virus can’t help you until they catch up, and can’t help you again once it starts to mutate.

Backup, backup, backup.

Someone found a “kill switch”. By accident.  Uh-huh.
Trust that, do you?

Backup, backup, backup.

Good Advice

What if you could turn all that Internet fractiousness to your advantage?

In that spirit, I loved this advice from Anthony Bourdain:  When you’re about to travel somewhere unfamiliar, and you don’t know anyone there for recommendations on where to eat… post a fake, positive food review on a travel site.

Then, wait for all the angry food nerds to tell you how wrong you are and about all the other places you should go instead.

Bingo!  You’re all set to eat better than you ever could have managed otherwise.

Another B Sides

Rochester B Sides is always fun and enlightening.  The keynote was by @dualcore about techniques that malware writers will use to defeat memory forensics so that their hard work developing payloads is not trashed.

His talk was punctuated with those infamous clips of goats emitting disturbingly human-like screams.  I have no idea why, and I am not even that curious about it.  His talk was still good…

But then he had a slightly longer break while a data harvesting process ran.  And he played this.

Gotta love BSides.



Some Days at Work

I think sometimes… there are two or three people gathered… in a cubicle… or in a small conference room. And I think the conversation goes something like this.

And then… I get an email.  An email containing such a level of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, that it can only be the product of an intense session of this Brilliant! process, honed to perfection.



Here Goes Nothing

I just got notified that Office 365 is being installed on my work laptop.  I don’t know if I should be looking forward to this, or dreading it.

All things Microsoft have been such a shitshow lately, that I am leaning strongly to the latter.

More on the coming adjustments as they develop.

VPN Time

Between LastPass pooping the bed (again!?) and Congress telling your ISP to spy all they want on you, my recommendations from back in November are now looking mighty thin without including a VPN service, to try to stick one more finger into the dike.

I will plan to do a roundup of decent and non-evil (as far as we can know) VPN services by this weekend.  But you should also start looking for your own.

One thing you can do right away that’s easy and free, is start using OpenDNS for your address lookups.  ISP spying on users always begins with DNS, so the first thing I always do is get the heck off the ISP’s DNS and on to OpenDNS or Google’s.

More on this topic later, I promise.

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