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Surveillance Society

The entire economy is moving from oil to data.

Click Click Click!

What data? Data about you. Data they can use to get you to buy crap.

Are you OK with this?

Really Happy About This

My new workplace, come March.


While it’s still Sunday somewhere!

We welcomed a new family member yesterday, a bouncing baby MacBook. Although we’ve gradually migrated all our mobile life to iOS over the past couple of years, this is our first real foray into OS X.

A few years ago I borrowed a MacBook for a month, and I learned a few things that began the erosion of my staunch anti-Apple attitude:

  • The hardware is unbelievably refined in its design. I call it, engineering porn. No Windows laptop has even approached this level of refinement.
  • The support at the other end of that phone line is superb. I know it’s hard for other companies to fund that kind of quality at scale because pretty much only Apple gets to charge the premium they charge, but it really does make a difference.
  • The software itself is not 100% to my liking, but I am not the daily user of this new machine so, OK.

Also, when it comes to the software: it’s not Windows. From a security point of view, that removes a gigantic target from the back of our computing base here Chez Frier. This new machine retires our last Windows machine, not counting VM lab rats.

This is not to say that Macs are immune to malware, they are just a lot less targeted. Ultimately it’s a numbers game: malware authors are going to go for where the greatest number of machines in the business world are, and that is Windows.

The Eye

The power of The Eye compels you to click through!

The surveillance state is here and the government didn’t even have to impose it. We welcome into our own lives and homes everything from smartphones (to track our every move) to Alexa who listens in all your conversations and reports them to who-knows-where. Ring cameras keep all the video of what’s going on around your home indefinitely, just in case the police happen to want it. This convenience is also available to criminals, because building reasonable security into things like this is not something their manufacturers have ever cared about.

Elf On The Shelf trains tots to accept all this as perfectly normal. By the time your tots are in university, the school will require them to install a Panopticon app on their phones to monitor, well, everything. (The data breach from that little gem is going to be really fun!)

Sauron was just ahead of his time.


Best use of Phil Collins ever in a TV show or movie?

Why yes, yes it is. The shots up until the bike messenger arrives. His suspicion and contempt of everyone and everything around him. A city he wants to own, even as he hates it. E-Corp’s tower looming phallic in the not-really-background. The 5/9 hacks unfolding as he dispenses $5.9 million according to instructions.

I have the new episodes of Season 4 accumulating in the DVR. So, NO SPOILERS!

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