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Best use of Phil Collins ever in a TV show or movie?

Why yes, yes it is. The shots up until the bike messenger arrives. His suspicion and contempt of everyone and everything around him. A city he wants to own, even as he hates it. E-Corp’s tower looming phallic in the not-really-background. The 5/9 hacks unfolding as he dispenses $5.9 million according to instructions.

I have the new episodes of Season 4 accumulating in the DVR. So, NO SPOILERS!

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Today’s post is about password discipline, and how most companies that we entrust with passwords don’t really have much!

See it over at Safer Computing.

Breakfast is Served

One of the things that went away in the Pluspocalypse was a community where we played Breakfast Combo. Breakfast Combo is a game similar to Twenty Questions, but without the question limit and with a different answer format (not just Yes/No).

The rules are simple; it’s the imagination of the players and the range of knowledge they bring to it that make this fun.

We didn’t let this die with Plus – a small group of hardcore players continue the fun, on Slack.

Breakfast Combo Rules

The Online Minimal Implementation of the Classic Dinner & Party Game.

⓪ The Server thinks of a noun to be the secret target and announces that breakfast is served.

① When a player guesses the target, she wins and becomes the new server.

② Players shall take turns guessing nouns in an attempt to discover the target. Specifically, a player may guess if either of the following is true:
ⓐ since her own last guess, another player’s guess was answered
ⓑ she has not guessed within the last two hours, has one previous unanswered guess, and someone has guessed in the interim.

Note that, if Alice guesses, and then Bob guesses, and then I answer, §2a is satisfied for both Alice and Bob (as well as everyone else).

③ An incorrect guess will either be designated as the new closest guess, or some commonality between the guess and the target will be revealed, possibly cryptically.

Comment or PM me if you want an invite


Today’s post is over at Safer Computing, about over- and under-estimating risk.

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