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Working from Home

Working from home today and for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic in my area. For me, this is a comfortable thing – I have worked from home for a large part of the last several years. But many people don’t have much experience with it. It was a slow process of discovering what helped me pull it off smoothly. One of the less-obvious items I never would have predicted I would need: this A/B switch.

By hooking my two monitors and all my peripherals (including keyboard and mouse) through this gem, I have a quick and easy way to use my already-comfortable desk setup for my personal PC for my work PC, which can be humming away on the side of my desk, connected to all the “2” hookups.

I found that the disruption to my desktop arrangement was too great if I tried to shoehorn in even a laptop. And the comfort of a full-sized keyboard and two big monitors that I afford myself for my personal rig need not be sacrificed if I am on the work machine 9 hours a day.

Other arrangements like dining-room tables and so on seem to be to be guaranteed to be quite uncomfortable in the long run, not to mention generating considerable resentment among other household members.

We Postponed B-Sides

As you may know we run a hacking/security conference every year here in Rochester called B-Sides Rochester or just BSidesRoc.

This is very sad because there are multiple points at which it could have been prevented. But the moronic Pumpkin in the White House is too peevish to have done any of them correctly.

The word is, both he and his scary-evil Veep have been exposed. Excuse me while I go load up a truckload of thoughts and prayers for the two of ’em.

Surveillance Society

The entire economy is moving from oil to data.

Click Click Click!

What data? Data about you. Data they can use to get you to buy crap.

Are you OK with this?

Really Happy About This

My new workplace, come March.


While it’s still Sunday somewhere!

We welcomed a new family member yesterday, a bouncing baby MacBook. Although we’ve gradually migrated all our mobile life to iOS over the past couple of years, this is our first real foray into OS X.

A few years ago I borrowed a MacBook for a month, and I learned a few things that began the erosion of my staunch anti-Apple attitude:

  • The hardware is unbelievably refined in its design. I call it, engineering porn. No Windows laptop has even approached this level of refinement.
  • The support at the other end of that phone line is superb. I know it’s hard for other companies to fund that kind of quality at scale because pretty much only Apple gets to charge the premium they charge, but it really does make a difference.
  • The software itself is not 100% to my liking, but I am not the daily user of this new machine so, OK.

Also, when it comes to the software: it’s not Windows. From a security point of view, that removes a gigantic target from the back of our computing base here Chez Frier. This new machine retires our last Windows machine, not counting VM lab rats.

This is not to say that Macs are immune to malware, they are just a lot less targeted. Ultimately it’s a numbers game: malware authors are going to go for where the greatest number of machines in the business world are, and that is Windows.

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