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What is Privacy Worth?

Less than you’d think!

We do this all the time, especially with our phones.  I like that Randall wants us to think about it once in a while.  I want that, too.


Facebook As a Dating Site

I am no Luddite about things like this.  I met my wife online… in 1997.   I am a firm believer that one’s best chance to get to know someone well is to have lots of verbal conversation before meeting in person.  Email and chat are just awesome for that.

But is this Facebook’s response to all the recent news coverage of what an utter trainwreck it is for privacy?  To double down with a dating function?


click thru for the rest – NSFW lang.


I’ve Got A Really Good Feeling About This

Solo premieres three weeks from today.  It should have been today!  May the fourth be with you.


Tech To-Do List

This weekend is Bird of Prey Days at Braddock Bay Raptor Research Center, so I am on my own for much of the next two days.

Accordingly, like any good geek would, I have given myself a tech to-do list.  It’s long.  I don’t actually want to finish it.

I find that checking off items on a to-do list is a positive, but finishing a list is neutral at best.  Finishing an item is fun, but when I finish a list, I want a new list.

One of the items on the list is to try out a new hosting situation for this blog.  So if you find it kind of flaky over the next 48 hours, it may be due to my trying to move it.  Or it may just be the intermittent flakiness that is my motivator for trying this.



Nerdview is messaging that fails to communicate because it’s written such that it’s only useful if you already know the subject inside & out.

This is more than just jargon.  Nerdview is when your frame of reference is completely embedded in the intricacies of the field you are writing about.  You will naturally, from this frame, use vocabulary that you and your circle of colleagues had to invent to describe and categorize the things you work on.

You don’t realize that what you write is perfectly clear to you and your circle only because your work immerses you in the subject and the terminology that has been created for it.  In fact, you may not be able to remember when you yourself knew nothing of it.  You certainly can’t imagine that any reasonably competent adult knows nothing of it.  And so, you produce something like this:

What is peripheral to what? Who is controlling what? What is peripheral control? Why are you being told this? Nothing becomes clearer as you mull over what it says. They might as well have put up a sign saying “Argle bargle nurff gugga mongmong gooboo wah Mon – Fri 8:30am – 5:30pm.”

But worse, if you did know what it meant you would become aware that it could not possibly be relevant to you.

Communication requires a receiver of the message, as well as a transmitter.  When technically-proficient senders of messages forget that most people are not so technically proficient in this field as they are, the result is nerdview.

For more about nerdview from the source, hit up Language Log.



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