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I Just Lost The Game

As required by Rule #3 I am telling you.  So now you just lost, too.


The Game is a game that we are all playing.  The object of The Game is not to remember that you are playing it.  As soon as you regain awareness that you are playing The Game, you lose.  Not permanently, though: re-lose the awareness that you are playing, and you are winning again.  For as long as that lasts.

Good luck.

The website claims that this is the game “that broke game theory.”  I would try to figure out if that’s really true, but I don’t think I can take that much losing at one sitting.

By the way, it was today’s XKCD that made me lose the game this time.

What will do it for you, next time?

Horse Battery Staple is Correct After All

The password advice we all hate – upper and lower case, numerals and punctuation, change it frequently – is wrong.  We knew this in our guts, but now Bill Burr, the original author of the NIST report that started it all in 2003, has recanted.

So now, we’re back to this.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has word lists you can use for this.  They recommend dice to safeguard your picks from any system compromise you may have.  If you’re a little less paranoid about it, you can use this Google sheet I have prepared from the SOWPODS.

Finally… DON’T change the pass phrase you make, unless you have a positive reason to believe it’s been compromised.  Changing passwords on a regular schedule makes people tend to use predictable passwords.  And no good can come of that!

Employee RF ID

Employees at Three Square Market, a vending machine maker in Wisconsin, have been given the opportunity to be chipped (like an AKC puppy!) and allow that chip to serve as their employee ID, computer login, and purchasing token at the vending machines in the break rooms.

The company has “offered” their employees the “opportunity” to sign up for this, “voluntarily”.  They will be chipped at a “party” to be held August 1.  Was that enough “scare quotes” for you?  I trust my readers to “get it.”

via The Register 

Gotta Be a Clue!

Maybe I have been playing too many room-escape type puzzles lately?  Because “That HAS to be a clue!” was my first thought when I saw this today.

The AI Revolution is a Stunning Incongruity

I think it’s safe to say that the first wave of jobs not being replaced by AI robots is the creation of motivational posters.

Inspirobot introduces itself like so:

I am an artificial intelligence dedicated to generating unlimited amounts of unique inspirational quotes for endless enrichment of pointless human existence.

Ohhh kayyy, Mr Robot.  Let’s see what you got.

First up, a sentiment absolutely sure never to grace the walls of a waiting room at a Planned Parenthood clinic:

Ah, perhaps that is not cluelessly creepy enough for you?  OK, I got what you need right here.

What has been seen cannot be unseen.

And finally, the WTF-ness of this one is really driven home when you notice the people using this huge hunk of farm machinery are… Amish.

No brains, indeed.

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