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It’s time for Rochester B-Sides!

Be there or… not, I guess.

But really: be there.

All These Years Later

They are finally starting to “get it”.  From forbes.com today:

In Light Of Facebook Data Breach, It’s Time To Switch To Google Plus

forbes.com today

This is what I have been saying for almost as long.

Digital Assistants

My advice today is over at Safer Computing about what to do with your always-on digital assistants.

April Fool?

Today’s post is over at Safer Computing, about a tech company announcement made on 4/1 that was definitely not an April Fools’ prank.

Four Ones, get it?

Assault and Stupidity

Someone I know recently posted a full-throated defense of both the NRA and the FCC’s recent action to gut net neutrality.  He’s an NRA life member, also known to me as a maximum-dupe.  He thinks gun safety is somehow part of the NRA’s mission.  Well, it was when I was a child, but I am old.

Get this: he believes the NRA supports the FCC on net neutrality because (are you sitting down?) the bad old libruls are trying to shut down the NRA’s free speech on the Internet.  So to him, this is a principled 1st and 2nd amendment double-play.


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