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This is Why I Block Ads

And why you should too.

Introducing, The Spinner!

Warning: this video is their ad, so take it with many grains of salt.  Like, the whole shaker.

The Spinner is a product that you, a shitty man, connive to have your victim wife install, unbeknownst to her, in her web browser.  Then it starts guiding the articles she sees on all websites she normally visits.  The intention is, to influence her to initiate sex with you.  Because, being the lump of excrement that you are, you have no other way to accomplish this lofty goal.

All the different dangers and creepiness of online ads have long since gelled in my mind to the simple idea that ads are evil.  In a way, I am grateful for this product.  It distills that concept to its purest form yet and provides a single concrete example I can point to.

And that all said, the same ideas and techniques are touted by all major online advertising platforms as a reason why one should engage their services.  They just manage to pull it off with less PUA flair.

Now that I have read these last 17 news items, I must go do my husband immediately!“, said no woman ever.

h/t @aral 

What is Privacy Worth?

Less than you’d think!

We do this all the time, especially with our phones.  I like that Randall wants us to think about it once in a while.  I want that, too.



It’s time for Rochester B-Sides!

Be there or… not, I guess.

But really: be there.

All These Years Later

They are finally starting to “get it”.  From forbes.com today:

In Light Of Facebook Data Breach, It’s Time To Switch To Google Plus

forbes.com today

This is what I have been saying for almost as long.

Digital Assistants

My advice today is over at Safer Computing about what to do with your always-on digital assistants.

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