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Nothing Much

Nothing much will happen to our gun disease.  Guns give people the illusion of control over their world.

Classic Doonesbury from 1979.

The people who need that illusion are easily shepherded, these days via social media.  Scratch postcards in the cartoon above and fill in tweets — nothing else has changed.  With the Russians doing everything they can to create chaos and violence here, it’s hard to imagine it will anytime soon.  But I don’t blame the Russians entirely.  Americans are stupid enough all on their own.

58 or More Dead

…in Las Vegas, because a psycho could get 10 semi-automatic rifles and thousands of rounds of ammunition pretty much the way I buy a gallon of milk and a box of Grape-Nuts.

Immediately the right wing lies began to flow onto the web.  Gun maker stocks rose.

Almost two years ago, I blogged this:

NY Daily News 2015-12-03

But the Pumpkin went on the tube today to preach a sermon, because that’s what Rethuglicans do.  Now, it’s clear he does not believe.  But he does not even know how to pretend to believe.  In other words, he’s usually a better liar than that.


Some Law Enforcement is Illegal


From time to time, some ammosexual legislator will say, “We don’t need any new gun laws, we just need to enforce the ones we have!”  Like almost everything else that comes out of the mouth of an elected official who slurps at the trough of the Death Eaters*, it is a Big Fat Lie.  The lie is not that we need to enforce the laws, that is 100% true†.  The lie is, that “enforcing the laws” is even remotely acceptable to them.  Because it most certainly is not.

In fact, a big part of the Death Eaters’ legislative agenda is passing laws that prevent the enforcement of the gun laws we already have on the books.  Let that sink in a moment, then take a look at this GQ article.  Some people who actually believe in weird concepts like, “doing their jobs” are trying a bunch of heroic measures to get around the insane restrictions that Congress, quaking in fear of the Death Eaters, has fettered them with.

There is no computer.  They are not allowed to have any computers!  They have boxes of paper, and microfilm.  These restrictions have been written into the law by the NRA, with a reddish-brown crayon whose Crayola name would be, “Innocent Bystander Blood.”

So when some gun-lovin’ congressional anus says, “We should just enforce the laws we got!” be sure to ask them why they have outlawed doing exactly that.

* – Death Eaters is your humble blogger’s nickname for the NRA

– implying that making new laws and enforcing existing ones are mutually exclusive is yet another lie, courtesy of the Death Eaters.

Vote Them All Out

infographic-full_LEARN21The NRA bought itself a little more time last night.  All four microscopic, incremental proposals for just a smidgen of gun sanity were voted down in the Senate yesterday.

Or as the Guardian headline in their daily email put it,

The Senate’s answer to Orlando: nothing

Not to toot my horn (OK, a little), and this was dead-easy to predict, but I did just exactly that, last week.

Now is the time to become a SINGLE ISSUE VOTER. Check here at Open Secrets for your state, for which members of Congress accepted money from the NRA.  Then: donate money to, and volunteer for, their opponents in the primary and in the general election.  Vote against them.  Tell everyone what you are doing and why.  These people don’t give a f* about the lives of any Americans who don’t grease their palms, and they should be rapidly unemployed.


Thoughts & Prayers — THE GAME!

For all your NRA-funded mass-shooting concerned-seeming reactions.

Screenshot 2016-06-19 at 17.49.07


Should be a big hit on Capital Hill.

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