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Assault and Stupidity

Someone I know recently posted a full-throated defense of both the NRA and the FCC’s recent action to gut net neutrality.  He’s an NRA life member, also known to me as a maximum-dupe.  He thinks gun safety is somehow part of the NRA’s mission.  Well, it was when I was a child, but I am old.

Get this: he believes the NRA supports the FCC on net neutrality because (are you sitting down?) the bad old libruls are trying to shut down the NRA’s free speech on the Internet.  So to him, this is a principled 1st and 2nd amendment double-play.


The NRA Writes Our Gun Laws

The NRA has set Pumpkin straight on how gun policy gets made in the US.  Teachers will be armed – so the NRA’s members* can sell millions of guns – but new age limits will not be imposed on gun purchases.

NRA Child Sacrifice Site, Parkland, FL

It’s almost like Rethuglicans want us all dead.  Gut health care but make sure everyone is heavily armed.  That’ll end well.

* – I mean, the members who count: the gun manufacturers.  Those idiots with the stickers on the back windows of their pickup trucks are only there to keep Congress scared.

Mass Shooting Response Script

More straight reporting from Tom Tomorrow.  He’d rather make parody but that is no longer possible.

The revolution we need now is a digital one: to isolate and destroy these gouts of bad ideas and evil influences that threaten the lives of everyone but the Putin and the Kochs.


Is This Their “Oops” Moment?

When the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas who survived the terrorist attack set out to make social media hell for the NRA and their ilk, I don’t think the terrorists in the Rethuglican party and their Russian handlers counted on the level of social media savvy of a bunch of high-schoolers born in this century.

What brought this on?

Emma Gonzales now has more Twitter followers than the NRA.

/me making popcorn.

Gun Control in Schools! SOLVED!

By Florida, of all states.

The Florida House that refused to debate a gun control bill in front of the survivors from the Parkland school gun massacre

…but in the same session, declared porn to be dangerous (more so than AR-15s, I guess)

…today voted to post “In God We Trust” in all public schools (because why just shit on the teenagers who lucked into not being shot to death during 5th period English, when you can shit on all the articles of the Bill of Rights except the holy, holy second clause of the second amendment, too).

I think they have a special bar in the basement where they just drink blood.


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