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A Nice Chicken Sandwich

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This is just fine. Chick-Fil-A pretends to be a tad less homophobic hoping it will stop hurting their business.

Hey at least they have to pretend. Progress?

Teh Gay Agenda

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pssst… don’t tell anyone… atheists have the same agenda. we’re just about 40 years behind in the program.

Pink Sneakers

Men can’t wear pink sneakers! Didja know that?

At Zappos.com

My wife Jill was having lunch today with two male colleagues. Let’s change the names to protect the benighted. We’ll call them X and Y.

As they were waiting for their food a table next to them broke and they watched the three men at it walk away, one wearing pink sneakers. X offered the opinion that men ought not wear pink sneakers.

Jill asked why? Pink and purple and even sparkles are all perfectly valid things for anyone to wear who wants to.

Oh sure, said, X. I have a pink shirt! But shoes, that’s not OK for a man to wear in pink. Y piped up, Or underwear!

Jill said, I don’t care if you’re wearing pink underwear right now, as long as you’re comfortable in it.

The conversation moved on from there, but I think we all know what the underlying message was. A giant serving of homophobia, with a heaping side of rigid insistence on the gender binary. She wondered to me later if she should have called it out, as one should at work. But I think the setting of a work lunch and the fact that the homophobia was never expressed openly puts it into enough of a grey area that it was OK to just let it pass.

Of course when I heard this, the provocateur in me simply had to order a pair of those from Zappos. I will be sure to be wearing them to the next family event at Jill’s office.

Happy Pride!

Yes I know most of the world does Pride in June but Rochester does it in July. I still don’t know why. But we went to the Pride Parade today.

Of course, we saw Pride Flags. So many different Pride Flags! Many more than we have seen in prior years. I found this Field Guide to Pride Flags from 2013, just out of my intense curiosity as to what they all signified. I would say that, today, we saw at least half of these:

Naturally, alt-right asshole bros have to have created “Straight Pride” flags. Ick. The same impulse leads these same assholes to ask every February, “When’s White History Month?”. Dude, it’s all White History Month.

Vendors were out, of course, selling Rainbow Crap. Of course, these are the same vendors who will be selling Green Crap in the middle of March, and Red White & Blue Crap in the end of May and the beginning of July.

Rainbow Crap Vendor.
Hey, it’s a living

A Coming-Out Story

I just read this story of a coming-out.  A ten-year-old boy had a very serious discussion with his mom in which he came out to her as straight.  She had a fair amount of trouble processing this as an actual coming-out, it seemed to me,

Afterward, she talked to her brother about it, who said:

“Babe, he just came out to you. He told you that he is straight. You have to listen to him and work from that for now and acknowledge it and believe it. That’s it. He’s straight. You have to honor that – just like you would if C.J. told you that he was gay. Both of your kids know that you love them and support them and accept them whether they are gay or straight. But, when they tell you like that you have to believe them.”

The fact that this reads oddly to us, and that someone “coming out” as straight seems absurd, well.


If you can find a better definition of heteronormativity, I don’t know what that would look like.

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