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Things You Forget

When you move you know there are things to do.  Change your address, cancel and start cable in the old and new spots, get all the internet working, and so on.

Who remembers that you’re going to have to find a new Chinese restaurant that delivers good food?  Or a source of decent pizza?


The same grocery chain has a branch near our new place… but the layout is all wrong different.   And the things they stock are subtly different too.  They all have Jif but this one has our variety.  Our old one did not have Bonne Maman jams but this one does. Yay! Hey, we take the wins we get.

Google+. Hiccups. Give me options.

Google+ is ending.  I have looked at Pluspora so far but MeWe and Minds are also getting some buzz.  I want to go where the most of the people I  have bonded with here are going to be.  Tell me.


I now have these killer hiccups. Like – since Friday.  Like – to where it’s hard to function at times when they kick up. Any ideas for a cure? I have tried everything I could google except prescription drugs and bungee jumping.

Showdown was post #1337 on this blog.


The Nib

If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, you have surely noticed that I post a lot of political cartoons.  Since there is no longer any way to parody what goes on in our government or media, I maintain that political cartoonists are now just straight-up reporters.

More of the Same” by Tom Tomorrow Aug 7

I collected this lovely example of reporting and analysis from a site called The Nib, a daily collection of the best political cartoons with a progressive viewpoint.  Between here and Google+, I probably post 10-20 cartoons a week that I find especially incisive or funny (in a laughing-as-the-world-burns way).

Here are a few panels from some of my favorites over just the last few days.  Click the titles in the captions for the full cartoon. 

Jen Sorensen is always worth reading, especially the short essays she posts with her cartoons on Daily Kos.

Give and Let Die” by Jen Sorensen Aug 8

Matt Lubchansky has a very distinct visual style that lends itself well to depicting the feelings of futility we can all experience lately

A Racist in the Opinion Pages!” by Matt Lubchansky Aug 8

Kendra Wells’ style says to me, I may be just one person with a pen but I will. not. stop. fighting.

Twitter Loves Alex Jones by Kendra Wells Aug 10

New stuff every morning.  Or, as The Nib’s own tagline puts it:

Rise and Shine. The World is Doomed.

Nobody Likes Change

But change is the only constant, right?  So, might as well embrace it

Starting now, this blog will publish every other day.  Monday, Wednesday, Friday one week, followed by Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

Not the only change in the offing: we are soon moving from our current urban neighborhood to a suburban one.  Life will change a lot with that, but taking out the 39 steps between us and the street will be a huge positive.

Gert’s opinion of change is perfectly expressed in that glare.

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