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A Long Strange Trip

…is what the USA is in for now with a pumpkin president.  So what better way to deal with it?  I can’t think of anything better than this lesson in “take life as it comes”


John Lee Hooker

No words are available…

Luckily, none are needed.


Always tuneful, always interesting

A friend of mine was surprised that I like her.

My question is, why is that surprising?


Going for Baroque

I never tire of that “pun”.

Earworm Cure

So… the conventional wisdom says, if you have an earworm – a song stuck in your head – then you should sing this to yourself.

And poof!  No more earworm.

Here’s my problem… what if THIS is the earworm?


The First MP3 I Ever Downloaded

Remember Napster?  I do.


Two Sambas

by #Joni Mitchell.

But I also think this one is at least samba-ish, even if it’s not 100% technically a samba


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