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If dreams were thunder and lightning was desire this old house would have burned down a long time ago.

Angel from Montgomery.  Voice of an angel.  Angel food cake.  I don’t know.

Here’s two things I do know: I’m tired.  This is great.


Sweet – Again

Sweet Spirit is a band I learned about by accident at a drag show last month.

It’s a fact: at 60, I can find new music and bands to like.  I am trying to maintain my status as a perennial.

Devo on Vevo

Watching Stranger Things 2, which I mostly don’t care for, but I loved some of the music choices.


sorry.  I could not resist.

Falling In and Out

Listening to Pandora, I get this song in the random play-list quite often.

Well, not all of it – just the first of the three tracks.


I can’t even thumbs-down it, because I like the band and I like the album.  I don’t want to put Pandora off it.  But of course it’s the second of the three that really shines.  If only Pandora would play them together!

And now that we’re thinking about this issue, you know there’s another serious violation of this principle coming up.

Either of the paired tracks here played alone is just agonizing.



There’s a new biography of Joni Mitchell out.  I really need to check it out.


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