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Something Silly

Just when I think I can encapsulate my musical taste in a rule or two (e.g., Heavy Metal + late 60’s Folk Rock) I remember that I like some odds & ends like this

Did you catch the RuPaul cameo in there?  Season 9 of Drag Race is amazing.


It’s CSaturday!

Would every song that mentions Saturday be improved if it said, “Caturday” instead?

Gert thinks so

Daddeh! Make it happenz!  

Alice agrees

I will finally be able to free teh trapped ballz!   

The Cost of Freedom

We probably have an installment coming due.

High and Dry

I don’t think anyone (except, maybe, my wife) would listen to this song and think, Boy. David would really like this song.

Just shows how all over the place musical taste can be.

On May 16, we’re going to see Melanie.

OK, you might have seen that one coming.

No Blog Post Today

This is not a blog post, because there is no blog post today.

But there’s a cool video about the making of Riders on the Storm (Doors, 1971)

So it’s got that going for it, which is nice.


Down the YouTube Rabbit Hole

I was looking for

Which led me to

(the fun starts at about 2:40, but play the whole thing for context).  Bill is the guitar virtuoso who is probably responsible for me looking for the original.   Well, sort of original – turns out it’s a cover.

Once I found that I found among the dozen or so versions of it, this little gem tucked in.

Now you say, “OK, David, so that 11 year old kid shamed the lead guitarist from a second-tier metal band off the stage.  But can he shred the F out of the Star Spangled Banner?

Why yes.  Yes he can.



Those who know me, know that sometimes my taste in entertainment runs to the moderately insane.

And there’s few who are more insane than ol’ Warren Zevon

If “Werewolves of London” is mostly what you know of his, you’re missing out.


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