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A Good Story

It’s easy to dismiss a lot of pop or pop-rock as being just fluffy, but there are some quite good stories to be heard in some of these catchy tunes.

I promise to get back to writing about the Putin Administration soon.

Moody Rap

We went to a Moody Blues concert a few years ago, and Justin Heyward introduced one piece as, “…a Moody Blues rap.  That is to say, an old white guy reading you a poem.





Here you go: think about your first love.

Long Strange Trip

Amazon has put out another Martin Scorsese-produced rock and roll documentary about the Grateful Dead.  Warts and all.

I had a conversation about art and artists who are less than perfect.  It was occasioned when I blogged last week about a Woody Allen film that I enjoyed.  Someone told me he had to stop watching Woody Allen after Allen married Soon-Yi.

Of course he has the right to pick and choose the artists whose work he wants to enjoy, based on any criteria that matter to him.  For me, though, if I could not separate the artist from the art, if I could not bring myself to enjoy a work of art made by a person I would never have dinner with… I think I would find myself sitting in a silent room with blank walls.  And I would have nothing to read.


Some Days…

… you need a waltz.

And some days you need some old folk music, and some days you need Simon and Garfunkel.  So let’s be efficient about this


Quiet Time

What a week it has been. Rethuglicans have made their intentions plain: fatten the tax-free offshore wealth of their owners at the cost of the lives of 20 million Americans who were too f*cking stupid to be born into families with mid-seven digits of net worth or more.

I need a break from this increasingly sh!tty country.




A Nobel Laureate, Mind You!

Words that flow directly into the tune he found for them.

He can’t sing but is somehow so melodious anyway

Reminds of Tesla in the way it turns out that, all the good stuff?  He invented it.

New Definitions

Chutzpah has a new definition.  To do this song, as a cover… in front of them

Boy oh boy, if you take that on, you gotta NAIL IT.

So, they did.


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