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Dug-in. Defensive. That is what Pumpkin’s core of support is, and there are a few basic reasons why. I think the top reason is, he makes their racism seem a little more OK. Even though they know it’s evil.

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So nothing he does, nothing he says, nothing he is, will shift that very much.

The only solution will be a sound thumping at the polls. That’s right, I am leaning to the side that says not to impeach. First, Mike Pence will do even more damage per week than Pumpkin does.

And the last thing this racist band of Americans should be given is, a martyr.

Don’t Get Distracted

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Distraction is fascism’s best friend right now. And with even the “Mueller Report” having proven to be just another distraction, I am starting to think we’re “running out of golf course” as they say when a tournament is coming to an end.

We might have only one halfway-credible election left in us and it’s coming in 2020. If we let the corporatists, the fascists and Putin have this one, it’s going to be a long hot winter.

Mueller Time

I hope we didn’t put too much stock in this one document.

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Handmaid’s Tale IRL

This is how Rethuglicans operate.

According to this schtick dreck and others like him, the raison d’etre of a human female is to breed. Anything that interferes with THAT should be illegal. According to this schtick dreck.

Rethuglicans are staunchly anti-abortion until their mistresses get pregnant.

The Stupid – It Burns

AOC has the delightful property of making Rethuglicans go absolutely nuts.  But even given that fact, this level of nuttery is completely over the top.

Oh yeah, you read that right.

I will say this: If this level of stupidity gets to keep running this country, we are completelyand deservedly — screwed.

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