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Detective Work

The Pumpkin with the Very Good Brain susses it all out.

Suppose he will throw his children under the bus, when it comes to it? Oddsmakers say, Yes! By 7:2!

I Love the Smell of Treason in the Morning

It smells like impeachment.

Click through for the whole stupid story

The civil war threat is no joke. Too bad the rest of the administration is. A very unfunny one.

Scam(p) Rehab

The rehab cycle is getting shorter. Our tolerance is being built up. The Ukraine/Biden thing is the latest, but just watch: in two weeks it will be dust in the wind.

Little by little.

The Stupid, It Burns

I had a friend (sadly, he died last winter) who kept a sign over his desk,

Stupidity should be painful

If only, if only.

C’mon, Portland, Tell Us How You Really Feel!

Another sporting event participated in another (probably purchased) veneration of the military. Incidentally, shit like this is a major hallmark of fascism – see #4.

click here if the video does not play

The crowd weren’t having that.

For extra credit, go back to the Characteristics of Fascism piece I linked and find one that does not apply to the US in 2019.

via HuffPo

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