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No Shame

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They say they will not support anything other than a peaceful transition of power.

They say they won’t jam in a quickie Supreme Court nomination.

But they lie. They won’t act against the fascist toddler. He’s their cover. They don’t care. There is no shame. It’s impossible. They are getting what they want, and they simply don’t give a f* who it hurts.

For the 0.1%, he enables their looting of the country. For the rest, he enables their racism. Nothing else matters to any of them.

And they will be unopposed, in any meaningful way. Unless we all hit the streets.

No Insurance? No Problem.

Here’s a fun October activity: go to any Rethuglican’s town hall, and ask them: What is the plan for when the ACA is gone?

Unless they say, “just let the poors die,” they are lying. They have no plan.


Rest in Power, Justice.

Q: “When will there be enough women on the Supreme Court?”


So many hoaxes!

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Pumpkin voters are happy to disconnect from reality for their master. They will do whatever he tells them, because he enables their racism. At some level they know the racism is bad, but it feels so right. Pumpkin enables their racism. He tells them over and over, in word and deed, it’s alright to be racist. It’s what Real Americans™ do.

Now, at some level they know they should be ashamed of this racism, but it’s addicting. It’s a sense of superiority and self-worth that is otherwise unavailable to them. But because they know it’s shameful, they lie about it. Especially to pollsters. This is why Hilary was leading in the polls going into Election Day in 2016, and at least partly why Biden is leading now.


…ist die schönste Freude

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