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“Make Our Planet Great Again”

France Trolls Trump by Funding US Climate Scientists.


Of course, the point is really to try to ensure that this planet is still habitable in a hundred years.  Infuriating the Pumpkin is just a lagniappe, as they say in the Old Country.

Meanwhile, in the USA:

A cartoon by David Sipress. #TNYcartoons

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Yes, Jones Won

But the FCC casts its bought-and-paid-for-by-the-telcos “vote” to repeal Net Neutrality tomorrow.

The Rethuglicans are planning to jam through a vote on their 1.5TB (that’s trillion bucks, not terabytes) tax heist before Jones can even get sworn in.

Enjoy the narrow victory.  Alabama decided — by less than one percentage point — not to send someone to the Senate who is probably a child molester.  Moreover, one who has said, on the record, that women should not have the vote, and blacks should still be slaves.

This feels more like a small reprieve than a full-on victory.  Victory will be a veto-proof Democratic Congress being sworn in as of January 2019, and paralyzing President Pence for the remaining two years of his stolen term.

Thought for the Day

Jimmy Kimmel made jokes about Roy Moore’s predilection for dating women too young to go out for varsity cheerleader.

Roy Moore took Jimmy Kimmel to task for mocking Christian values.

As Arsenio Hall used to say on his late-night show back in the day, “Things that make you go ‘Hmmmmm.‘”

If you are reading this in Alabama, vote for Doug Jones tomorrow.  If you are reading this elsewhere in the US, phone bank for him.  And while you’re at it, throw ActBlue a few bucks.

Roy Moore says that all the amendments to the constitution after the 10th are more trouble than they are worth.  In other words, he would restore slavery, remove the vote from women and toss out that whole mess about “due process of law.”  Who needs ’em?

I do.  You do.

We all do.


This week’s Tom Tomorrow cartoon is yet another utter fail at parody.

click through for the whole thing .

Dan Rather is pretty steamed at how knowledge, reason and logic are all negatives in our current political climate.

When the time comes, and I hope it comes soon, to bury this era of moral rot and the defiling of our communal, social, and democratic norms, the perfect epitaph for the gravestone of this age of unreason should be Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley’s already infamous quote:

“I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing… as opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies.”

Grassley’s vision of America, quite frankly, is one I do not recognize.

Read the whole thing here.  In an environment where technical advances and their effects on society are accelerating hockey-stick style, this is suicidal.  But the Rethuglican plan seems to be to kill off the lower classes.  That’s you and me, boys and girls; read the tax bill.  So it makes a macabre kind of sense.

Taxation / Representation

The Rethuglicans literally do not care if they kill people so that someone who “earns” $50 million a year can save $50,000 on their taxes.  That’s 0.1%, by the way.

Jen Sorensen for Daily Kos

In a “fair” implementation of this principle, if you earn $80K then you would get to kill a poor person so that you could save $80 on your annual cable bill or something.

When the typical Pumpkin voter figures out that they are the ones on that conveyor belt, do you think the revolt will begin?  Or will they happily go to their deaths knowing blacks, women and immigrants were harder-hit, sooner?


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