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You Tell Me…

…is this parody? Or reporting?


Merriam-Webster Shade

The Merriam-Webster dictionary is getting to be one of the more pungent tongue-in-cheek Twitter accounts (although it’s still no Wendy’s).  So far, it has taken 11 occasions to correct our Pumpkin-in-Chief on his misuse or misspelling.

Here’s an example, from last August, after the big ol’ bigot told his rally audience of bigots that Hillary Clinton was the real bigot.

If I were designing dictionary technology, I would set this up so that when a Trump supporter looked up this word, it would say,

big-ot n. see mirror.  No, not in the dictionary.  In your bathroom.

There’s lots more fun at the Daily Dot.  Check it out.

Bye, Bye, Billy



Check out the Atlantic article (click)

It’s disgusting that it took this long.  And of course, the vile spew he takes with him will be replaced in spades.  So this is not one to celebrate so much.  Knocking one brick out of the wall that has so many roaches scurrying to shore it back up, counts for nothing.

It has to be nuked flat.



Parody is not dead but it sure is having a rough year.

When a straight-up retelling of actual events reads like over-the-top political satire, what is a parodist to do?  Example:

Is that from the imagination of a cartoonist looking to lampoon?  Or the field notes of a befuddled political scientist looking to make sense of 2017 USA?  Are they different things, anymore?

Well, here comes another to try valiantly as it may.  Veep is coming back for a sixth season.  I can’t help thinking that losing the election and returning to civilian life was a great stopping point for the series, but somehow the show-runners failed to consult me.  So now, into the maelstrom of absurdity that is our daily non-fake news… they toss another season of….

I hope it turns out well.  I will be watching.


It Can’t?

You may remember that in November, some rich asshole named Trump was appointed by the Kremlin to finish whatever destruction of this country the teabaggers had not managed yet.  People who are capable of considering others, and caring about humanity for more than three years into the future, naturally objected to this.  Some of those people started new Twitter accounts to express the points of view in opposition to a Russian-appointed stooge sent to wreck the country and let thirty-one billionaires loot the debris.

Twitter accounts.  Satirical 140-byte portions of words.  “Sticks and stones…” right? Well when the government comes a-knocking at Twitter’s door demanding that they doxx the owner of one of those accounts, it doesn’t even matter if they later drop the request.  The chilling effect is 27 Kelvin.  Everyone is on notice that the Stasi is back in business and they operate out of the White House.

Think it can’t happen here?

It has happened here.  We need to undo it.

Sputnik. AYFKM?

I just read a story in The Atlantic, and I had to check that it was published today, and not last Saturday.

This guy, named Lee Stranahan,

…is launching a radio show on a Russian network called Sputnik.

“I’m on the Russian payroll now, when you work at Sputnik you’re being paid by the Russians. That’s what it is. I don’t have any qualms about it. Nothing about it really affects my position on stuff that I’ve had for years now.”

And I bet you can’t guess where his previous gig was!  Oh, wait, you guessed Breitbart.  Well done, you.

You know, I get it that this country is mightily racist, bigoted and backward.  But I also know we have the Russians to thank for getting all the assholes point in the same direction.

Still.  Seriously.  Sputnik?  If they were trying to dodge the inevitable parody by pre-empting it, it worked.

Mike Pence, Nasty POS

Mike Pence is the grandson of an immigrant, but he is willing to participate in the demonization, the scapegoating and the persecution of immigrants.  Now that he’s here safely, mind you.

Of course, his grandpa was white, which helps.  A lot.

Republicans to anyone not privileged: “I got mine, fuck you!”


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