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What Will They Do?

My worry about the seemingly inevitable fall of Pumpkin is twofold.  One, how violently will his cult followers react?

Two, how passive will the police be in trying to quell that violence?  Especially where it’s directed against black or brown people.  We could see Tulsa writ large.

What you don’t hear

And why?  To some extent this description is not just applicable to Faux News:


National Piss Off A Nazi Day is here! 

Today is a day to vote against

Vote against hate.
Vote against fear.
Vote against fascism.
Vote against tax boondoggles for billionaires
Vote against losing your health care.
Vote against racists and rapists on the Supreme Court
Vote against racists and rapists being called “very fine people”
Vote against the Kremlin’s Five-Year Plan for the USA
Vote against “white nationalism” i.e., racism.
Vote against brown children being stolen from their parents at our borders. 
Vote against American citizens being stripped of citizenship just for being brown
Vote against black people being executed by police just for being. 

But I repeat myself once more: Vote against the Rethuglicans.

Vote against the Rethuglican running in every race on your ballot.  And that means, vote for someone who has a chance of beating them.  Sorry, Greens.  Not this year.  This year, in virtually every race, the only candidate with a shot at beating the Rethuglican is a Dem. 

SO: f*ing vote for your f*ing Dem! 

Vote for your Dems even if they don’t tick your every box or give you all the good feelz.  Save that crap for when the other choice is not a fascist dictatorship.  

So, yeah.  Vote for “not a fascist dictatorship“.  VOTE BLUE!

Ugh. We did it again

Are we idiots?  We just might be.

We acted this weekend in the interests of the

  • Candy Industry
  • Golf Industry
  • Gasoline producers and retailers
  • Barbecue grill manufacturers 

Because we are good little consumer-units who do what we’re told and pretend it’s an hour earlier or later than it really is when we are told to.  

The candy industry, for example, was behind the latest change, in 2005, to push the “fall-back” into November because (and you have figured it out by now) more kids trick-or-treating until later that last day of October might boost their sales 0.17%!  So what matter a few thousand heart attacks or auto deaths?

And of course, the petroleum industry (motto: Destroying the habitability of this planet since 1880) knows that with an extra hour of “daylight” people go driving more and gasoline consumption spikes.  So what matters the future of the species?  They are gonna have a few more swell fiscal quarters, then go f* up Mars.

And this, the best perk of all for those ratf*ers in power: it gets dark an hour earlier on Election Day, suppressing turnout and helping feudalism and racism stay in the driver seat.  So screw that:  go vote!  Vote like it was noonday sun out there!

Lesson: Don’t f* with the clocks!

Additional sources:  Quartz / Atlantic / NPRNatGeoWNYC 

This is your Vote!

This is your vote. There are many like it, but this one is yours.

Your vote is your best friend. It is your life. You must master it as you must master your life.

Without you, your vote is powerless. Without your vote, you are powerless.  You must cast your vote true. . . .

So be it, until the victory over fascism in America is secured and there is no enemy, but peace!

Piss off a Nazi on Nov 6; vote!

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