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Reality Bites

Reality is anathema to one-third of the country

Ugh. Enough of reality, which sadly includes these anti-reality troglodytes. How about some cats, for #caturday?

Gert snuggles with her dad

While Alice must have the fireplace


Click thru you must!

It’s easy to make fun of this but it’s a genuine problem. About one-third of Americans can literally not see the problems with our Pumpkin. It is, indeed, a psychological problem. (Warning: Only click that link if you’re feeling super-cheerful and need something to tone it down.)


You MUST click

So here’s my take on this stuff. The military does their job honorably 99.999% of the time. The fact that the jobs they are given by civilian commanders are shitty… not their fault.

The fact that military officers think the Pumpkin’s actions depicted here are a travesty bears this out.

The only reason he’s doing this is to feed the lowest, worst elements of his base, for whom “being a man” means ruthless violence, nothing more or less.

John Bel Edwards

Bless his heart

Wins the Governor race in Louisiana. Pumpkin campaigned hard for his opponent. The voters of Louisiana stuck a finger in Pumpkin’s eye!

Here’s a video clip of Edwards’ victory speech (skip to 6:20):

For those of you unfamiliar with Southern USA patterns of speech, “Bless his heart” means something on a spectrum ranging from “What an asshole” at the good end, all the way to “F*ck him!”

Watch the Footage

Or… you know… “read the transcript.”

In reality the Pumpkin-heads bellow, “read the transcript” because they know:

  • Most people will not bother…
  • But will assume that if supporters are yelling that…
  • The transcript is exculpatory

When you think about it, this is some amazingly cutting-edge lying! It’s as if there’s been bleeding edge research on the techniques of lying and bullshitting.

In fact, there probably has. I would love to peruse the literature but alas I do not read Russian.

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