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Amazon Aflame

The right-wing idiots who elected Bolsonaro in Brazil are doing their part to ensure the death of the human race.

This is of a piece with this, on American soil:

The continuing presence of oxygen in the atmosphere is, apparently, some kind of liberal conspiracy.

On a not-entirely-unrelated note, David Koch died today.


Deranged… I Hope

This tweet has two possible explanations:

  1. He’s really this delusional
  2. He thinks this will play to his base

I actually think #1 is a bit preferable? Because if it’s #2 and 30% of our population are this far gone from reality, they will rip civilization to shreds as soon as that recession hits.

What Did He Know?

What did Jeffrey Epstein know? About whom?

Click Through for The Nib

Where are all the recordings? I bet President Pumpkin would really like to know. I sincerely hope Epstein had copies on a dead-man switch ready to dump any day now.

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

I hope it’s the former. I fear it’s the latter.

You won’t believe what happens next!

It would be funny. Some diehard Pumpkin-lovers would be like that just to own the libs, I guess.

Now the title I placed on this entry was required because it’s been too long since I posted a Queen music video, and of course it has to be the grand-daddy of them all.


Apropos this, you will have read about the school district in Pennsylvania who decided to have fun at the expense of any parents struggling to pay their kids’ lunch bills by bluffing about throwing their children into the foster care system? Good times.

Well, a local CEO tried to ruin their fun pulling legs off flies tormenting poor parents by paying off the bills, but the district refused, asserting that the parents in question could definitely afford to pay. I guess they were frittering away that money on other vanities, like health care or gasoline to go to their three jobs. Totally unnecessary luxuries in an advanced technological society where state-of-the-art public transit and universal health care are obvious common goods.

Oh wait, we don’t live anywhere civilized like THAT. We live in Amerikkka.

Update: The school district has now been shamed into accepting the CEO’s money. Doesn’t change a thing. They are still the kind of people who threatened parents with stealing their children, for being poor. Being mildly sensitive to bad PR is not a mitigation for that.

Good summary here: ABC News

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