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Andrew McCabe was fired by the Pumpkin yesterday, one day before he was set to retire.  As a result, he loses his pension.  This is Pumpkin’s petty revenge for McCabe not rolling over after Comey was fired.

Our so-called President and his flying monkey, Jeff BS, are at war with the FBI.  Just because the FBI is strangely reluctant to look the other way about treasonous activity when it comes to Russia and perverting our elections.  The nerve of those guys, amirite?

If you doubt this, read McCabe’s full statement.

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America The Stupid

It’s true – there is no parody anymore.

American anti-intellectualism is well-established and certainly nothing new, but its recent increase has been moving along geometrically, not arithmetically.

Religion, never a friend of intellect or honesty, is also getting worse.  If you can believe that.  Over the weekend Forbes published this article but then took it down.  They think they are somehow immune to the Streisand Effect?  I really hope not.  So, go… read… then share!

The TSA is…

Photoshoot for Fjallraven for the American Fjallraven Classic.

Watching The Standups on Netflix, we caught Beth Stelling and she said something pretty awesome:  The TSA is just basically performance art.  She f*s with them by packing a large bottle of water, and 4 oz. containers of yogurt.

Might as well!  The horrible peril that your half-liter bottle of Poland Spring poses to the airlines somehow magically melts away when they take it from you and toss it into the 55 gal. trashcan next to where they all work.  Right?

The appearance of security is all they provide, but they do buy lots of expensive useless equipment from Rethuglican cronies.  SO there’s that.

Weird Spring

We’re having really nice weather.  This might not be a good thing.

Here in Rochester, we had 70s last week.  Today started out around freezing but it was 55 by 4PM.

It should be 20 or colder and it should be snowing.  Instead, the trees are starting to look “fuzzy” which is how they look from the ground when they are budding.  That should be weeks away.

But don’t worry: Pumpkin is re-orging the EPA to eliminate science.  So climate change will accelerate but it will not be allowed to interfere with quarterly profits.



Too Short

Keith Knight reminds me…

I agree with Knight.  The US was built into a gargantuan economy because for over two hundred years it literally stole people from their homes and forced them into free labor until they died.

Since then, it has underpaid for labor to the greatest extent it can get away with, busting unions almost at will.

Which does not keep some for pining for the good old days.

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