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All True

This is how Americans get health care in a crisis. Click through for all the deets.

A university in Norway advised its students abroad to return home ASAP, especially if they were in “a country with poorly developed health services and infrastructure” such as… the USA.

And four Rethuglican Senators, it turns out, sold off most of their stocks while still “assuring” the public we would have no trouble with COVID-19. A day or three before news broke that, yes, yes, we would. And then the Dow tanked. The senators had already learned how bad this would be in classified briefings. Lying to the public of course comes naturally to these scum. One of them even used the cash freed up by the sale of other stocks to buy into teleworking technology companies. Let that sink in for a bit.

A few weeks ago, I would never have thought of the death penalty for insider trading, or for political ethics violations. Suddenly, it seems really reasonable.

OMG So Late To The Party

This should have gone up yesterday

Click Through! You must experience all the stable genius!

I read that die-hard Pumpkinheads are shaking hands deliberately to “debunk” all the fake news of this Corona virus thing.

That should not make me happy

Tant pis.

Sprung Forward

We do this twice a year, despite the fact that a survey shows that 70% of us hate it. Fatal car crashes spike after the change every year.

The candy*, golf, oil and retail industries lobby for it. The people hate it. We have a government that responds to the lobbies, not the people. Time to change that?

Time to change that!

* – yeah I was confused by that, too. You may remember the recent push of the end of DST from end of October to beginning of November. What falls between those two days? Halloween. Right – one extra hour before sunset produces a smidgen of extra sales of trick-or-treat candy. For that, it’s OK if people die.

NOW I’m Scared

Pence is now in charge of the US response to COVID-19 aka Coronavirus.

Let’s see how he did with his last public health crisis: click through!

This is beyond frightening. A man who fully credits the wilful ignorance known as religion as the #1 guiding force in his life and his work.

Here’s his first action as your Coronavirus Czar:

Gawd will fix it?

When this fails, Pumpkin will blame Pence and Pence will blame teh Gay.

To the Center!

No… wait. Centrism will not help us now.

Click Through for the Journey!

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