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From Belarus to Us

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Shava Nerad, an Internet organizer and a founder of the TOR Project, has posted a very grim outlook on the probable aftermath of the US election. In my estimation, she’s not overly pessimistic. I think it’s a safe bet Pumpkin and his band of evildoers will try to leverage every mechanism they can think of to prevent the lawful accession of Joe Biden to the presidency. If they can’t manage to steal the election they will try to ignore it.

We won’t be out of this crisis until President Biden gets to work on Jan 21.

Time to Act!

The time now is to act.

Whatever you think is beyond your scope or capability, one thing you can definitely do to stem the creeping crud of fascism in the US is to vote.

I have placed a suite of tools on this site (see sidebar) to enable you to register, get an absentee ballot and more.

You know what to do!

The RNC is Over

The old joke about the Rethuglican conventions sounding much better in the original German isn’t a “never not funny.”

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Now that they fully embrace racism and fascism, this crack lacks the element of exaggeration necessary to be funny.


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California relies on prison populations for fighting wildfires. But the kicker is, when they get out, they are ineligible to apply for jobs in the same fire departments they served, because they have a criminal record!

Slavery is just the gift that keeps on giving.

If the vote is rigged

It will be rigged for Pumpkin.

His constant whine/tweeting about mail-votes being fraudulent are because he knows he’s losing. When the rigged-for-racism electoral college is not enough, he will stage a coup d’etat based on ridiculous claims of vote fraud.

The wilful destruction of the Post Office has a very immediate purpose – make sure you can’t vote.

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