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It’s 2019

Pumpkin is still president.

Mueller is still grinding away, with what feels like nothing to show for it.

this guy is still laughing

But still, there are reasons to feel a glimmer. The elections two months ago put the Dems firmly back in control of the House. And one leading light of the freshmen class pulled this off yesterday.

Joe Lieberman, who wears a blue button when he needs to get re-elected in Connecticut but is obvs a Rethuglican at heart, wondered aloud at how AOC could not be the future of the Democratic party because she’s too far left-left, which to him means, insufficiently obsequious to billionaires. She fired back,

I’d offer Joe some ointment for that burn but after this, he’s a smoking cinder

Awesome! I am so looking forward to twenty more years of Dem congresspeople like this.

Half Staff

I took this picture on Jan 2.

Maybe it’s just me being a crotchety old guy but it seems the flag is at half-staff more than not.

Check out us.halfstaff.org for the staggering number of reasons the flags are officially ordered to fly at half-staff. Then notice that those official orders all have date ranges. No such order was in effect on Jan 2.

Is this an element of propaganda? Are the authorities trying to keep us feeling a simmering state of anxiety about the nation? That seems like a pretty good way to tamp down opposition to fascism.

No More Adults

The “adult supervision” phase of the Pumpkin presidency is over. With Mattis resigning, the last of the so-called “Committee to Save America” has left the building.

Getty Images for Vanity Fair

Now the turmoil in the stock markets and the shutdown of the few humane functions left running in the government herald the unfettered rule of Dominionists and white supremacists scurrying around for whatever things that the corrupt Queens mafiosi, the Don and his putrid spawn, don’t care about.

Who’s laughing? This guy:

Antisocial Media

Photo: NYTimes

The Senate report on social media influence in the 2016 election is out and… it’s bad.  To compare the 2016 election cycle to a Pearl Harbor-type attack via the internet would not be extreme.  In fact, it would put you in good company, such as with the New York Times.

Click it!  You know you want to.

It’s hard to know what to do about this that’s effective.  Encourage everyone you know to vet news sources.  The Times (NY and LA alike), the Post, CNN and MSNBC are still showing me some commitment to reporting reality and not propaganda.  Even the WSJ is OK if you just avoid its editorial page, which is basically the reincarnated spirit of Ayn Rand.

And get the hell off Facebook, finally.  In fact, pretty much all “social media” is vulnerable to this influence, so using it in any way as a source of news is completely insane.

What Will They Do?

My worry about the seemingly inevitable fall of Pumpkin is twofold.  One, how violently will his cult followers react?

Two, how passive will the police be in trying to quell that violence?  Especially where it’s directed against black or brown people.  We could see Tulsa writ large.

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