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Pressing Matters

I think the strategic goal of his press conferences is to make sure that press conferences are an enormous waste of time.

Ruben Bolling writes that he was literally just finishing a cartoon about something colossally stupid coming from a WH press conference, when this latest turd dropped. He looked at the work on his drawing board and realized it was useless to parody something with a stupidity level so far below what had just occurred in real time.


Accelerating Class War

The longer this goes on, the quicker we’ll see the divisions by class.

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I’m even kinda over the images of wealthy celebrities holed up in gorgeous 11,000 sq. ft. homes with one or two others, and maybe a dog. Show us encouraging messages from a 31-year-old single mother of three in a two-bedroom 800 sq. ft. apartment. That’s what I will find inspiring.

The inconvenient side-effect of this for Rethuglicans is, that they may well be killing more voters in Red states than they figured this would. But we’ll know for sure when they announce with great sadness how the elections are cancelled or somehow curtailed so as to only allow meaningful votes from white suburbia.

Remember Terry Schiavo?

Found this story in The Independent

Remember the enormous battle over one family’s painful end-of-life decision? When Terry Schiavo had no further hope of regaining anything like consciousness, how “pro-life” Rethuglicans lined up to keep her family from bringing the suffering to an end?

Now, they want to kill your grandma to revive the stock market.

“Pro-life” is the greatest lie ever, greater than even anything Pumpkin has said. What people mean when they claim to be pro-life is that they are pro-patriarchy, pro-money, anti-personal-autonomoy, anti-worker, and anti-woman.

Count on it.

Astounding Claims

This was posted yesterday morning. And before dinner, we had from the “president” an even more ridiculous claim, that injections of disinfectants should be tried. To clean out the lungs.

Still, Democrats engage in hair-splitting over policy ideas (it’s unfair to even call them proposals yet) and spiral down the same drain that sunk Hillary in 2016. If Biden is not as lefty as Bernie that doesn’t erase the abyss between him and this shitshow we have now. The abyss is real, and Putin’s lapdog Trump will happily drive us right into it.

Keep Watching

The primary election clusterf* in Wisconsin was just for practice.

I am prepared to be pleasantly surprised if the November election is conducted in any meaningful way.

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