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Look for more and more of this from the Pumpkin and his enabling media.

“Semites”, by the way, is a category that properly includes Jews and Arabs equally. So when these guys attack Rashida Tlaib they are spouting pure antisemitism.

Just so you know.

> Lincoln?

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Delusional Right

How is there any connection to reality? As we saw on Saturday, of course, it doesn’t.

They will convince themselves of anything as long as Pumpkin continues to enable their racism and sexism. They have been terrified that their own attitudes (racism, sexism) were becoming socially unacceptable. The tide had to be turned!

This tide has to be turned.


Click thru you must!

It’s easy to make fun of this but it’s a genuine problem. About one-third of Americans can literally not see the problems with our Pumpkin. It is, indeed, a psychological problem. (Warning: Only click that link if you’re feeling super-cheerful and need something to tone it down.)

“Real” America

The problem with “Real” America is…

…it’s not real. It’s carefully selected/filtered/curated to fit the prejudices of a few.

The Race

The entire Pumpkin administration has been a test of his ability to outrun reality with ever-more transparent, obvious and insulting-to-the-intelligence lies.

His base laps these up like dogs eating their own vomit, because he’s the only one who explicitly and loudly validates their racism.

The capitalist class don’t care because they feel safe from the violence, and they own him.

That’s it. Really simple, actually.

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