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Holy crap. I did not expect this to get to the level it did.

Worth a read! Click!

“We” are to blame, but outside influences are indeed trying to tip things the wrong way, and the oligarchs in this country are inclined to let them.


Just for the record, I called this one over three years ago.

Click for all of the hideous truth

In 2016/17 we were determined not to let this become normal. And yet, here we are. It has worn us down.


Parody remains impossible

Go on, you know you want to click!

Same Thing?

Makes sense to me. Vultures, ICE and CBP.

Pumpkin not happy until brown bodies litter the ground. Except the undocumented ones cleaning toilets at Mar-A-Lago, of course. Those should keep out of sight.



Look for more and more of this from the Pumpkin and his enabling media.

“Semites”, by the way, is a category that properly includes Jews and Arabs equally. So when these guys attack Rashida Tlaib they are spouting pure antisemitism.

Just so you know.

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