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“Real” America

The problem with “Real” America is…

…it’s not real. It’s carefully selected/filtered/curated to fit the prejudices of a few.

The Race

The entire Pumpkin administration has been a test of his ability to outrun reality with ever-more transparent, obvious and insulting-to-the-intelligence lies.

His base laps these up like dogs eating their own vomit, because he’s the only one who explicitly and loudly validates their racism.

The capitalist class don’t care because they feel safe from the violence, and they own him.

That’s it. Really simple, actually.

“Because of Our Christian Race”

“First of all, we don’t do gay weddings or mixed race, because of our Christian race—I mean, our Christian belief,” the woman tells Welch in the video.

I have been saying this for some time: that right-wing Christianity is nothing but a conduit and a cover for the racism that built this country.

Respect the Police!

Click Through to See the Horrible Outcome of
Holding Police Accountable for Their Actions!

I have been told that the only way to minimally respect the police is never to question any action they take.

I have been told that I must enthusiastically support anyone wearing a blue uniform without even bothering to learn the facts of a given incident.

I have been told even choosing to remain silent, rather than start a verbal fracas where it would accomplish nothing, is implied insult to our noble blue-clad guardians.

I guess I am an epic failure in this area.


Apropos this, you will have read about the school district in Pennsylvania who decided to have fun at the expense of any parents struggling to pay their kids’ lunch bills by bluffing about throwing their children into the foster care system? Good times.

Well, a local CEO tried to ruin their fun pulling legs off flies tormenting poor parents by paying off the bills, but the district refused, asserting that the parents in question could definitely afford to pay. I guess they were frittering away that money on other vanities, like health care or gasoline to go to their three jobs. Totally unnecessary luxuries in an advanced technological society where state-of-the-art public transit and universal health care are obvious common goods.

Oh wait, we don’t live anywhere civilized like THAT. We live in Amerikkka.

Update: The school district has now been shamed into accepting the CEO’s money. Doesn’t change a thing. They are still the kind of people who threatened parents with stealing their children, for being poor. Being mildly sensitive to bad PR is not a mitigation for that.

Good summary here: ABC News

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