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So many hoaxes!

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Pumpkin voters are happy to disconnect from reality for their master. They will do whatever he tells them, because he enables their racism. At some level they know the racism is bad, but it feels so right. Pumpkin enables their racism. He tells them over and over, in word and deed, it’s alright to be racist. It’s what Real Americans™ do.

Now, at some level they know they should be ashamed of this racism, but it’s addicting. It’s a sense of superiority and self-worth that is otherwise unavailable to them. But because they know it’s shameful, they lie about it. Especially to pollsters. This is why Hilary was leading in the polls going into Election Day in 2016, and at least partly why Biden is leading now.


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California relies on prison populations for fighting wildfires. But the kicker is, when they get out, they are ineligible to apply for jobs in the same fire departments they served, because they have a criminal record!

Slavery is just the gift that keeps on giving.


While their heart is in the right place, Pumpkin just can’t expect the local police to coordinate on a national scale for the advancement of fascist dictatorship. They aren’t really built for it.

Naturally, the kind of police violence that makes racists feel safer for a minute is a top priority, certainly over doing anything at all about a pandemic or the economic well-being of people with net worth under eight digits. But to provide the kind of distraction they need with an election three months away, it has to be coordinated on a national scale.

Lucky for him, the PATRIOT Act’s funding of military equipment being lavished on “law enforcement” was not restricted to local and state departments. So, a Gestapo is born. After a smash hit run in Portland, watch for the grand opening this week in Chicago.

And coming soon to YOUR city.

Soldarity Scam

All those feel-good photos of cops taking a knee? They tingled my BS spidey-sense at the time.

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Where are the genuine changes? Not just racist symbols going down… is actual systemic racism going down? Is racist policing going down?

I am afraid not – until we do a “flush’n’fill” on the governmental systems that protect white privilege.

Honoring His Roots

This is a real item from the Pumpkin merch store. (very reluctant link)

The one on the left, I mean. I know, I know… it’s easy to get confused.

By the way – everything I need to know about “America First” I learned from Dr. Seuss:

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