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Apropos this, you will have read about the school district in Pennsylvania who decided to have fun at the expense of any parents struggling to pay their kids’ lunch bills by bluffing about throwing their children into the foster care system? Good times.

Well, a local CEO tried to ruin their fun pulling legs off flies tormenting poor parents by paying off the bills, but the district refused, asserting that the parents in question could definitely afford to pay. I guess they were frittering away that money on other vanities, like health care or gasoline to go to their three jobs. Totally unnecessary luxuries in an advanced technological society where state-of-the-art public transit and universal health care are obvious common goods.

Oh wait, we don’t live anywhere civilized like THAT. We live in Amerikkka.

Update: The school district has now been shamed into accepting the CEO’s money. Doesn’t change a thing. They are still the kind of people who threatened parents with stealing their children, for being poor. Being mildly sensitive to bad PR is not a mitigation for that.

Good summary here: ABC News

Saying the Quiet Parts Loud

The racist-in-chief is starting to speak explicitly the things that were reserved for dog-whistling in 2016.

Linguistic boffins are taking notice.

And in the absence of any ability to parody effectively anymore, the political cartoon reporters have this update for you.

The Racism is the Point!

By now we’ve all seen this defecation from the Pumpkin:

The Racist-in-Chief, doing his job

But here’s the thing. He makes some token denials that he’s a racist, but of course, he is. And it’s the whole point.

Racism is what keeps his base solid. The unrepentant racists all over this country love that we have a racist president because it justifies their own racism.

Tonight he’s holding a rally in North Carolina to drum up opposition to a coming House resolution against racist language. North Carolina, who would have thought?

Stopping the Spread of Racism Overrides Tolerance

As you might know from earlier references, I like to read some internet advice columns.

Dear Prudence today got a very tough issue right (again). Here’s the excerpt – including a dispute from a reader and his response:

Q. Parents’ problematic Facebook groups: My parents recently got invited to a neighborhood Facebook group that, alongside garage sales, traffics heavily in racist fake news concerning real and imagined crimes by “African youths.” Challenging them on facts doesn’t work. (“Why would someone post it if it wasn’t true?”) Would it be wrong of me to sneakily grab their phone and unfollow the worst offenders? They are pretty hopeless with technology, so they won’t notice, but the world would be a better place if their news feed reverted to baby photos and cat videos.

A: You are not violating your parents’ rights to constantly absorb racist videos on Facebook; go ahead and unsubscribe them with my blessing, and keep challenging their racism whenever they bring it up, even if you don’t make immediate headway.

Q. Re: Parents’ problematic Facebook groups: OMFG, do not modify your parents’ Facebook settings without their consent or knowledge. Would you like it if they did the same to you?

A: Yeah, I don’t really go for using the language of autonomy about something like the right to look at racist videos about imaginary crimes committed by nonexistent black people when you log into Facebook. I think it’s fine to be a little benevolently paternalistic in this case.

After thinking about it for a while, I got there: the right to read or say whatever one wants ends when it begins to harm others. And this LW’s parents’ digging themselves deeper into racist positions based on propaganda was definitely going to be harmful to others.

This solution may be counterintuitive but I believe this letter shows us a manifestation of the Paradox of Tolerance: that if a society is tolerant without limit, its ability to be tolerant is eventually seized or destroyed by the intolerant. We’re facing that dilemma now. This is one small way to deal with it.

What We Need/Want/Deserve

What the country needs: Warren, maybe, or Sanders.

What the country wants: Uncle Joe

Pia Guerra for The Nib

Still an improvement over Pumpkin.

Who’s pretty much what the country deserves. He’s not going to work out nearly so well for the plutocrats as they think he will. He’ll wreck the joint for everyone else. But “we get the government we deserve” is a hard truth.

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