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Fund This Campaign or Else

It’s apparently a tenet of our fascist, capitalist system: healthcare – like everything* – must be run for profit. So if you aren’t rich enough to help fund your local HMO CEO’s Caribbean villa, you can just die.

Now, if you aren’t super-pumped about that option, you could always see if you can make a catchy enough sob video to get all your fellow poors to chip in a few nickels and save your unworthy butt.  Around half of GoFundMe campaigns are Americans begging for the basic healthcare that Rethuglicans are determined to deny them.  Because a black guy tried to make it available.

Click through for the whole story.


* And I do mean everything: coming soon to a profit center near you, clean drinking water

Nazis Again

Or as Pumpkin calls them, very fine people.

Some of last year’s national shame — CNN 

They’re marching again today in Charlottesville and Washington, DC.  Last year they only killed one person.  I’m sure they would like to expand on that total this time around.  I hope they fail.  In fact, I hope every single person supporting these racist displays fails in every single way imaginable.

All the articles I read wringing their hands over how Pumpkin supporters never waver no matter how much corruption and graft he flaunts, or badly his policies damage them economically.  In my Google+ stream, I have a collection I post these stories to: It’s the Racism, Stupid!

I am eager for America to prove me wrong.  My expectations are nice and low, however, so I am unlikely to be disappointed.

Sarcasm Works

This is sarcastic, not that a lot of Twitter commenters were wise to that fact.

And the point underlying the sarcasm, that Trump supporters are human tire fires who are not worthy of understanding or dialog, is spot on!  The only way to deal with them is to shun them now and to vote your own – and America’s – self-interest in November.  The racists, Nazis and grifters need to be sent crawling back under their rocks.



In a racist nation, is it possible to live while black (LWB)?

Racists have decided that the way to express their hatred of black and brown people is to call the police.  For every damn thing.  Who knows, maybe they get lucky and a racist cop shoots one?

So the police get called if black or brown people are having a cookout.  Or napping in the lobby of their dormSmoking a cigaretteGoing homeBeing at home.

The dreary list goes on.

The world is not white.  White people are just now starting to realize that.  They are also realizing that they are not going to be able to change it exercising arbitrary amounts of power.  They are scared, and scared people strike out in many ways.  Calling the police, when you know in your heart that it’s a racist act, invoking a racist institution* to take action against a member of another race, is the act of a desperately frightened person.

* – don’t take my word for it, look it up.

Slime-Pit of Racism

This is Amerikkka now.  Something sounds Hispanic?  That is literally a reason to call the police, to have them respond with deadly force.  Hell, I don’t know why they didn’t send SWAT.

You think these reports are isolated incidents?  These reports are just now becoming OK to make!  People are not thinking they have to just accept this anymore, so it’s getting publicized.

That’s progress but it’s up against human garbage like (many residents of) Kingman, AZ

(check out Who Is America? by Sacha Baron Cohen.  Disgusting… and brilliant!) 

UPDATED: Kingman respondsPumpkin would be so proud.


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