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Anglo-American Heritage, Indeed

Let us consider, for a moment, the Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement.

Bull Connor:


Joe Arpaio:

oh you wanna click through THIS one for more fine Anglo-American Heritage!

Still more examples of the Anglo-American Heritage at the Federal level, in New Jersey and in California.

At left is Don Morrissey, the president of the Deputy Sheriff’ Association, who was demoted from sergeant to deputy for failing to blow the whistle on jail guards and a fellow sergeant who were exchanging racist texts. At right is former Sgt. Lance Scimeca, who was president of the correctional officers union until Sheriff Laurie Smith fired him for sending many of the racist texts. The man in the center, whose face has been intentionally blurred, is not involved in the case, and posted the photo before the scandal surfaced publicly. The photo was taken in August 2015 at the Kart Strauss Brewing Company, and posted on Facebook with the caption, “So here I am in San Diego and look who I run into.” (Courtesy of Facebook)


Via Jefferson Beauregard “I’m really a racist, just don’t tell Maddow” Sessions 


Krugman Hits a Grand Slam

In five simple tweets, Nobel economist Paul Krugman has laid bare the true nature of the Rethuglicans and all of their fellow RWNJs.

One key lesson of 2017 was that everything liberals have said about right-wing hypocrisy was true — in fact understated 1/

The religious right claimed to care about moral values, but is fine with a guy who cheats on his third wife with a porn star; it was never about morality, it was about patriarchal privilege 2/

The flag-waving super-patriotic right is fine with people who colluded with Russia, and in fact is eager to help in the coverup, because it was never about patriotism, just about power 3/

The economic right is fine with policies that actively discriminate against clean energy in favor of coal, because it was never about free markets, it was about rewarding special interests 4/

And of course the law-and-order right is fine with demonizing and trying to destroy the careers of dedicated law enforcement officials if the pursuit of justice happens to threaten Republicans 5/

Whatever propaganda they are selling you today, look at these handy points to see through to the truth.

Racists Say, Both Sides at Fault

this is what a racist looks like

Rand Paul, as thuggish as Rethugs come, have let us know that our racist president cannot reach a compromise on immigration because…

wait for it…

people are calling him a racist.

But what I regret is I do want to see an immigration compromise. And you can’t have an immigration compromise if everybody’s out there calling the president a racist.

Thus he informed all, on Meet the Press today.

They think the average American is an idiot.  Having the destroyed the educational system, they are not far wrong.

And oh by the way – the president IS a racist, as is everyone who supports him.

Including Rand Paul.


Taxation / Representation

The Rethuglicans literally do not care if they kill people so that someone who “earns” $50 million a year can save $50,000 on their taxes.  That’s 0.1%, by the way.

Jen Sorensen for Daily Kos

In a “fair” implementation of this principle, if you earn $80K then you would get to kill a poor person so that you could save $80 on your annual cable bill or something.

When the typical Pumpkin voter figures out that they are the ones on that conveyor belt, do you think the revolt will begin?  Or will they happily go to their deaths knowing blacks, women and immigrants were harder-hit, sooner?


How’s That Working Out for Them? Great, Actually.

Ten months after the “inauguration”, the Pumpkin voters let us know how fabulous the current administration is for them.  And since parody is now officially impossible, we might as well treat this as fact.

So here’s the secret… this is why you can treat that as fact.  Anyone who still supports Pumpkin is only interested in the bigotry he enables.

Not counting the 0.2%, of course.  They couldn’t care less, as long as they get to keep raiding the Treasury.

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