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Seuss Had a Cure for Trumpism

Same Shit Different Decade

Yes THAT Seuss.  Cat in the Hat and Horton Hears a Who Seuss.  He was all-in for anti-fascism in the 1930’s and 40’s.  He’d be all in today.

Monument Avenue

New Orleans has removed its monuments to the 19th century criminals whose crowning achievement was killing their non-criminal countrymen, in support of their Treason in Defense of Slavery (TiDoS).  In the face of horrible threats from the spiritual heirs of those racist thugs, Mitch Landrieu’s speech on the occasion was a model of eloquence and grace.

It’s way past time for another city to step up and take the traitors down.  Richmond, VA has a boulevard called Monument Avenue.  A finer microcosm of pride in treason and racism, of pretending that TiDoS was something good and noble, you cannot find anywhere.






Richmond is where I graduated from high school.  As a white high school student in a school that was named after another apologist for TiDoS, I actually thought, in 1974, that these monuments were beautiful, wonderful things.

At the time, idiot teenager that I was, I did not think about the fact that the city glorified these criminals who literally fought and killed for the right to own 80% of its own citizens as property.  To deny their humanity or any of their rights as humans.

In 1996 they put up a much smaller statue of Arthur Ashe, farther out, not on horseback of course.  Because a black man in their eyes, if he rides a horse, he clearly does not know his place.

I no longer live in Richmond, and I now understand how corrosive were the attitudes I drank in its tap water back then.  I no longer have any real influence there, but I add my voice, for what it’s worth, to the chorus asking Richmond to TAKE THEM DOWN.  I hold little hope for Richmond.  I plan never to return there.  But it would be the removal of a vast stain on our national landscape if these could be removed to the same scrapyard as New Orleans’ were.


Jay Smooth Wrecks my Old Posts

This guy has probably convinced me to do a top-bottom reset of how I handle it when someone says racist sh*.

If you look at my posts, such as Not X or Republican… Conservative… Racist they move pretty quickly from identifying racist actions to identifying racists.

Not that the people aren’t racists — quite the contrary.  But it’s not very useful and it’s not very effective.  Jay Smooth’s strategy deflects the all-too-easy defense of racists: flat denial.

You’re a racist!
No, I’m not!

OK, smarty-pants, now where are you?  You cannot prove a damn thing about what the person is, and you have nullified the value of the one thing you had – the racist thing the person said or did.

Short pithy version here….


Merriam-Webster Shade

The Merriam-Webster dictionary is getting to be one of the more pungent tongue-in-cheek Twitter accounts (although it’s still no Wendy’s).  So far, it has taken 11 occasions to correct our Pumpkin-in-Chief on his misuse or misspelling.

Here’s an example, from last August, after the big ol’ bigot told his rally audience of bigots that Hillary Clinton was the real bigot.

If I were designing dictionary technology, I would set this up so that when a Trump supporter looked up this word, it would say,

big-ot n. see mirror.  No, not in the dictionary.  In your bathroom.

There’s lots more fun at the Daily Dot.  Check it out.

Sputnik. AYFKM?

I just read a story in The Atlantic, and I had to check that it was published today, and not last Saturday.

This guy, named Lee Stranahan,

…is launching a radio show on a Russian network called Sputnik.

“I’m on the Russian payroll now, when you work at Sputnik you’re being paid by the Russians. That’s what it is. I don’t have any qualms about it. Nothing about it really affects my position on stuff that I’ve had for years now.”

And I bet you can’t guess where his previous gig was!  Oh, wait, you guessed Breitbart.  Well done, you.

You know, I get it that this country is mightily racist, bigoted and backward.  But I also know we have the Russians to thank for getting all the assholes point in the same direction.

Still.  Seriously.  Sputnik?  If they were trying to dodge the inevitable parody by pre-empting it, it worked.

Mike Pence, Nasty POS

Mike Pence is the grandson of an immigrant, but he is willing to participate in the demonization, the scapegoating and the persecution of immigrants.  Now that he’s here safely, mind you.

Of course, his grandpa was white, which helps.  A lot.

Republicans to anyone not privileged: “I got mine, fuck you!”


A Mildly Complaining Story

I was preparing my lunch at the office when someone wandered into the kitchenette and said something that just pegged the racist-o-meter.

Once I got away from this character, I just wanted a mental frais-palate.  So I found this on the YouTubes:

And still, there was no escape.  The bro at 2:20 who needed to remind his adult daughters that they are his property just blew me away.

I had chosen not to fight with my office racist because I feel I need to reserve that energy for arenas where it can actually help people I care about and who are vulnerable.

Then, I was looking for a recharge and instead I got a slap from a slat of the manbox.  I guess some days are like that.

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