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The Stupid, It Burns

I had a friend (sadly, he died last winter) who kept a sign over his desk,

Stupidity should be painful

If only, if only.

Just the Thing

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The USA’s approach to health care stems from the basic fact that (according to rich people), being poor is a result of bad character. You, poor person, have bad character, made bad choices as a result, so now you have no access to health care and should just die.

Civilization is At Risk!

Or… we could… stop policing what women wear?


Respect the Police!

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Holding Police Accountable for Their Actions!

I have been told that the only way to minimally respect the police is never to question any action they take.

I have been told that I must enthusiastically support anyone wearing a blue uniform without even bothering to learn the facts of a given incident.

I have been told even choosing to remain silent, rather than start a verbal fracas where it would accomplish nothing, is implied insult to our noble blue-clad guardians.

I guess I am an epic failure in this area.

Here We Go Again

Remind you of any 2016 election seasons?

Click Through for the Squabbling

Already I see the bickering over imperfections spinning up. You know who wins those quibbles?

President Putin.

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