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I Don’t See the Conflict

From yesterday’s WaPo piece, After Charlottesville, Republicans remain stymied over what to do about Trump.

In the aftermath of the white-supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Republican lawmakers and leaders face the most unpalatable set of choices yet in their relationship with President Trump. They are caught between disgust over his failure to unequivocally condemn neo-Nazism, a desire to advance a conservative agenda and fears of rupturing the Trump-GOP coalition ahead of the 2018 elections.

The article continues with an amazingly detailed, angels-on-the-head-of-a-pin analysis of just how horrible each Rethuglican elected official they could get on the record “thinks” the Pumpkin is.

Here’s what they are missing: not one of these capitalist tools genuinely gives the tiniest little rat’s ass about this issue.  They each have to make just enough noble-sounding noises to avoid awakening their dupes at home.  Mainly because, this country is not yet at the stage where you can steal an election without having some base of support among the under-educated.  The level of support they are willing to voice for Pumpkin is directly tied to how monochromatic and racist their particular base is.

But the corporatism and fascism underlying the Rethuglican agenda remain unchanged, and have little to do with whether we are a Nazi regime or just a genteel racist one.  The vision is, a desperate work-force willing to give all the labor needed to enrich the capitalists, that costs no more than is necessary to avoid starving it to death.  One that manufactures its own replacements by breeding, so that maintenance costs are low.

The slavery that dare not speak its name.

To keep this on track, certain policy goals become very important:

  • Women must not have reproductive freedom.  A mother will be desperate to keep her babies from starving, so will be willing to work for less.  Defunding Planned Parenthood and opposing all but the hilariously ineffective “abstinence-only” sex education suddenly makes sense.
  • The state must never intervene to prevent starvation.  A population in fear of starving is less able to negotiate decent wages for labor, but has to take whatever they can get.  The opposition to WIC, SNAP, a living minimum wage or a universal basic income suddenly makes sense.
  • Health care must stay expensive, and tied to employment.  A population in fear of loved ones dying from treatable conditions is less able to negotiate decent wages for labor, but has to take whatever they can get.  The rabid hatred of even such a wimpy half-measure as the ACA suddenly makes sense.
  • The conditions of employment must be completely at the whim of the employer.  Workplace safety or wrongful termination enforcement by the government is unacceptable.  Mockery of OSHA suddenly makes sense.
  • Government’s sole function is to protect the property rights of the capitalists.  The Golden Rule is absolute.  Bizarre legislation like the DMCA suddenly makes sense.  A willingness to destroy the ecosystem in pursuit of the next quarter’s EPS suddenly makes sense.

This didn’t start last week.  Last week just shows how well it’s been going.  Racism is not all that important to the real goals, but it’s a dandy way to keep the base distracted from rebelling against its enslavement.


Fort Sumter, VA

No, wait, Fort Sumter is in South Carolina.  What’s in Virginia?


With the Pumpkin supporting the bigots (there’s no other way to take the full week’s worth of his blather about it), well… I saw this map of how the US will look after the second Civil War.

After the WHAT??  You read it right.  By some definitions (click through the map… also see here) it has already started: last Saturday.

So… is this horrible?  That I looked at that map and thought, Hmm… could be worse…?



The Daily Stormer is a Nazi (no neo-, just plain Nazi) website that helped coordinate the racist thugs who wrecked Charlottesville this past weekend, and then crowed when Pumpkin blamed the anti-fascists.

When you run a Nazi website, you really don’t want a lot of visibility from civilized folks.  In the past few days, they have been kicked out by Go-Daddy, then by Google.  Finally, today, CloudFlare pulled the plug.

Pretty awesome.  And Nordstrom’s didn’t even drop his daughter’s clothing line!

So where are they now?  Where have they found, to spew hate from?  The answer is… let me just say… as soon as you know it… you will exclaim what I did, and what I put at the top of this post:


The answer is, Daily Stormer is no longer a .com domain… it’s now dailystormer.ru; they’re now registered and hosted in Russia!


It makes perfect sense, after all.  The current crop of Nazis, pumpkin included, are so fond of Putin, it only makes sense that this is where their web presence should land.  I wonder if they could get a deal for hosting whitehouse.gov?  I also wonder if Putin knows who Molotov and Ribbentrop were, and what Barbarossa was?

* link to NYT coverage, not hate-filled site


Charlottesville Leaves No Doubt

The Charlottesville “Unite the Right” marchers? Republican racist Nazis.

Friday night they chanted “You will not replace us!”  Also, “Jew will not replace us!”  “Lügenpresse!” And my favorite, “One Nation, One People!” Hmm. What is it about “One Nation! One People!” that sounds wrong? Oh, I know!  It’s better in the original German.

And their Fuehrer is clearly the Pumpkin in the White House.  After one of the Nazis murdered a counter-protester and maimed 19 more, he knew he could no longer get away with just happily watching the proceedings on Faux News while squeezing pimples on his butt.  So he came out to make a statement in which he actually managed to stay on the script for one whole sentence… HAH!  No he didn’t!  He had to poison the already way-too-gentle condemnation by making it all about everyone who was there, not just the Nazis

We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence, on many sides. On many sides. It’s been going on for a long time in our country. Not Donald Trump, not Barack Obama. This has been going on for a long, long time. [Emphasis his — he thought that part so nice, he said it twice.]

On many sides?  What did he do, roll a D20?  What does that mean?  It means that opponents of fascism are (at least!) equally responsible.

When three Muslims carried out a vehicular attack in June on London Bridge, he was not so ecumenical with the blame.  He called for a revival of a ban on Muslims traveling to the US, and he called out the Mayor of London.  Who just happens to be Muslim.

He’s being widely condemned for this, so here’s how it will play out.  His staff will “explain” it.  Then in a day or two, he’ll tweet something outrageous about, oh, I don’t know, Chile, maybe?  And we’ll be off chasing our tails about the next stupidity.  While his Cabinet secretaries continue diligently destroying the departments they each head.

As for the alt-right fascist Nazi racists… you know, the Republicans… they loved Pumpkin’s remarks.  Yes, the dogs can hear the whistles, loud and clear!

Here’s a posting yesterday on The Daily Stormer  (link to Wikipedia, not to Nazis).  The Daily Stormer is an explicitly Nazi, explicitly Republican website.  Its slogan is “Preparing for the race war since 2013.”  Its namesake is Der Stürmer.

To be as clear as we can be about this: by not condemning Nazi racists, the Pumpkin supports Nazi racists.  

The Pumpkin supports Nazi racists.

(There: I said it twice.)


Democrats! No, Republicans!

Back before the 1960’s, the Democrats were the party of White Supremacy in the South.  They called themselves the Dixiecrats, to be distinguishable from the northern sort who were definitely more liberal and somewhat less racist.  Lester Maddox, George Wallace, Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms were all Democrats until the mid-1960s.

With a Democratic administration in the White House (JFK, then LBJ) and with support for the Civil Rights movement gaining traction, the Republicans crafted the Southern Strategy.  Taking the opportunity offered by Johnson signing the Voting Rights and Civil Rights Acts, they painted the Democrats as a party of “n***er-lovers.”  Unsurprisingly, they reaped huge electoral rewards among scared and hateful whites.  That’s when the rogues’ gallery mentioned above and hundreds more Southern politicians switched party affiliation from D to R.

Some argue the Southern Strategy should be called the Suburban Strategy.  Either way, the GOP flipped the script and picked up support across the old Confederacy, and in lily-white suburbs everywhere, by taking over the mantle of that most reliable vote getter in those areas: fear- and hatred-driven racism.

Chris Seward cseward@newsobserver.com

Photo by Chris Seward cseward@newsobserver.com

So shall we expect any better of Republicans than to foment racism with both hands while denying it to the public when caught at it?  I think not.  A masterwork of denial is documented in this Charlotte News & Observer article last week about someone with the breathtakingly beautiful name of Dallas Woodhouse.  Dallas is, by the destiny assured when his parents named him, a North Carolina Republican party official.  He tweeted on August 6 blaming “@NCDemParty” for a Wilmington race riot, a massacre of blacks, and for publishing the “White Declaration of Independence.”  These events took place in 1898, when the party called Democrat was indeed the unified voice of Southern racism.  They also, apparently, had the first Twitter handle, decades before @Jack was even born.  Who knew? 

OK, I don’t think the NC Democratic party in 1898 really had a Twitter handle.  Still, it’s not hard to figure out which political party in 2017 would endorse a “White Declaration of Independence.”  But the Democrats of 1898 were the same lineage that gave rise to Democrats Maddox, Wallace, Thurmond and Helms… all of whom in the 1960s magically switched to Republican.  Their philosophical brethren and descendants have now put a Pumpkin in the White House, and Nazis on the streets of Charlottesville, VA.

So I will say this without fear of contradiction: in 1898, Dallas Woodhouse would have been a Democrat.


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