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Backlash is Coming

The American polity is nothing if not fickle. I do think a backlash is coming.

This is how it’s been going. Of course the cartoon linked here is an attempt at parody, but we all know #NoParody is possible.

I’m rooting for the backlash to include guillotines, but that may be a stretch.

No More Adults

The “adult supervision” phase of the Pumpkin presidency is over. With Mattis resigning, the last of the so-called “Committee to Save America” has left the building.

Getty Images for Vanity Fair

Now the turmoil in the stock markets and the shutdown of the few humane functions left running in the government herald the unfettered rule of Dominionists and white supremacists scurrying around for whatever things that the corrupt Queens mafiosi, the Don and his putrid spawn, don’t care about.

Who’s laughing? This guy:

What Will They Do?

My worry about the seemingly inevitable fall of Pumpkin is twofold.  One, how violently will his cult followers react?

Two, how passive will the police be in trying to quell that violence?  Especially where it’s directed against black or brown people.  We could see Tulsa writ large.

What you don’t hear

And why?  To some extent this description is not just applicable to Faux News:

Conservatives Are Destroying Humanity

No exaggeration.  Read this (long-ish) piece  (click through this panel)

We can’t even frame it for them as a national security issue, because “national security” is masculine to them, and “the environment” is feminine.

We’re literally dying of the manbox.

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