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News Wants To Choose

The persistent downplaying of Bernie’s candidacy as plausible by our “impartial” news media shows them to be partial indeed. Partial to the preservation of capitalism.

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At least Biden won’t be Putin’s stooge. So I will never NOT vote Blue in the general. But I am supporting socialism in the primaries.

Rogers That!

Rob Rogers is the cartoonist who was fired from a 25-year career at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for drawing “unflattering” cartoons of Pumpkin.

Now he draws at The Nib, among other things.

Yay, Nib!

Let the Lying Begin

Expect nothing less than bald-faced out-and-out prevarication as the Pumpkin criminal gang get us into a war in order to try and maintain his stolen presidency.


Matt Bors / TheNib.com

There will be Pumpkin-heads under MAGA hats that think this is true. SAD!

The next few weeks will be fascinating, as Nancy Pelosi is reportedly considering holding on to the Articles of Impeachment until she is assured the Senate trial will be fair. The only way the Senate trial will be fair, of course, is if every Rethuglican who has already said they would vote to acquit will recuse himself.

Want to place your bets on this? I am offering really nice odds.

Don’t Slip

…in that puddle of logic.

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Someone should really clean that up.

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