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Who Needs $10 Million?

Larry Flynt, the publisher of Hustler magazine, has taken out a full page ad in this Sunday’s WaPo and offered…


Now the New Yorker’s Andy Borowitz is joking that Pumpkin might take Flynt up on it.

Sounds funny, but wait a minute.  Pumpkin has two problems this could solve in one go: he hates the job he’s currently sucking at so badly, and he’s broke.  None of his businesses is making money, and he’s totally underwater to the Russian Mob no Government no Mob… who cares — same difference.


Counter-Earth Tax Policy

It seems so strange!

Tom the Dancing Bug 1358 counter-earth – tax policy

IQ Test

Pumpkin has challenged his Secretary of State to an IQ test challenge.  On one hand, it seems a slam dunk that Tillerson could beat Pumpkin at this.  Heck, an actual pumpkin might win.

On the other hand, maybe Tillerson is not that intelligent.  He still works there, after all.

I’m most disappointed in Mensa for offering to host this, and dignifying it above the level of the 5th-grade playground pissing contest that it is.

Hard to Imagine

…that anyone could be this shitty at anything.  Even being President, even as hard as that is.


Unless it was intentional.

Remember this: racists from New York City hate Puerto Ricans with every bit as much vigor and bile as they hate Blacks.

Pumpkin is certainly a sterling example of that.

Maybe They Are Not Playing Enough Golf?

Pumpkin (my affectionate nickname for the racist piece of sh!t who was appointed to be our President by Vladimir Putin) has let it be known that the reason 3.5 million American citizens are being left to their own devices after Hurricane Maria is… that “they want everything done for them.”  Racist-dog-whistle translation: brown people are lazy, and it’s the white man’s burden to rescue them from their own sloth.  Also note the consistent use of third-person plural to refer to all non-Aryans.

And the Mayor of San Juan, who is literally going door-to-door with a bullhorn looking for people who need help, and hand-delivering that help, and who is sleeping in one of the same shelters as her constituents, is a “nasty” woman. Yes, racism and misogyny in three tweets. Or, for Pumpkin, an average weekend morning.



Meanwhile, Pumpkin is working so hard.  To help as much as he can.

Oh.  Wait.  No.  He’s at his golf course in New Jersey having a nice relaxing golf weekend.

This photo is fake in the sense of depicting an objectively real event. But it’s real in the sense of who Pumpkin really, truly is.  At his core.

By the way.  My blog is not a news source.  So let me link a couple for you.

Reuters      ABC News

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