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Check out this piece in The Guardian where AOC (29) met with Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg (16) to cover a wide range of topics.

As I read through it, I realized that Pumpkin must be attacking AOC non-stop because of how terrifying she is. She makes it obvious that while his mouth-breathing troglodytes may have power now, it cannot hold.

The attacks that won’t stop are bullying born of fear. The misery he must feel… wallowing in that pool of fear… it’s a good start on the punishment he deserves for the evil he wreaks daily.

The White House Press Room

Just when you thought the Pumpkin “administration” could not get any worse, Sanders quits.

The Nib features some possible replacements

It’s arguable whether a “human” standing there and lying unashamed is better or worse than nothing, but the contempt in which this Penn. Ave. cabal holds the Constitution is plain either way.

The steady references of our fake President to the press as “the enemy of the people” should be enough to bring the pitchforks into the streets, yet here we are, two and a half years into four… or eight… or forever… and?


This is what I figured would happen all along, to be honest

Venerate Life Until Birth

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This movement is all about controlling and shaming women. A strong argument can be made that unwanted pregnancies are not women’s responsibility. That responsibility is shared, unequally, by women and men. Women bear about 7% and men the other 93% based on the fact that women can have sex about 93% of the time (during their fertile years) without getting pregnant. Meanwhile, a man can impregnate someone ALL the time. In fact, this is probably an underestimate because their fertile years don’t fade out mid-life.

See this classic twitter thread for more about the disproportion, and also about men’s hideously inconsiderate refusal to act the least bit responsible for it all. Personally, I favor the mandatory-vasectomy policy but I can see the arguments for some of the other proposed measures.

Oh yes… their mistresses get full and completely confidential access.


I think that word means something different out here in the Realty-Based Community.

What’s going on is of course a fascist takeover and the elimination of any meaningful democracy in the USA, just as Putin has been guiding his useful idiot to do.

But, by all means, continue to discuss the Game of Thrones coffee cup.

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