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Conservatives Are Destroying Humanity

No exaggeration.  Read this (long-ish) piece  (click through this panel)

We can’t even frame it for them as a national security issue, because “national security” is masculine to them, and “the environment” is feminine.

We’re literally dying of the manbox.

The Asteroid Science Is Not Settled

This would go this way if there were a wealthy obsolete industry whose ability to have one more decent quarter were affected by an asteroid.

The fact is, the carbon industries (oil, coal, and adjacent) have been fueling this massive campaign of lies about the climate to eke out a few more good quarters.  And their majority shareholders and decision-makers are old people who don’t give a f* anyway.

Putin joined in on the reasonable projection that in 50 years the only place on this planet where food can be grown will be Siberia.



With his stooge now on SCOTUS, not only can Pumpkin investigate himself, he can pardon himself.

Click through for the whole comic on The Nib

Right Wing Power Grabs

“IOKIYAR” or “It’s OK if you are Republican” has been used for years now, to describe how all scandals that demolish the careers of non-Rethuglican pols are simply ignored when the thug has an (R) by his name.

This is about capitalists, or should I say, oligarchs, making sure that they can never be held to account for all the depredations of their untrammeled drive for more and more and more.

Enslaving women and brown people is for keeping the racist, sexist mucking forons just enough at bay so that the guillotines are not going up in every city.

Follow the money.


The vote on Kavanaugh may come as early as today

Photo: NYTimes

The fact that Susan Collins might vote for this guy makes David Brooks’ opinion that this is a low point in American political devolution almost correct.

He says political statements no longer operate on the level of intellectual persuasion with facts or perspective.  He says they are simply “to mobilize your mob.”  

Of course, now that Brooks’ mob – Rethuglicans – appear to be in the ascendancy, he would like Democrats to be circumspect and always civil.  On the council that ultimately green-lighted the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, he’d have been that guy who wanted more negotiations with the Nazis instead.  Then when everyone else is being loaded into the boxcars to Treblinka, that guy goes home to his family.

This is indeed a low point, but Rethuglicans have a warehouse full of shovels.  And no mob was ever reasoned out of rioting.  What it will take is an army – or a bigger mob.

Let’s get into the streets and into the voting booth.  Bigger than they can imagine.

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