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Lockdown Again

We have a color-code system here. Our area is currently “Yellow.” But all around us is “Orange,” and less than an hour’s drive away is plenty of “Red.” We’re probably headed for Orange again, too.

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And why is this? Consider these two headlines from the past 100 hours:

CDC’s Last-Minute Advice on Travel for Thanksgiving: Don’t Do It

U.S. airports screen millions of travelers ahead of Thanksgiving

The second one mentions specifically that “…people ignored a call from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) not to travel.

Pumpkin continues his bumbling attempt at a coup d’etat, and continues pursuing his Putin’s goal of killing as many non-billionaire Americans as possible. So he’s continuing to make sure the messages about COVID safety are as muddled as possible.


Absolutely none is due these troglodytes. We need to get with the program on freezing them out.

Why do Democrats act like they lost when they’ve won?


What is the world we live in? Post-hypocrisy?

There’s more – there’s always more

But wait – there’s more. Post-truth. Post-democracy. Post-conscience.

There’s your Rethuglican platform, dear reader. Hypocrisy is fine when they do it. And for their purposes, truth, democracy, and conscience are all obsolete.

Planning to Vote

As in really making plans…

This is 100% the result of allowing politicians — desperate, like cornered rats — to have any influence on election logistics.

This is how democracy dies: suicide.

How Deep

You wonder how deep Rethuglican shamelessness can go.

Keep wondering. I assure you, we are not yet even close to hitting bottom. They are not likely to DE-escalate between now and Nov 3, are they?

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