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Handmaid’s Tale IRL

This is how Rethuglicans operate.

According to this schtick dreck and others like him, the raison d’etre of a human female is to breed. Anything that interferes with THAT should be illegal. According to this schtick dreck.

Rethuglicans are staunchly anti-abortion until their mistresses get pregnant.

The Stupid – It Burns

AOC has the delightful property of making Rethuglicans go absolutely nuts.  But even given that fact, this level of nuttery is completely over the top.

Oh yeah, you read that right.

I will say this: If this level of stupidity gets to keep running this country, we are completelyand deservedly — screwed.

And now, the news

The problem with parody remains huge. He just barely managed to escape its gravity well last week, but as you see here, he’s back to straight reporting.

OK… this is parody

So I was apparently not the only one thinking that there could be #NoParody any longer.

Tom Tomorrow took it as a challenge and I believe he got there. Well done, sir!


It’s an emergency!  But… not really.
Imagine a 911 caller who needs to report a home invasion.  But they start their conversation with the operator talking about a business meeting they had that week (China).  And a friend (U.K.) who’s going through a tough divorce.  And a difficult relationship they have (N. Korea) but they are making progress! 

And oh yeah, finally after twenty minutes, there’s this dude (Mexicans) breaking into my house, maybe come do something about that.

That was the scene in the Rose Garden Friday. This is possibly a good parody of that because it’s WAYYY more coherent.

And then… and then… he went off to play golf.

Yeah. Emergency.

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