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Secret Jewish Space Laser

THIS is the Rethuglican Party

The photo links to a story entitled “GOP Congresswoman Blamed Wildfires on Secret Jewish Space Laser“.

The Rethuglicans will not censure her. They certainly will not expel her.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is what the Rethuglican Party has become under four years of Pumpkin.

Being who they are, this is what they will do. There will be no compromise, there will be no unity in the rest of the nation, not until every one of them is removed.

And if you tell me that sounds extreme, well, I just ask you: “Secret Jewish Space Laser”? Because it’s no secret where this leads.

Thug Life

They’re going to acquit him. All optimism to the contrary is unfounded.

Trump may be too willing to say the quiet parts out loud, but he’s not an aberration. He is what the Rethuglicans are all about.

Qult Qollapse

Q-Anon is collapsing. I can’t say it’s not funny.

Noon on Jan 20 was the last possible date for “The Storm”, the apocalypse that Q said would prevent Biden from becoming president and restore Trump.

But as Biden raised his hand and swore an oath to defend the Constitution, becoming the nation’s 46th president — nothing happened.


Further along in the same story, we find that all is not well in the Q-verse.

But after Biden’s swearing-in came and went, panic set in.

“We were promised arrests, exposures, military regime, classified documents. where is it????????” wrote one member of the QAnon-linked Telegram channel, which has nearly 128,000 subscribers. “I’m scared, feeling sick in my stomach, but I am holding the line still,” said another. “Well babies are still being raped and eaten, any f**kin minute now GOD,” said another.

Some began acknowledging the truth. “Biden is our president,” a fourth user in the Telegram channel said. “It’s time to get off our devices and get back to reality. If something happens then something happens, but for now I’m logging out of all social media. It’s been fun guys but it’s unfortunately over.”

Is it, though? Pumpkin has established something he’s calling “The Office of the Former President” and issuing pretend edicts therefrom.

Stay Tuned!

Their Plan Wasn’t

It’s nothing. An empty binder. That’s the Pumpkin “administration” plan for COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

After disdaining masks and all other common-sense precautions, dozens of these criminals got sick and then checked into hospital beds and took high-end treatments costing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, all on the taxpayer dime.

Then they left the absolute nightmare of a mess for the next guy to clean up. But look on the bright side: if the next guy had been the same guy, he’d have just let us all die, because

The 20th Will Be Interesting

So far this week:

  • The FCC has had to warn people that threats of violence over amateur radio frequencies is against regulations.
  • The National Guard is vetting the soldiers it’s got in DC to make sure that part of the security force doesn’t become the very thing it’s supposedly protecting against.
  • The person who stole the laptop from Pelosi’s office was arrested today. She was purportedly trying to sell it to Russia.
  • Several Q-Anon supporting Congressthings were seen giving elaborate tours of the Capitol on Jan 5.

This coming #WaltzWednesday’s entry will be on the most interesting day of my life, probably.

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