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Theocracy is not the final goal of the ones at the top. Fascism and unfettered greed is. But theocracy is the way they can sell it to the rubes. And those of us with working brain cells, and less than 10⁸ dollars, are stuck in the middle.

Oh, yeah that Supreme Court stooge Pumpkin is pushing through started her “hearings” today.

Never Better

Panel from “Never Better” by Lubchansky

Who else thinks of a particular scene from Weekend at Bernie’s whenever they encounter the phrase, “never better”?

Centrist? Undecided? Non-existent.

This is the story of the centrist, undecided voter.

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I personally don’t think there are any undecideds. I don’t see how anyone can truly be so abysmally stupid or ridiculously naive as to not see a huge difference between Pumpkin and an actual human like Biden, unless they are in a vegetative state. And those folks aren’t answering polls.

Any response of “Undecided” in a poll, I presume to mean, “I’m voting for Pumpkin because he enables my racism. But I’m ashamed to say so to this guy taking a poll.

It Had To Happen

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So… what fuckery will the Rethuglicans come up with to hold onto the one thing they truly care about…


Also – how long do you think that narcissistic toddler can maintain the discipline of quarantine? I put the over/under at about 1.5 days.

Anyhooo… if there was ever a time for thoughts and prayers, this is it. 😷


…ist die schönste Freude

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