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It’s hard to overstate how personal this song – and this album – is to me.  Cat Stevens was not only one of my favorite rock acts in the ’70s, his was my first rock concert.  To which I took my first college date.

A few years after, he converted to Islam and changed his name.  Since then, he has been steadily vilified in the American press pretty much on no other basis than his religion.  Count on America to keep up its firm commitment to freedom of religion as long as you’re Christian.  Other religions and atheism need not apply.  If I had not been born here, I doubt I could immigrate today.

Here’s a video I managed to smuggle into the country.


There’s a new biography of Joni Mitchell out.  I really need to check it out.



This is all about the connections.

There are a lot of fine recordings of this song, but I chose Lonnie Donegan’s to highlight.  Lonnie Donegan was a British musician.  He was known as the “King of Skiffle“.

If “skiffle” sounds familiar, it may be because it was a primary early influence in a band called The Quarrymen.  Yes, you have heard of The Quarrymen.  They turned into a rather successful act who changed their name when, inspired by Buddy Holly’s band, they decided insect names were OK.  But “Crickets” was taken, so they went with Beatles.

Lazy #Caturday

Alice says, stay in bed.

Saving the world can wait

Speaking of “Gone Too Soon”

If any musician ever left us too early, it was Woody Guthrie.

One one hand, I want to put this sticker on my laptop.

On the other hand, I do not feel worthy.


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