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For late #caturday: this cat is a WINNER!

From the overall quite silly collection here.

Mistakes Were Made

There may have been some photoshopping of the cover models for this month’s GQ.  GQ deeply regrets the errors.

I think this is the definitive send-up of the infamous Vanity Fair Hollywood issue and other crap that simply demonstrates: horny 14-year old boys don’t know what women look like.

Farewell to the Square

Tonight I went to the farewell party for Xerox Square.  Oh… the building is not going anywhere, but Xerox is vacating it next week.

For the better part of twenty years, I have worked in this building.  And dammit, I like the old beast.  Now I doubt I will ever work there again.




 Frank Zappa tried to use music to teach society to be better, which is kind of like trying to train an elephant with a cattail.  It might notice, and it might just step on you for your trouble.  Still, the music was amazing.

TIL Tuesday

They say a day is wasted unless you learn something.  The Internet even has a TLA for that: TIL.  Today, I Learned ____
Maybe I can’t publish a TIL every day, but I can at least muster one a week!

It may not be that day’s learning that I publish here every TIL Tuesday but I hope it will be enlightening… or amusing… or at least make you marvel for 10 seconds at how weird I am to have found *that* worthy of passing along.  So, I will start now… and let you know this:


Today, I learned that owls have long legs – which made sense to me – and that those legs are fuzzy.  Which actually kinda blew me away.
When I see pictures of owls, they always seem to be kind of hunched down over the length of their legs.  And I guess the fuzziness contributes to how silently they can fly while hunting, which increases their success rate.
I guess I always thought of all birds’ legs looking bare and scaly, like a chicken’s.

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