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Scam School

There are many scams but this might be a little cynical even for me

click thru

On the other hand, look who’s “running” the country.

Your Earworm for Today

Been doing a 30-day music challenge on PlusPora and this got stuck in my cranium.

Go Figure

OK, Boomer

Ken Jennings cracked this off on Trebek last night.

This clip probably won’t last but it’s the one I could find right now.

I could go on about the harmful nature of generational generalizations but let’s be honest, there is no time in human history when this is not happening.

Sweet Thing

And I will never grow so old again

Caturday Present

This Christmas, we got one present that really stood out.


Our daughter and her wife commissioned this painting from the lovely Reimena Yee. If you are not already familiar from the numerous #caturday posts, the subjects are, of course, our very own Alice (top) and Gertrude.

Page 1 of 124

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