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Try Not to Breathe

The title was my first impulse on November 9, 2016, for the duration. But Jill has rules including one that requires me to breathe.

For Four Years? srsly?

In the age of COVID-19, the advice does seem all the more pertinent.

Nurses are the Heroes

My daughter-in-law, K, is a nurse who is on the front lines at a major US teaching and research hospital, treating COVID-19 patients.

Here’s an interview with another nurse who has not yet been sent to “the front.”

Click through for an interview with a nurse in the UK

The orders can come at any time. K was happily doing completely different work and one day a supervisor told her to organize her area for the existing patients to be moved out and a batch of COVID-19 patients moving in.

I don’t feel any different than if she were an infantry soldier in a “hot” war zone. That’s a blend of pride, fear and mostly a disgust at the idiot whose idiotic decisions led to the unnecessary danger she’s in.


Seeger Had a Dream

Yes this has been covered a hundred times, and Pete didn’t write it. But we need this now. Because make no mistake – we’re at war.

Pumpkin has declared war on America and on the Constitution. May the abject failure utter refusal of the Senate Rethuglicans to do their job in removing him in January come back to haunt them tenfold.

And yes, I forgot it was Waltz Wednesday four days ago. This is catch-up.

She Gives Me Fever

and she knows who she is.

Is this the sexiest song ever recorded? I think so.

Is this Peggy Lee cover of it the best? Ditto.

If you disagree, well, you are free to be wrong.

Lazy Day

We are having a very lazy Caturday.

Saving the world can wait

We’ll never be quite as good at that, however, as Gertrude and Alice are.

Gertrude Solicits Belly Rubs

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