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Blue Railroad Train

Doc Watson, a great bluegrass guitarist.


After meeting with someone I try always to remember to thank them for their time, it’s the one thing you really can’t get back.

Half Staff

I took this picture on Jan 2.

Maybe it’s just me being a crotchety old guy but it seems the flag is at half-staff more than not.

Check out us.halfstaff.org for the staggering number of reasons the flags are officially ordered to fly at half-staff. Then notice that those official orders all have date ranges. No such order was in effect on Jan 2.

Is this an element of propaganda? Are the authorities trying to keep us feeling a simmering state of anxiety about the nation? That seems like a pretty good way to tamp down opposition to fascism.

Rock & Roll Train

For the brevity of today’s post, I’m sorry and/or you’re welcome.

Happy New Year

We have a tradition to eat some shortbread on New Year’s Day every year. Jill brings that from her maternal Scottish side of the family.

She says if you eat shortbread on New Year’s you have a good year. I can’t say I know how that works, but it’s 21 for 21 so far, so why would I mess with it?

Happy New Year to you, however you make it so.

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