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Earworm of the Week

I haz it.

Now you haz it too.

(yes, I feel better.  thx.)

Nature Never Takes a Day Off

Not even for insane Facebook users.

How poor is the state of science education in this country?  How poor is the state of ANY education in this country?

What Will They Kill Next?

Those darn Millenials!  They are killing…


OK, so what did you have next in the dead pool?  Well, here’s what’s next: the Animatronic Band at Chuck E. Cheese!  That’s right, the chain that trained millions of American children to like bad pizza is discontinuing this amazingly creepy act.

And they blame millennials for this move.  Note to Chuck E.: Millennials did not kill this.

People with taste did.

Drive that Train!

When I started this idea of Train Music Thursdays, the Ballad of Casey Jones was not far from my mind.  And it will definitely make an appearance.But then, when the Grateful Dead released this track by that name, nothing could have been further from that old folk song.



Pumpkin wears a person out, don’t he?

I’m going to sleep.



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