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Bit of a Scare

Names changed, but otherwise true

A friend, Dwight, texted me last night: “Did you hear that Joe Ruger died of COVID-19?

I had a true stunned moment there: Joe was a long-time co-worker and always so good at his job that it’s just something I marvel at from time to time. But more pointed, to me, was the fact that Joe’s wife Lucy is a close friend of mine. Further complicating this is the fact that because of the professional turmoil from which I am just emerging after about a year, she and I are seriously behind on catching-up.

And now this? How am I even going to open a conversation with her about it? It’s not like I can go to calling hours at a funeral home, with the state in lock-down.

I need a source of wisdom greater than mine for this situation.

Meanwhile, outside my head: Dwight further explained that he heard about it from our mutual acquaintance, Pete, who in turn heard it had been announced at a town hall meeting of Greenhouse. Dwight and Pete both used to work at Greenhouse. Several of my other pals still do. But not, to my knowledge, Joe.

A spark of doubt/hope…

I asked Dwight, Wait, when did Joe join Greenhouse? Last I knew he was at AT&T. Dwight texted back, Not sure, let me check.

Half an hour later came this update: Oh, sorry, it was JOSEPH Ruger. Who worked at Greenhouse’s Oregon branch.

Now I feel bad for being so relieved… which is weird. The Oregon Rugers are dealing with a loss every bit as devastating as the Rochester Rugers would have been.

But I don’t know those Oregon folks.

Programming note: This would by rights be #WaltzWednesday. But today’s was to have been baseball-themed. I am putting that one back in the freezer until there’s some actual baseball….

A Man And His Cat

Gertrude and I wish you a serene and happy Caturday


You have gotten through another day!

This situation we’re all in seems extraordinary, but to me it’s merely the logical conclusion of the Pumpkin misministration.

Nice song, though. Nice song.

Can a man and a woman live together in peace?

In this, I am indeed supremely lucky. We are now even sharing an office harmoniously, for workdays.

Pi Day!

We went to Wegmans for pi(e). OK, a few other things also. But not toilet paper! We had accidentally overbought TP a couple of weeks ago – fortuitous!

The lines were… impressive.

Once they opened more registers, this improved.

Once they opened more registers, this improved. We did go at 6AM. We waited in line for about 45 minutes to pay.

Wegmans was out of many things and had put limits of 1 or 2 per family on many others. Hot dog rolls, breakfast cereal, granola bars are a few examples.

They did, however, have some very nice pi. Pie. Pi pie.

Apple Pi Pie

Spring? Sprung.

I drove to work this morning in March.

Click for the whole sad sequence

I drove home in January. W T A F.

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