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Congratulations, Trixie Mattel for winning All-Stars Season 3!  It certainly was not how we expected it to go, from watching the edited final product.  We don’t know what goes on in the hundreds of hours we never see.



Dixie Flyer

Randy Newman’s music just shows up everywhere.

You can make an argument that he’s the next great American composer, after Aaron Copeland.

Aaannd… your faithful blogger sits back and makes popcorn as the music nerds’ heads explode.

Happy Pi Day

We had Pie and PI-na Coladas after dinner.  Yum!

And – down note – Stephen Hawking died today.  On Pi Day.  Did he plan that?  Probably not.  A doctor gave him only two years to live with his ALS… in 1963.  He did OK, considering.

LONDON – JANUARY 17: Professor Stephen Hawking delivers his speech at the release of the ‘Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ on January 17, 2007 in London, Ebgland. A group of scientists assessing the dangers posed to civilisation have moved the Doomsday Clock forward two minutes closer to midnight as an indication and warning of the threats of nuclear war and climate change. (Photo by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images)

UPDATED: Hawking’s last words to the internet: robots aren’t the problem, capitalism is.


Nope nope nope

Toilets in public places have all kinds of issues.  It’s how a barista can shame the homeless.   Well, count on the bros in tech to make it much worse.  Here’s how they plan to turn every toilet into a pay toilet.

I will actively boycott any business that shows up with one of these.

via BoingBoing


I decluttered my home office today.  It really needed it.  It was starting to look like a miniature episode of Hoarders.

OK, maybe not this bad

I found no fewer than five old USB drives of 1TB or more.  A Linksys wireless home router.  No, two of those.  Six not-quite-working keyboards.  About ten mice that refuse to die.  Enough cables for two reusable grocery bags.  Two dozen books I have read or not. An older model of the blood-pressure machine I use now.  Two eight-port switches (100Mb FD): one managed, one dumb.  More wall-wart power supplies that I would love to be able to match to devices.  And I found my very first MP3 player, a 60G Toshiba Gigabeat Model F.  That thing was the bomb.

If you want anything I listed, make me an offer.  As long as I am not upside-down shipping to you, it’s yours.

They say de-cluttering cheers you up.  We’ll see!

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