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Red, Red, Red

Something to say about Fiona Apple? Sometimes she just fits the mood.

Which Is It?

You can’t have it both ways.

I mean, that would be like a party calling itself “Republican” but actually offering socialism for the 1% and fascism for the 99%.


Lazy Caturday Again

It’s been a week.
#Caturday is a welcome respite.

Gender Nonsense

So it turns out that the latest apocalyptic wildfire was started (in part) by an explosive device used to effect the reveal at one of those idiotic “gender reveal” parties that people hold to wrap mystery around the coming baby’s genitals.

Gender has so many meanings, and determinants. So few of them have to do with genital anatomy. And these parties are ridiculously over-the-top and getting worse.

For a little perspective — this is not the first such party to start a major wildfire.


On Top Of…

Old Smokey…

Or maybe, spaghetti!

I can’t be serious.

I must be serious!

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