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Great Pumpkin

I write about the Pumpkin in the White House a fair bit.  Ugh, what a drag.

So for Waltz Wednesday today, a nicer one.


Karma can be Wonderful

Oh yes, sometimes it’s just wonderful when things work out.

Three rhino poachers were apparently killed and eaten by a pride of lions in a South African game reserve.  Before they killed a rhino, as far as authorities could tell.  Bonus!

The lions have realized that humans just suck at this, so they are taking matters into their own hands.  Paws.  They are taking matters into their own paws.


Lazy #Caturday

A man and his behbeh kitteh


485 Emails

I did this to myself. I have nobody else to blame. But… still.

Now some of you read the title and are thinking, Gee, that’s just a typical Monday morning for me.   But we’re not dealing with 485 email messages here at Kahomono Central, oh no.  We’re dealing with 485 email addresses.

Across two ISPs now, a total of about 12 years, we have enjoyed the benefits of catch-all mailboxes in our hosted domains.  This means that my main mailbox of david@domain.com can be set up to catch the mail from any address I want as long as it ends with @domain.com.  This weekend, however, I got a note from my ISP that they are discontinuing this feature.  It seems to be going the way of the dodo.  Even if I found another ISP who would allow me to maintain it, it’s time.  It’s time to put away childish things and do what has needed doing for quite some time now: clean up the mess.

So I grepped through my archives and learned that I have used 485 different email addresses over these years.  While it was tempting to say, “dump ’em all, let the FSM sort ’em out”, I really can’t do that.  Quite a few of these emails are bringing me things like correspondence from healthcare providers.  Financial institutions.  TiVo, for goodness sake!  Amazon!  You can’t contemplate missing emails from some of these folks.

Now I need to go one by one through these email addresses, some of which I don’t even recognize anymore, and figure out, “Who sends (or once sent) email to this version of me?”  There are some very odd answers out there, let me tell you.  But the few that I need to keep, I need to convert to the form david+tag@domain.com.  My ISP tells me that will be supported,  sending everything to david@.  It has been that way for years now in Gmail, but I found a lot of sites that would reject email addresses with a ‘+’ in them.  It’s going to have to be more widely accepted now because I am determined to be able to track spammy reuse of my email.

Well, enough whining.  Those spreadsheets are not gonna collate themselves.  Not to mention all the email address changes I have to do…

Made-Up Holidays

Of course, they all are.  Made-up, I mean.  Every day the sun rises and sets (or sets and rises, for you members of the tribe).  If a given day is special-er than another, it’s because some member of the priestly or ruling caste decided to scam the peasants a bit with another reason to pay up on the tribute.

The longer it’s been since the day was specialed, the more acceptable we find it.  So, Christmas outranks Thanksgiving, which outranks Mother’s Day, which outranks Secretaries’ Administrative Professionals’ Day.  YMMV.

Anyway, they all outrank this:

Prime Day is a holiday declared by Amazon, for Amazon.  For 33 hours in the middle of July, Prime membership gets you all kinds of iffy deals.  The Wirecutter, which I love, buys into this wholeheartedly.  Which I guess is suitable: Amazon affiliate links are their entire business model.  I wonder how the NYTimes likes owning a business that is so wrapped up in Amazon.  Anyway.  I guess the merchant class now makes up our holidays, being that the priestly and the royal are not in quite such high regard anymore.

And no, I am not at all immune.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are my two most favorite days.  And though I want nothing to do with my actual birthday, Thanksgiving works as that for me, too.  So Turkey Day gets a double-dip of my esteem.


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