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Bread and Circuses…

…and whatever the f* this is:

This is what we should be paying attention to, I guess, while the Pumpkin burns our democracy to the ground.


One might even say, record-setting!

The impossibility of parodying this clown show continues apace.


This is the drug dream you grew up in, in the 1970s



We watched the Belmont.  It was a good race.

And half the joy of it is this….


Another Moment

Lip sync advice from RuPaul: Do NOT remove your wig!

Unless you have another wig underneath!


Between Over and Next

Norman Lear by Getty Images

We watched If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast from HBO last night.  It’s about living for what you’re passionate about doing, and then never to stop doing it.  And that, based on charming but anecdotal evidence, is how you live into your nineties and on toward 100.

Norman Lear — the man who gave TV a social conscience — was talking about not obsessing with the past, which is Over, nor with the future, which is Next.  He says,

If there was a hammock in the middle, between Over and Next, that would be what they mean by living in the moment.

A pleasant, relaxing image.

More Live Footage from the West Wing

Fun fact: They are just the voices in Pumpkin’s head.


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