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Ally of the Year

I saw on LinkedIn where someone was named Ally of the Year by one of the groups supporting women in a technology pursuit.

When they publicized the award, they included a “quote” from the honoree. Except for scrubbing out references to what field it is, what follows is the actual wording:

I’m an Ally to Women in [field], because ONLY by diversity and inclusion can we truly provide a rounded world-wide, culture-wide and diverse defense against [technology failure]. I’m also an advocate for diversity and inclusion and generally helping others, because everyone needs a help to start, and no-one should be discluded when they apply themselves towards a career into [this field].

I’d like to thank everyone that has supported my supporting women into [this field], and helping others!

Thank you to all that do so much in caring!

It looks to me like this verbiage was generated by an AI which flunked out of its training for generating Executive Gobbledygook.

The person credited with the quote, by the way, is a native English speaker (assuming their profile info is all true). Their other posts and comments all give the impression of having been written by a human with at least an average command of idiomatic English, if you ignore the #high #rate of #hashtags #damaging #readability. So, “bad translation from their native tongue” is not the explanation for the bafflegab above.

Women do face significant barriers entering and advancing in technology fields, and the help is needed. I just don’t see what the value is in all the back-patting when the goals are still so distant. Especially one that gives me so much impression of having been completely faked.

Short Stack

A few short items – none long enough for its own post.

Aaron Jernigan, a cop in Missisippi, murdered Marc Davis, a black man, after Davis called 911 for an ambulance for himself due to a traffic accident. This racist officer in this racist city was just named Mississippi’s Police Officer of the Year.

This makes tragic sense, for Mississippi.

* * *

Just who the hell are high school reunions for?

* * *

Someone asked the “question of the day” recently on Pluspora’s #checkin, about what is a good household tip? To make housework easier. So one guy, with a little bit of a privileged attitude, answered, “Best tip I can think of: get a live-in maid. That makes all kinds of household chores easy.

Now, I quite agree about the value of hiring workers skilled to help with domestic tasks. We do it. That said, I had trouble reading “Get a live-in maid” as a response to that QOTD request for household tips in any other vein than parody. The SNL skit writes itself, doesn’t it? So I asked him if it was a joke. I really wanted it to be a joke. Alas, it was not a joke. At that point, my brain fried a little.

* * *

For my money all discussion about what’s “manly” or not is presumed bullshit until proven otherwise. It adds zero value and is mostly used as a weapon. Same goes for all the other gendered words that presume to tell people what they can do or wear or like. “Masculine”, “feminine”, “manly”, “ladylike”? All can go straight to the dung-heap.

* * *

Pluspora is a quiet little corner of social media without all the garbage of the big ones. It’s currently by invite only. If you want to check it out, here is my invite code: https://pluspora.com/i/34003cb21561

My Darling Clementine

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find an arrangement of this song that’s not totally cheesy? I’m not sure I succeeded.

I got this into the rotation because I have been thinking about M*A*S*H.

In season 5 of this series, there was an episode called “Movie Tonight” in which Col. Potter is so thrilled to get the camp a copy of this movie for their movie night. Then, of course, one thing after another humorously – and not so humorously – interferes with watching it straight through.

Finally they get to the end, and in the pleasant afterglow of a fine movie, wounded arrive on jeeps in the compound.

There’s a rumor that you, too, can see this movie here.

Two Surgeons Walk Into a Bar

…and the bartender says, Oh, another paradox.

Like when I post a blog entry to tell my readers I don’t really feel like posting a blog entry.

Catch a traditional fave in two days, #WaltzWednesday

DNA Testing

When you do a DNA test and submit your results, you might be able to find people you’re related to. People you didn’t know about before.

Click Through for Quite a Story

The graphical essay linked above outlines some of the history of racism at the foundation of our country. Genealogy efforts are orders of magnitude more difficult in the US if you’re not a descendant of white European folk. This is adequately explained by those white Europeans’ need to erase the humanity of African slaves and North American indigenous residents.

Popularized DNA testing is a pretty fraught undertaking, even if your ethnicity is well-represented in their datasets. You can find, in the last ten or fifteen years of advice columns, dozens of letters about heretofore unrevealed infidelities and small-town couples that just learned they are (oopsies!) incestuous. All brought to our attention thanks to 23&Me or similar.

There’s even a rather mild instance of this in my own family. My brother did a test and was notified that he had a cousin on our father’s side, living just a few miles from him. Which made no sense at first, because he’s the only member of our family who lives in Florida.

Daily News, July 16, 1942 (click to embiggen)

Sure enough: it turned out that our zaydie was, as we would say back in the day, “a bit of a hound dawg”. The reason he and our bubbie split back when my dad was quite young was, Zaydie had not quite fulfilled the requirement of divorcing his first wife before he married his second (who was our bubbie). From there he went on to further his colorful career as a Lothario, finishing up with swindling an ingenue out of $7,300 in money and jewels (over $146,200 in 2021 dollars). This earned him the privilege of becoming a guest of the State of New York for quite a few months at their well-known accommodation: Sing-Sing.

This heretofore unknown cousin my brother found turned out to be offspring from my zaydie’s first marriage. Their conversations led us to learn of dozens more of our relatives scattered all over the East Coast and Midwest.

I guess I am thankful that the revelations that came to me and my family from my brother’s recreational genetic testing were not more traumatic. This is something to consider before you buy your whole family spit kits for a Christmas gift.

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