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Lazy Caturday

Alice is trying for one. She does like an unmade bed, she does.

But she’s too easily distracted by da hooman wif da cameraphoneclickything.

Gertrude, on the other hand, is a solid pro.

That’s some focus, that is.

Happy Day of the Dead

That’s today, you know.

Click through for MUCH more.


Believe it or not, I have a process I follow for these #WaltzWednesdays posts. I am working from a number of lists I have found of rock & pop songs in triple metre. I vet it for bands that I like or that intrigue me somehow. U2 is one such band. Then I find a YouTube or Vimeo video of the song.

I pre-listen to the song if it’s unfamiliar to check on a few things. One, that it really IS in triple metre. I have found a few that were on my lists but on listening, clearly counted out to 2/2 or 4/4. I also need to spend some time thinking about the lyrics, and the message. It may tie into current events or issues I have been thinking about.

Not this time. Today I am breaking all my rules. This song by U2 was in my list, and it came up in the random selection of “next #WaltzWednesdays tune to blog.” And I decided to leave it to the fates. Is there any kind of important message here? No idea. If the song even really a waltz? Not a clue.

I will listen to this tomorrow. Meanwhile, enjoy the surprises (if any).

Fireplace Caturday

We upgraded our fireplace a bit. It grew a mantel.

The cats don’t care, though. The business end of the fireplace is unchanged, and that’s what they want.

Alice will stare at the dark fireplace until we light it. Gert just wants her belly rubbed.

But when I am up in the office, Gert likes to settle on the box between my chair & window. Just to be near Dad.

TV Couples

Are David and Patrick of Schitt’s Creek Season 5 (now in Netflix) the best couple on TV? Mild spoilers below.

Most TV couples are written to create drama or comedy by failing to communicate. It’s drama or comedy in the end depending on the stakes. The lower, the funnier.

But these two actually make a good faith effort to tell each other what’s going on!

That sounds trivial. Yet, you should just watch for how tensions are built and then released in most shows between members of a couple. It’s almost always one withholding information from another. Deliberately or accidentally.

Even David and Patrick took a while to get with the program, communications-wise. But when Patrick’s parents come to visit, David finally gets it so right.

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