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Serene Caturday

Gert, in an uncharacteristically serene state

Caturday Cuteness

Such good sisters!


Lazy Caturday

Alice can’t be bothered to help.  She’s looking for some index cards.  Why do cats need index cards?  Alice says she could tell me but then she would have to kill me.  Seems like a trade I am not quite willing to make.

Meanwhile, Gertrude is practicing her camo skills.

Preakness Caturday

A video for Preakness #Caturday

Today, Cloud Computing won the race.  Which proves that technology moves really fast!



What? Caturday Again?

Every week, it comes around.

I thinkin how to free teh ballz

Daddeh, doan bothr meh. I tired.

Do Not Mess

They are sweeties but you do not want to piss them off.

photo: Jill Frier



It’s CSaturday!

Would every song that mentions Saturday be improved if it said, “Caturday” instead?

Gert thinks so

Daddeh! Make it happenz!  

Alice agrees

I will finally be able to free teh trapped ballz!   

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