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Lazy Caturday

Gertrude and Alice say, You go have your lazy day and leave us to have ours.

Caturday Everyday

Since I post every other day, I only post on Saturday every two weeks.

Well, today I have to show you how magnificent Gertrude’s whiskers are, so I am hereby declaring a Sunday Caturday.

The vet even commented on them.

Lazy Caturday Again

It’s been a week.
#Caturday is a welcome respite.


Here is the Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal from August 10th, just this past Monday.

Nothing in this posting made me think Zach, the author/artist, was trying to make a reference to xkcd #386 from 2008:

This must be a case of unconscious influence. Or maybe it’s down to the fact that there are only seven stories.

And since it’s #caturday, here’s a GPOMC

Lazy Day

We are having a very lazy Caturday.

Saving the world can wait

We’ll never be quite as good at that, however, as Gertrude and Alice are.

Gertrude Solicits Belly Rubs

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