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February #Caturday

Gert sez, Happy #Caturday!

OK, I lied. What she’s really saying is, leave me alone while I pick the ideal moment to walk across mom’s keyboard

Creatures of the Night

There are those minor monsters that harass you in dungeons when you’re the hero in a video game.

These creatures are, apparently, based on my cats

The eyes
Lounging on her day off

oh… wait… every day is a cat’s day off.

Cat & Moving Report

As last seen here (and then not seen), two weeks ago our living room was a mess of box.

Not only has that improved somewhat, but the cats have also agreed to come out of hiding, owing in part on the presence of a functional fireplace.

Lazy #Caturday

A man and his behbeh kitteh


We’re Home to Grumpies

We’re home. They are grumpy.

Have you ever gone away for a week, and left your cats to be tended by a pet-sitter?

How dare you be away from me for so long? And… do I smell… another CAT? Hmpf!

Have you noticed that for quite some time after you return, they just kind of… glare at you?

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