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Lazy #Caturday

A man and his behbeh kitteh


We’re Home to Grumpies

We’re home. They are grumpy.

Have you ever gone away for a week, and left your cats to be tended by a pet-sitter?

How dare you be away from me for so long? And… do I smell… another CAT? Hmpf!

Have you noticed that for quite some time after you return, they just kind of… glare at you?

They Sat Still!

Just for a moment, but enough to get these.

Alice – “Jill’s” cat


Gertrude – “my” cat.


It’s not that they are not both ours. We both love them both. We both take care of them both.  But Alice has decided that Jill is “hers”, and Gertrude has likewise appropriated me.



For late #caturday: this cat is a WINNER!

From the overall quite silly collection here.

Cats Are Serious

Gertrude is serious about being so gorj.

Alice just wants to have a serious discussion.



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