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“You know what to do!”

Alice every day, checking if the fireplace is lit.

If it is not, Alice informs us of our obligation.

A Man And His Cat

Gertrude and I wish you a serene and happy Caturday


We have only two cats and they are no easier to figure out.

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But then Gert snuggles up on my shoulder and purrs. And it’s all OK.

Caturday Present

This Christmas, we got one present that really stood out.


Our daughter and her wife commissioned this painting from the lovely Reimena Yee. If you are not already familiar from the numerous #caturday posts, the subjects are, of course, our very own Alice (top) and Gertrude.

Reality Bites

Reality is anathema to one-third of the country

Ugh. Enough of reality, which sadly includes these anti-reality troglodytes. How about some cats, for #caturday?

Gert snuggles with her dad

While Alice must have the fireplace

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