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Never Not Funny

The Far Side website is rerunning some old cartoons. And this one came up today.

The 100 Meter Mosey

How seriously they are taking it!

There are jokes that are funny the first time you see them. But not again — they just fall flat. At the other end of the spectrum are the ones I call, “never not funny.” They get me every time. This one is a “never not funny.”

7th Inning

We finally have some baseball, for as long as they can stay healthy, I guess.

This was a happier time. Before Putin stole our election.

Social Media Update

Where to find me on Social Media.

Since absolutely nobody asked, here’s my take on the current social media scene:

Facebook is a cesspit, a refuge of racists and Nazis, Q-Anon crazies and MLM dupes. It’s trying to hold off having to declare itself a sovereign nation until after it can get Pumpkin re-elected.

Twitter knows its potential to be used for evil, sorta wants to do something about it, much more wants to be perceived as trying to do something about it, and has no idea how to accomplish either goal.

Instagram is putting forward a bunch of Ken and Barbie dolls (oh, sorry, did I misspell “influencers”?) to pretend everything is awesome. They hope they can keep this up until the apocalypse, at which point the board’s plan is to cash out and go hide in a bunker in New Zealand.

LinkedIn is everyone trying to sell something. For the people on there without a traditional product to sell, they are the product.

Reddit is a bunch of Gen Y and Z trying out acting like old curmudgeons and telling everyone they don’t know to get offa their lawn. All the topics of this curmudgeonly passion are so inconsequential that they could immediately cease to exist and the collective impact would be about that of a presidential tweet that somehow managed to neither start a war nor praise a Nazi.

It all is pretty worthless but with newspapers having mostly collapsed, it’s also all pretty indispensable.

It sucks to be us.


Here is the Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal from August 10th, just this past Monday.

Nothing in this posting made me think Zach, the author/artist, was trying to make a reference to xkcd #386 from 2008:

This must be a case of unconscious influence. Or maybe it’s down to the fact that there are only seven stories.

And since it’s #caturday, here’s a GPOMC

Try Not to Breathe

The title was my first impulse on November 9, 2016, for the duration. But Jill has rules including one that requires me to breathe.

For Four Years? srsly?

In the age of COVID-19, the advice does seem all the more pertinent.

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