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Game On

Have you been following the GameStop saga? It’s faster than ticker tape.

If this is all like, “whaaat???” to you, here’s a short (heh) version:

Around the second week of January, the Reddit group r/wallstreetbets noticed GameStop stock trading around $15-18. They saw it as undervalued, and also being shorted by hedge funds to a significant degree. They started buying. And buying. A feeding frenzy has ensued, running this stock up now to $325 as of this morning, though I have also seen it well over $400 in the past week or so.

As a result, the hedge funds have been socked with some huge losses. They are trying to make up for it by shorting even more. This is known among people who are not Gods of Big Finance as, “throwing good money after bad.”

And now it turns out that they may have been, um, overenthusiastic in their execution of their short-sales, because the amount of GameStop stock now sold short is greater than the amount of GameStop stock that exists in the world.


There may be a handful of folks from the SEC stopping by to see some of these Gods of Big Finance later this morning.

Perfect Day

I found the perfect piece for today’s #WaltzWednesdays posting.

I’m posting this early in the morning. Almost eight hours before the event. Consider it my wish.

If Pumpkin manages to f* this up somehow then consider it ironic.

Lazy Caturday

Gertrude and Alice say, You go have your lazy day and leave us to have ours.

So You Thought You Might Like to Go to the Show

This was on the randomly generated list of songs to post on Waltz Wednesdays. Now, it’s in triple meter alright, but I don’t think I would waltz to it.


Consider the massive plans the radical right has for rioting in Washington, DC today. They will try and disrupt the process of Pumpkin being removed from office by a fully certified election. In that context, this piece makes perfect sense.

Here’s hoping the only thing that mob accomplishes is infecting one another with COVID-19.

Goodbye 2020

We’ll miss you.

Click through for the Cliff Notes version

Still – it should be noted that the universe does not give a flying f* what four-digit number we apply to the Year column of a given moment. Time is continuous.

Also, that the nightmare is only really ended once Pumpkin is dragged from the White House. So three more weeks for that.

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