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Take It to the Limit

Mostly, I prefer studio recordings of waltzes. The performers often feel free, in live performance, to play fast and loose with the rhythms. Neil Diamond’s live performances of Play Me drive me crazy for this reason, as do most of James Taylor’s renditions of Sweet Baby James.

But Eagles might be a rare exception to this. They add flourishes to their songs, but the bones are left solid.

And today I am adding this non-waltz, just because.

A commenter on YouTube referred to this song as, “A one-star Yelp review of a hotel, plus an amazing guitar solo.” I leave you with that.

About This Music

This is so weird

You’ve heard this song. You might think it was done by Enya.

It was concocted by Karl Jenkins, originally for Delta Airlines. But there’s more to the story, of course. Here’s an interesting read about the process of creating this music: An Aural History of Adiemus

This makes the case that whether consciously or subconsciously, the music was built to carry a subtle message of white supremacy. Now this is not saying it was done as a malicious, racist message. But it does speak to how insidious and hard to perceive a racist framing of things can be.

Hey at least they didn’t ruin a real classic, the way United did

Who Cares About the Railroads?

Nobody, that’s who. Or almost nobody.

Which is a shame, because the carefully plotted, strategic destruction of all public transit is a chief contributor to climate change. But hey, GM got a bunch of nice shareholder value so, it’s all good.

Daydreamy Day

We started the day off with a walk in Owl Woods, where we saw a Northern Saw-Whet Owl.

photo by Jill Frier

To me, they look like grumpy feathered beer cans but Jill finds them cute.

Notre Dame’s New Spire

A billion euros are raised overnight to rebuild a famous church. Flint still has lead in the water for lack of $55 million to fix a problem that’s been known for 4 years. Yes, Elon Musk said he’d fix Flint. But what’s he doing?

click through for fun

As much as I loved visiting Notre Dame, this is grating.

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