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Catching Up

Back from India. I will have some notes.

Regular posting schedule to resume as from today.

I missed a Waltz Wednesday, did I? Well, we can’t have that now can we?

Which of course made me think of this little gem:

Posting Irregular

Posts will be irregular the next few days.

Of course, some think they always are.

New Camera

for #Caturday!

Can you tell what kind of camera took this?

Thoroughfare Gap

The first-ever Train Music Thursday was CSN (Marrakesh Express) and so the last one ever might as well be.

Youtube embedding is working spottily as I write this. If you have an issue playing this, click here.

Where’d It Go?

I knew I had Friday around here somewhere.

That was when I was supposed to post a blog entry.

Now I can’t find it anywhere!

Anyway. I may have mentioned that I have a new job. I’ll be updating my LinkedIn soon with all the juicy details.

But I will also tell you that the blog may be only spottily updated over the next two weeks. I have to do some travel to meet the whole team, who are geographically diverse. Arrangements are not final yet but progress is happening.

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