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There’s train music that has other messages. There’s train music that makes a point about Something Important.

Not this. This is… pure.

Who Cares About the Railroads?

Nobody, that’s who. Or almost nobody.

Which is a shame, because the carefully plotted, strategic destruction of all public transit is a chief contributor to climate change. But hey, GM got a bunch of nice shareholder value so, it’s all good.

Graveyard Train

Well! That was uplifting. Not. Cathartic, perhaps.


I remember what an accomplishment it felt like to be able to understand all the dialog in this movie. Alas, I am now out of practice and might need subtitles.

But nothing dilutes the power of the music.

Railroad Song

Croce, like many people featured in train songs, died in a horrible accident, and too young.

And I must also mention – nothing to do with the song – happy Pi Day!

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