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This is a great old(-ish) blues standard by Taj Mahal.

But the reason you thought, That sounds familiar…, is a little movie you may have seen used it as the opening scene soundtrack.



Train music? What is that?  As anyone older than this century should know, this is what train music is at its core.

And yet, as much as Boxcar Willie is irresistible – not least for being called “Boxcar Willie” – I still like the bass better than the tenor.


Freight Train

Pete Seeger has a go at this.  He says he can’t play it like the one who wrote it, and he’s right.

If Joan Baez sang her grocery list, I would sit and listen to that.  But she probably also takes the easy way out playing this song.

It was written in the 1900’s by Libba Cotten, who played guitar upside-down like it’s the only natural way.  He singing voice is not really charismatic, but oh! that guitar.


Train Home

Nothing is better than being home for the holidays.  “Home is where the heart is” cuts both ways.  You love being at home.  The people whom you love, where they are, that is home.

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you’re at home, by at least one definition.



I hope nobody takes Train Music Thursdays too seriously.

You just have to have fun with it.


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