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Dixie Flyer

Randy Newman’s music just shows up everywhere.

You can make an argument that he’s the next great American composer, after Aaron Copeland.

Aaannd… your faithful blogger sits back and makes popcorn as the music nerds’ heads explode.

Land of Hope and Dreams

This train ran when America was still all that.

Now Pumpkin is taking a Wrecking Ball to it.  But the battle’s not over.

Maybe a high school student with a smartphone shall lead us?

The song is about reinventing yourself by going somewhere else and starting again.  Well, the nation has nowhere to go but up from here.

The Railroad

As all my fans have (not) asked, “What about that band named for a train?”

Ask and ye shall receive!

Railroad Blues

Just fall into the rhythm

Like son, like father.



Today, here we have a Blues classic about a train.

I know this is a Train Music break, but the “train” aspect of this really doesn’t matter.  This song would be every bit as irresistible if it were about a Key Lime Pie.

Bonus material: I 100% recommend that you spend the next three hours following the Howlin’ Wolf links the video will show you when it finishes.

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