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Last Fair Deal Gone Down

Has it?  Maybe.  

The fix sure appears to be in.  We’ll find out for sure in November.

Primary day in NY – go vote!

Little Black Train

There’s some I hope that train comes for quicker (Pumpkin?  Yes.) 

We need that press (0:10) today.

Casey Jones

Did you think of this when you read today’s title?

So sorry.  I was referring to the original ballad.

Johnny Cash sure shows up a lot in this series, doesn’t he?  I think it’s because he has a thing about trains.

As do I, Johnny.  As do I.

And lest I leave you without something truly different, here is the Allan Sherman parody of today’s train song.  Of course now it’s about a subway train.

Freight Train Blues

Now those of you who are Bob Dylan fans were not expecting that.  Not even a version of that.

So maybe you were expecting this song?

Not exactly that either?  . . .rummaging. . . Here! Try this!

Oh!  Wait!  This is what you were looking for, I just bet





This Train

I love to settle down into the clickety-clack.


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