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Drive that Train!

When I started this idea of Train Music Thursdays, the Ballad of Casey Jones was not far from my mind.  And it will definitely make an appearance.But then, when the Grateful Dead released this track by that name, nothing could have been further from that old folk song.


A Classic of the Genre

There are train songs all over the modern popular and folk music landscape.  Songs about trains, songs set on trains, songs that sound like trains.

I am one of those who find that sound of a train supremely soothing.  Whether I am on the train, or it’s going by, I love to listen to it.  As someone who doesn’t get ASMR in general, the experience its enthusiasts describe is very like mine of a train sound.  I could babble about this for a few hundred more words but I won’t waste your time.  So here’s a definitive tune, in a clip from the All Star Bluegrass Celebration:



Trains, Again

After yesterday’s post, I realized that “train music” is its own category.  Railroads are really important to the American idea of what it means to be free.  Before the time that we all just jumped into our own personal carbon-belchers, moving on meant: we got on a train and moved on, maybe leaving behind someone important.  Or we watched sadly as a loved one did so.

Or, more happily – we took a loved one’s hand and went into adventure, together.


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