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Last Train

The Clarksville Special

How can you not have fun with this?

Jazzed up and mellowed down by George Benson

Jazzier still and Benson-esque in the scatting vocal style

Freight Train Boogie

Railroad Song

Melanie was never one to go with the easy, or the popular, or the desirable from a company point of view.

It’s why we like her.


In case you were wondering when the heck Train Music Thursdays would get around to this song, wonder no more.

In college, we had a vinyl album of Aqualung which developed a skip.  Catching angels as they fall… Catching angels as they fall.  We replaced it with an 8-track.  When we played that one for the first time, my roomie said, “If it skips now, the stereo is going right out the window,”  and I agreed.  There may have been substances involved in generating this incisive discussion.  Happily, the 8-track did not skip, because we lived on the 10th floor overlooking W. 86th St. in Manhattan and the stereo would probably have killed someone.

Lotta good covers of this.  Here’s a tasting menu.

First up – not really a cover, I guess?  The old one-legged flutist himself.

Next, Deep Purple tells a rather different story with this song than the one I hear.

Meanwhile, Styx’s interpretation is much more straightforward.

Finally a more traditional blues-y arrangement.  Which seems right, for a train song.

Last Fair Deal Gone Down

Has it?  Maybe.  

The fix sure appears to be in.  We’ll find out for sure in November.

Primary day in NY – go vote!

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