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Graveyard Train

Well! That was uplifting. Not. Cathartic, perhaps.


I remember what an accomplishment it felt like to be able to understand all the dialog in this movie. Alas, I am now out of practice and might need subtitles.

But nothing dilutes the power of the music.

Railroad Song

Croce, like many people featured in train songs, died in a horrible accident, and too young.

And I must also mention – nothing to do with the song – happy Pi Day!

Railroad Blues

Woody Guthrie was a true national treasure.

His kid’s OK too.

Poor Old Charlie

There are great political protest songs.  Protesting and raising awareness of war, famine, fascism, injustices of every stripe.

And then there’s this.

And still, I always smile at the image of Mrs. Charlie slinging a sandwich to her starving husband on the moving train. (Why doesn’t she choose a station where the train actually stops? Or give him the damn nickel in the bag with the sandwich?)

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