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Out of the Nest

Everyone has to leave the nest eventually.

I like to look for interesting covers of well-loved songs in these posts.  This one I found went past “interesting” all the way to “WTF.  It was released as a single on June 2, 1967 — the day after Sgt. Pepper.

No Easy Way

Carole King wrote them, and everybody sang them.

Carole King was part of a large stable of songwriters who were mostly expected to write songs for others to sing.   She wrote a lot of songs we associate with other acts (partial compilation here).  Then, in the late ’60s, she became part of the singer-songwriter boom (James Taylor, Elton John, Gordon Lightfoot, many more), where artists lived out the fact that the way to have your songs done right is to do them yourself.

But of course, we don’t believe a Carole King song is really a Carole King song until it’s covered.  A lot.  So here’s Dusty Springfield.

And if she were here, I bet Barbra Streisand would tell us she wishes she hadn’t worn that oddly decorated bustier.

Great Pumpkin

I write about the Pumpkin in the White House a fair bit.  Ugh, what a drag.

So for Waltz Wednesday today, a nicer one.


Kiss From A Rose

This song is strangely addicting.

I have NFI what the Batmobile is doing in the opening shot, but, whatever.


Nearly Exploded!

This is an oldie but a goodie.

Casey’s brain nearly exploded.  She shook with alarm!  Just what the heck is going on here?

Maybe it’s because I just read Dietland but this lyric (that I have known for decades!) now makes me think of the Margaret Atwood saying to the effect that men are afraid women will laugh at them, while women are afraid men will kill them.


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