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Sunny Goodge Street

Is this the hippiest hippie song that ever hippied?

It just might be!

Here’s an almost-as-good version but, oh, okay, I guess he DID write it.

I am just not into a combination of surreal and sad.

Winter Lady

Somehow it’s still winter here. We had snow this past weekend. It was 26F when I woke up.

This is warmer.


How can your mood stay black?

Kind Woman

Not the usual kind of sound from Buffalo Springfield, but I will take it. Very nice and calming for un-calm days.


You have gotten through another day!

This situation we’re all in seems extraordinary, but to me it’s merely the logical conclusion of the Pumpkin misministration.

Nice song, though. Nice song.

Can a man and a woman live together in peace?

In this, I am indeed supremely lucky. We are now even sharing an office harmoniously, for workdays.

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