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Sisters of Mercy

Oh, Leonard.

We hardly knew ye

But of course Waltz Wednesday is often just my excuse to post a song that I think is amazing even if it’s not in some odd time signature

And the secret of life is in this song somewhere, I am sure

It’s why it’s so widely covered!

Thousand Mothers

This may be cheating a bit on the #WaltzWednesdays theme. This is in triple metre, sure enough…

…but that would be an exhausting waltz.


resisting the temptation…

still… resisting the temptation…

I have to say I am not a Fiona Apple superfan. But still, she is one of my favorite singers, and it’s all on the strength of one cover she probably did just for a few bucks.

It was for the soundtrack to one of the best movies of the ’90s — in my humble opinion.

There! Wolf!

damn, temptation won again.

Life’s a Long Song

And it is true, it ends too soon for us all.

So: Get It While You Can!

Catching Up

Back from India. I will have some notes.

Regular posting schedule to resume as from today.

I missed a Waltz Wednesday, did I? Well, we can’t have that now can we?

Which of course made me think of this little gem:

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