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Soon After Midnight

When you go to a Bob Dylan show you never know which Dylan you’re going to get. I have been to two. One was raspy and incoherent, and one burned the house down (in the best possible way).

I’m thinking this audience made out okay.

Heavy Metal?

Almost halfway through Blizzard of Ozz, the very dark, very metal debut solo album for Ozzy Osbourne, an English country madrigal breaks out. (Skip to 15:47, if the pre-set time fails, as it does in some browsers.)

Red, Red, Red

Something to say about Fiona Apple? Sometimes she just fits the mood.

On Top Of…

Old Smokey…

Or maybe, spaghetti!

I can’t be serious.

I must be serious!

7th Inning

We finally have some baseball, for as long as they can stay healthy, I guess.

This was a happier time. Before Putin stole our election.

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