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Catch the Wind

This was the apotheosis of the ’60s.  Flowers in your hair, a beaded curtain, the smell of thoroughly illegal pot smoke mixed with patchouli incense, and gently playing in the background…

Here he is again, about 16 years later. His voice is technically better, yet somehow, not better. It had a ragged quality in the ’60s that served him well. Losing that raggedness may have seemed the thing to do.

Oh, well. Crystal Gayle is marvelous, anyway.


This is interesting advice to offer people who might not have much meaningful choice in the matter.

I guess this is catching up on Waltz Wednesday after missing posting for the Rochester Security Summit and for the mad scramble of work-catch-up attending the Rochester Security Summit created.

We’re back on our normal schedule now, anyway.


Blue Waltz. Danube?


I find this piece really calming. That’s valuable, these days.

A Little Help

We all need…

Sisters of Mercy

Oh, Leonard.

We hardly knew ye

But of course Waltz Wednesday is often just my excuse to post a song that I think is amazing even if it’s not in some odd time signature

And the secret of life is in this song somewhere, I am sure

It’s why it’s so widely covered!

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