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Hey! You’ve Got To…

If you’re over thirty I bet you finished that title in your head…

…hide your love away-y-y

The Beatles did a surprising number of waltzes, and I pretty much love each one.   So you will definitely see more of them here.



Do you always know when you first knew you loved something?

This is when I first knew I loved waltzes, per se.

I think something would be seriously broken in the music industry if there were not many, many covers of this piece.

Rick Wakeman has been the keyboards for (many versions of) Yes.  I say Yes to this cover:


P.S. Sorry about yesterday’s missed update.  Some days life feeds you in heaping tablespoons instead of level teaspoons.


Two examples of my earliest childhood exposure to classical music were, Fantasia and our well-worn recording of the Nutcracker Suite.  There’s even overlap between the two, and including Waltz Wednesdays because it’s this:

But all the videos of this waltz I have ever seen are permanently second-rate after this hit the ‘tubes last month:

The fourth M is for, “Magic!”



Rising Sun

One of the things I have seen written about triple metre is that it’s best suited to telling stories, ballads, sagas.

I have to say, this song certainly seems to be trying to tell a story.  But it’s mostly told in the spaces between the words.

What sort of establishment is the House of the Rising Sun?  The conventional wisdom is that it was a bordello.  There was indeed a noted brothel in New Orleans by the name Soleil Levant (French for “Rising Sun”), for a dozen years from the time of the Union occupation during the Civil War.  After it was closed, it lived on in a folk song, which was rocked-out by the Animals a century later.

Or maybe it was a women’s prison?  There was one not far from New Orleans with a painting of a sunrise on its gates.


Waltz… Monday?

I just wanted to update an earlier #WaltzWednesday post.  The very first one, in fact.  In that post, I said that the Blue Danube is the definitive, archetypal waltz.  I stand by that statement.  But I should have added at the time, that the most beautiful expression of it ever set on film: here it is.

If the gentle matching up of the rotation of the spaceplane to the rotation of the spaceport brings a mist over my eyes, does that make me a geek?  So be it.  I weep for the potential we are pissing down the gold toilet.

There are people who absolutely love 2001, A Space Odyssey, and people who absolutely hate it.  To the latter group, I say: this is still a world where you are free to be so very, very wrong.

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