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Sweet Thing

And I will never grow so old again

Merry Second Christmas!

Second Christmas because we had our first Christmas on Sunday. On Sunday, our daughter and her wife were able to be here — daughter-in-law is a nurse and has to work today. So we had the big dinner with lots of people over and did the major present-unwrapping and Christmas stockings on Sunday.

Today, we’re just having a very quiet second Christmas, watching sappy movies and planning a nice holiday meal later, for just the two of us.

Occasionally, I find something that is just the best. Since today is Waltz Wednesday I have a gorgeous rendition for you of one of the many Christmas songs in triple metre. My favorite version of Silent Night:

The Stones? Really?

One group I did not expect to see much in #WaltzWednesdays is The Rolling Stones.

Yes they can be lyrical and soft (Angie! Ruby Tuesday!) but aren’t they kind of an opposite number to The Beatles? You know the classic A/B test questions: Betty or Veronica? Batman or Superman? Beatles or Stones?

The Beatles did so many waltzes that I did not expect to find many from the Stones. And yet here it is, with every bit of the softness and delicacy of a She’s Leaving Home or Norwegian Wood.

Big Dummy?

This… is a Captain Beefheart song.

Weird, huh?

It’s hard to believe it’s the same guy who came up with…

Dear Doctor

Blue-tinted, and kinda country-sounding.

Are The Rolling Stones not the first band that pops to mind for you after that description?

Me neither.

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