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Silent Eyes

The CW when this came out was, here’s this Jewish guy from Queens, tossing his bit into the Zionist kitty.

But if you pay attention to the words, I think it could be more… ambiguous.

Silent Eyes
Burning in the desert sun
Halfway to Jerusalem
And we shall all be called as witnesses
Each and ev’ryone
To stand before the eyes of God
And speak what was done

Paul Simon

I would be glad not to have to answer for what has been done in and for Jerusalem.


“Stand till we fall”

I select these songs for Waltz Wednesdays somewhat at random, and I’m often struck by the connections they manifest to other things.

This is a good example. Joe Strummer, the late, lamented leader of The Clash, also produced a considerable body of solo work. Including:

Which was the opening theme of John From Cincinnati, a one-season marvel of a show on HBO. It was five or ten years ahead of its time; if it had been made in 2017, not 2007, we’d be looking forward to Season Four now.


Another one – like Pink Floyd’s Mother – that is only a waltz in sections. Still. Even before I knew I loved waltzes, I knew I loved this song.

Sweet Thing

And I will never grow so old again

Merry Second Christmas!

Second Christmas because we had our first Christmas on Sunday. On Sunday, our daughter and her wife were able to be here — daughter-in-law is a nurse and has to work today. So we had the big dinner with lots of people over and did the major present-unwrapping and Christmas stockings on Sunday.

Today, we’re just having a very quiet second Christmas, watching sappy movies and planning a nice holiday meal later, for just the two of us.

Occasionally, I find something that is just the best. Since today is Waltz Wednesday I have a gorgeous rendition for you of one of the many Christmas songs in triple metre. My favorite version of Silent Night:

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