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Last Waltz

Martin Scorsese’s The Last Waltz is a masterpiece of a concert movie.  Every performance is jaw-dropping.  As a movie-watching experience, with all the great performances end-to-end… it’s a drug-free high.

When I hear this short waltz that opens and closes the movie, it’s enough to put me in a good mood. Maybe I should make it my ringtone?

Woman, always

He loves her completely, but he’s also got a healthy respect and is just a bit afraid.

He misses a few notes, showing how deceptively easy-looking Joel’s singing is.


After meeting with someone I try always to remember to thank them for their time, it’s the one thing you really can’t get back.

A Spell

That’s the original. You probably know the cover better.

Oh wait, not that cover. This one.

This Bird Has Flown

Norwegian Wood is probably the most waltz-y of the Beatles’ many waltzes.

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