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Christmas Song

Another Christmas is upon us. This is the two-dozenth one I have enjoyed, every one of them with my beautiful wife Jill.

Tull’s take on Christmas values never seems to go out of date. Even… or especially… in 2020.

Surreal Waltz

I have had this song on my Waltz Wednesdays list for a long time. Been waiting patiently for this day.

Simon says this song is a tribute to the doo-wop groups of the ’50s that he loved so well. But I like it as a musical version of a surrealist painting: depicting nothing real, but leaving behind a very specific feeling.

Finally, and for no reason that I can fathom, searching that video on YouTube caused it to suggest this next one. What follows is the single ballsiest performance in rock history: to do this song in front of those guys. You try this, you better nail it.

So they did.


Some say we’re on a pendulum, not a road. Well, as of now it’s feeling like swinging in the correct direction.

I like this version – it’s fully in the spirit of the original, but also brings a very Flogging Molly energy. By the way, I ran this song for a Waltz Wednesday once before, just before the 2018 midterms. Well, it just felt like it needed to be run again. I will not do that often, I promise.

I saw a headline this morning, something like, “Biden transition now getting cooperation from White House, but Trump will still not speak to him” (paraphrased). And I thought,

“Wow – that’s what I call a win-win!”

Long Gone

I had set this song for today a while ago. But I never thought that it would be SO applicable to Pumpkin.


From 2018

No matter how old or how recent, Bonnie Raitt’s performances are electrifying.

From 1977

Take that, time!

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