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This Bird Has Flown

Norwegian Wood is probably the most waltz-y of the Beatles’ many waltzes.

For Jill

You are the sun, I am the moon.

Early Waltz Wednesday

I’m working on something else for Wednesday. So today, this!

p.s. RIP HAL (David Rain) and Stan Lee.  A tough day in a year of tough days.

Old, OLD Classic

My Lady Greensleeves *oil on canvas *33 x 27.3 cm *1863

Today’s waltz is an old classic, literally.

Some people associate this with Christmas because the melody was pinched for the carol, “What Child is This.”  But then I love the pearl-clutching of this Forbes articleOh, noes!  Two people who like each other do sex things!  Without any paperwork from the Church!  OUTDOORS!  Won’t someone think of the children?!

Screw that.  heh.  I love the connection to the land and the seasons. One of my disappointments in doing Waltz Wednesday is that Jethro Tull’s oeuvre does not contain much in triple meter.  Oh well.  Here’s autumn for you, anyway 


November 6, baby.  

November 6.

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