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Life’s a Long Song

And it is true, it ends too soon for us all.

So: Get It While You Can!

Catching Up

Back from India. I will have some notes.

Regular posting schedule to resume as from today.

I missed a Waltz Wednesday, did I? Well, we can’t have that now can we?

Which of course made me think of this little gem:



This is dedicated to a cover of a cover of a song I love.

Covered the cover
Covered the original

The Mamas & Papas were a single drop of cool that made the whole world cooler, even at that billion-to-one dilution:

The whole Village scene, in 3’47”

Creeque Alley is one of the few songs that wherever I am, whatever I am doing, I will stop and listen if it begins to play.

Also: they were not above stirring up some shit

Piano Sounds Like a Carnival

One of the O.G. rock& roll waltzes for you today…

from one of the O.G. rock&roll singers. It’s hard to believe that this first hit the radio and started lilting through my brain when I was still in high school. It’s as if it’s been playing for the Longest Time….

They can play that at my funeral; no joke. It’s evergreen. So is this Traveling Prayer

And by the way note that the Piano Man version played on this here blog is the full-length, and not the chintzy 3’05” cut Billy kvetches about in

Attentive readers have noted that my Waltz Wednesdays and Train Music Thursdays entries are sometimes just excuses to post a bunch of music from artists I like.  

Attentive readers are smart.

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