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How can your mood stay black?

Kind Woman

Not the usual kind of sound from Buffalo Springfield, but I will take it. Very nice and calming for un-calm days.


You have gotten through another day!

This situation we’re all in seems extraordinary, but to me it’s merely the logical conclusion of the Pumpkin misministration.

Nice song, though. Nice song.

Can a man and a woman live together in peace?

In this, I am indeed supremely lucky. We are now even sharing an office harmoniously, for workdays.


My parents grew up in Yiddish-speaking households. Their English is unaccented, because they went to public schools. They spoke Yiddish between themselves when they didn’t want “the kids” to understand, but of course, we did.

Later in life I came to understand that speaking Yiddish was a particular flavor of reactionary toward American culture, and I no longer care for hearing it spoken at all. However, songs in Yiddish still have a nice tam.

Silent Eyes

The CW when this came out was, here’s this Jewish guy from Queens, tossing his bit into the Zionist kitty.

But if you pay attention to the words, I think it could be more… ambiguous.

Silent Eyes
Burning in the desert sun
Halfway to Jerusalem
And we shall all be called as witnesses
Each and ev’ryone
To stand before the eyes of God
And speak what was done

Paul Simon

I would be glad not to have to answer for what has been done in and for Jerusalem.

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