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On Top Of…

Old Smokey…

Or maybe, spaghetti!

I can’t be serious.

I must be serious!

7th Inning

We finally have some baseball, for as long as they can stay healthy, I guess.

This was a happier time. Before Putin stole our election.

Try Not to Breathe

The title was my first impulse on November 9, 2016, for the duration. But Jill has rules including one that requires me to breathe.

For Four Years? srsly?

In the age of COVID-19, the advice does seem all the more pertinent.

Seeger Had a Dream

Yes this has been covered a hundred times, and Pete didn’t write it. But we need this now. Because make no mistake – we’re at war.

Pumpkin has declared war on America and on the Constitution. May the abject failure utter refusal of the Senate Rethuglicans to do their job in removing him in January come back to haunt them tenfold.

And yes, I forgot it was Waltz Wednesday four days ago. This is catch-up.

Blow the Man Down

This has been on my list for a long time, and it’s now up in the rotation.

Sea shanties are often (but not always) in a nice 3/4. It helps with getting a crew working in synch – tug on the rope at the downbeat, recover and gather the next length for two beats. When everyone hits together the pulls are way more effective.

This is fortuitous also, because we just recently enjoyed this:

Women working together. Set to sea shanties. What could be bad?

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