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Uptime 2: The Power

Today’s post is over at the newly re-homed, back and better than ever, tanned, rested and ready safer-computing.com!  It’s a continuation of the Uptime mini-series.

Trudeau Gets It

He knows parody is impossible

So he just switches up to telling the truth – maybe not as strictly observed, but as how it could obviously be with no great stretch of the imagination.

Thus does religion show its true function in any society: the maintenance of inequality and patriarchy.


Enter Title Here

When you start a blog post in WordPress, that’s what you see.

Some days it kind of sucks.


Bonus: Time Back!

When I gave up the NFL a few years ago, I never expected the bonus I got: so much time back!

Watching football meant a minimum of two hours on a Sunday.  Only two and not three or more, because I would DVR the game and not start watching until about an hour after kickoff.  Fast-forwarding through commercials and halftime blah-blah-blah save over an hour from an NFL broadcast.

And that was just early in the season when only one team had my interest.  By the last three or four weeks, with almost every game holding playoff implications, I would be watching up to four games every weekend.  Then once the playoffs began, of course, I could not miss any of those games.  Another 25 to 30 hours.

I was losing the equivalent of two work-weeks every year to watch spousal abusers give one another concussions, and billionaires take payola to propagandize Americans with the specious veneration of the military.

So the decision I had been building up to and finally took in September 2014 holds.  And I don’t see it going back anytime soon.

Hacker ≠ Criminal!

Today’s post is over at Safer Computing, about how — despite the media propaganda to the contrary — “hacker” does not mean “criminal.”

He’s not a criminal, he’s just cold!


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