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Golden Age or Golden City?

Midnight in Paris is a 2013 film that generated a lot of critical verbiage about Woody Allen’s take on nostalgia.  A longing for the “good old days” – referred to by one of those trademarked Woody Allen pedantic-prick characters as the “golden age fallacy“, drives a time travel tale about Gil, an American writer.

Gil is in Paris in our time, but he longs for the Paris of the 1920’s, with the Lost Generation.  He gets there because Paris is magic, maybe a tad more so at midnight.  There he meets everyone — Hemingway, Stein, Picasso, Dali and more.  He also meets Adrianna, an art groupie who falls for him in the 1920’s, though she also longs for her idea of the Golden Age.  She wants to get back to La Belle Époque: the 1890’s.  When she does, she decides to stay, once Edgar Degas recruits her to design ballet costumes.  Gil returns to the modern age (via the 1920’s?) and decides to stay in Paris.  Just as well, his fiancee is a shallow twit who sleeps with the pedantic-prick dude at the drop of a hat, and her parents are odious Rethuglicans who think the TEA Party folks are very nice… but would never invite any to their Malibu beach house.

The whole movie is an hour and a half to tell maybe 40 minutes’ worth of story, so why does it exist?  My operative theory now, after two viewings: it’s straight up Paris porn.  And it works.  After seeing it again, I want to go back even more.


Exciting, Happy News

…because we can all use a break from the other kind, right?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has made available 375,000 images of art, to use as you see fit.  100% without restriction.  Public domain.  CC-0.

The Zouave – Vincent van Gogh – 1888

You can explore it here: http://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection

I choose to think of this action as a finger in the eye or President Pumpkin, somehow.  But maybe that’s just me.


Jan 21

Rochester, NY

Christmas Shopping – Done!

And I never set foot in a mall or a big-box store.

Everything but stocking-stuffer trinkets and sweets has been ordered and is mostly already shipped.

For trinkets and sweets, we’ll make our seasonal visits to Archimage and Stever’s next week.

Not that I’m all about the chocolate or anything… but… mmmmm!  Stever’s!


Garage Sale Days at the Public Market

You’d think I would tell you about these as the season is beginning, right?  I live to disappoint.


Not really but today was the grand finale of the series of Sunday garage sales.

Winter Fun!

Winter Fun!  

You can get all fitted out for our next, long season here.  (When I moved here, I was told we had two seasons: Christmas and the 4th of July.  And we could experience them both on the same day, sometimes.  It was 80 today, so… yeah.) 


“Calculator” also used to be a job title, you know.  

I had one of these when I was a kid.  It’s not a small part of why I can do mental arithmetic with such ease.


whaddaya think, should I make this my new blogging platform? 

Isaac Asimov or Ernest Hemingway or one of those guys used to write on this very typewriter.  That’s what the guy selling it for $40 said, anyway.


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