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It’s 2019

Pumpkin is still president.

Mueller is still grinding away, with what feels like nothing to show for it.

this guy is still laughing

But still, there are reasons to feel a glimmer. The elections two months ago put the Dems firmly back in control of the House. And one leading light of the freshmen class pulled this off yesterday.

Joe Lieberman, who wears a blue button when he needs to get re-elected in Connecticut but is obvs a Rethuglican at heart, wondered aloud at how AOC could not be the future of the Democratic party because she’s too far left-left, which to him means, insufficiently obsequious to billionaires. She fired back,

I’d offer Joe some ointment for that burn but after this, he’s a smoking cinder

Awesome! I am so looking forward to twenty more years of Dem congresspeople like this.


After meeting with someone I try always to remember to thank them for their time, it’s the one thing you really can’t get back.

Leaving G+

In June of 2011, I saw this xkcd cartoon

I joined Google+ right around then. Even as I deleted my LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and pretty thoroughly ignored all other social media, I always kept my G+ postings fresh. It’s where I posted new blog entries, met up with Ingress folks, played silly games, you name it.

Now Google has announced – and then accelerated – plans to shut down Google+. So it’s time to move on. I have chosen a Diaspora pod called pluspora. It was set up specifically to house “refugees” from Google+. A lot of my stream is already posting to both places. Click here to accept my invite to join.

Here is the #signalflare I will be posting today on Google+

You can join me on pluspora by clicking here: https://pluspora.com/i/34003cb21561

Here is my pluspora profile, if you’re curious: https://pluspora.com/people/e6590f00adcc013646c5005056268def

You can also read my general/random topic blog here, and my online safety/security/privacy blog here.

This blog will continue to post links to new entries on Google+ as long as it allows, but will also be posting new entries on pluspora.

Half Staff

I took this picture on Jan 2.

Maybe it’s just me being a crotchety old guy but it seems the flag is at half-staff more than not.

Check out us.halfstaff.org for the staggering number of reasons the flags are officially ordered to fly at half-staff. Then notice that those official orders all have date ranges. No such order was in effect on Jan 2.

Is this an element of propaganda? Are the authorities trying to keep us feeling a simmering state of anxiety about the nation? That seems like a pretty good way to tamp down opposition to fascism.

Rock & Roll Train

For the brevity of today’s post, I’m sorry and/or you’re welcome.

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