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TIL Tuesday

They say a day is wasted unless you learn something.  The Internet even has a TLA for that: TIL.  Today, I Learned ____
Maybe I can’t publish a TIL every day, but I can at least muster one a week!

It may not be that day’s learning that I publish here every TIL Tuesday but I hope it will be enlightening… or amusing… or at least make you marvel for 10 seconds at how weird I am to have found *that* worthy of passing along.  So, I will start now… and let you know this:


Today, I learned that owls have long legs – which made sense to me – and that those legs are fuzzy.  Which actually kinda blew me away.
When I see pictures of owls, they always seem to be kind of hunched down over the length of their legs.  And I guess the fuzziness contributes to how silently they can fly while hunting, which increases their success rate.
I guess I always thought of all birds’ legs looking bare and scaly, like a chicken’s.

He Got There

Well, Tom Tomorrow may have finally thrown in the towel on trying to parody this un-parody-able “administration.”  Now he’s just flat-out writing current events reports as graphic essays.

So… now he’s gotten there!

It’s Good To Be Home

It was good to visit, but it’s good to be home.



It Has Words!

The Mr. Softee jingle has words!  You can see them, in the sheet music, here.

This changes everything.

h/t bOingbOing.

The Orioles Are Not Good

The Baltimore Orioles are probably the only thing of which I can say I have been a devoted fan my entire conscious life.  I have rooted – and I still root – for other teams along the way, but never against the Orioles.  I love them dearly.

But baseball is nothing if not a game of numbers and the numbers on the 2018 Orioles don’t lie.   So this is where we are six weeks into the season.  10-27 doesn’t change my rooting interest.

Against that backdrop, one of the recent past’s Oriole greats, Rafi Palmeiro, is working up a comeback attempt.   It’s a long shot, for sure.  But aren’t this year’s Orioles ready to play a few long shots?

And hey, they have now won two in a row.  You can’t win three in a row until you’ve won two in a row, amirite?


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