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No Parody

There remains #NoParody. 

I keep hearing clever/desperate plans to keep this toad off the Court. 

They remind me of the “plans” that were being floated in November and December 2016 to keep Pumpkin from completing the Russian Coup taking office.

How’d that go?

Some Days Men Just Suck

Yesterday was one such day. 

If you have been under a rock since 21:00 UTC yesterday, then you don’t yet know that a male judge at the US Open (tennis) managed to mark his territory by peeing all over the women’s final between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka. 

Never mind letting two great players slug it out!  By Jove, he was not going to let any woman talk to him in any tone other than meek and deferential.  So he ended up assessing Serena Williams penalties of a warning, a point and a game for offenses that somehow go unnoticed when the player committing them has a penis.

Roddick should know: he’s apparently been cut the very same slack by this very same umpire that Serena was not.

It’s an ancient sexist trope, and you’ve seen it a million times: women are pushy, men are assertive.  Women are sullen, men are taciturn.  Women are bossy, men are decisive.

‘Women are hysterical; men are outspoken’ – Billie Jean King comes to Serena Williams’ defence 

Serena, meanwhile, was able to take command of the situation with just the power of her persona.  She did not need to hide behind any rules and arbitrary authority.  When she commanded a stop to the booing in the stadium so that Osaka’s moment was not completely spoilt, the crowd obeyed her as if programmed to. 

Osaka played a great match and this might not have been Serena’s day anyway.  But to get slapped down by a sexist in the middle of her US Open final… that is an insult she should not have to bear.  Not #thismama. 


“Why yes, yes it is.  Treason is what I do!”
(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

That was Pumpkin’s one-word tweet after the NY Times published an anonymous op-ed claiming to be from one member of his White Supremacy House trying to “preserve our democratic institutions” until he can be removed somehow.

I think this person has accomplished nothing for anyone but themselves.  I see it as a way for them to say, Look, I was just trying to keep it moderate.  I should not be going to the guillotine!  But if anything, they have made what they claim their cabal is trying to do, more difficult and ultimately less effective.

I notice that separating children from their parents and imprisoning them at the border was not one of Pumpkin’s “half-baked, ill-informed and occasionally reckless decisions that have to be walked back.”  So the fact that one of the writer’s objections is that Pumpkin is “amoral” should really help narrow it down.  It may be an indicator that Pence is the author.  Not that he’s genuinely moral — but he damn sure thinks he is.

Can We Talk About Dave?

Not to be confused with Time Signature magazine

When it comes to time signatures, nobody messes with normal like Dave Brubeck.  A waltz is just a baby step away from the ordinariness of 4/4.

Ever wonder what it sounds like if you had to waltz with a limp?  Dave has your answer

Now you know.   Then there’s ragtime, which is mostly showing up on other blogs than this one – because it’s 2/4 or 4/4.  But Brubeck does this

OK, so much for THAT preconception.  But what about other N/4 times, where N is an odd number?  Well, if you have been reading this and  wondering, “why have I heard of this Brubeck guy?” here’s your answer.  By the way, this piece made the cover of Time magazine.

Also, Time Signature magazine devoted a whole issue to it.

OK, 5/4 is weird, but can he get even weirder?  You knew the answer as you read the question

Wait – one more! From 7/4 to 9/8

Is Today Labor Day?

According the US Federal calendar, yes, it is.  However…

Click through for the whole story

It has long been my sense that the US has Labor Day when we do because of May Day’s communist-socialist overtones.  That is one thing that makes the people who run this country wet themselves with fear. 

But you know, don’t you, that we’re going to need the May 1 kind of Labor Day here soon enough?  OK.

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