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India Note #2

In the airport in Kochi, I saw this.

No sign or explanation. You’re just supposed to know, I guess?

It turns out, Kerala, where Kochi is, has a major festival honoring the elephant. Here’s a small sample.

The display in the airport is honoring that event.

India Note #1

This is the Kochi airport’s idea of seating for waiting passengers.

These guys are really comfortable! You would gladly have one in your den.

Anything like that in an American airport? Don’t think so.

Catching Up

Back from India. I will have some notes.

Regular posting schedule to resume as from today.

I missed a Waltz Wednesday, did I? Well, we can’t have that now can we?

Which of course made me think of this little gem:

Posting Irregular

Posts will be irregular the next few days.

Of course, some think they always are.

New Camera

for #Caturday!

Can you tell what kind of camera took this?

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