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Lock. Him. Up.

After the recording of the phone call with the Georgia Secretary of State went public it has become virtually certain that Pumpkin will go to jail.

. . .

HAHAHAHAH just kidding of course. The capitalists that run things will never serve consequences on any Rethuglican. There’s even a term of art for it: IOKIYAR. Click through for the sad, sad story. Even assuming we survive this particular dust-up, IOKIYAR is the tale of how America ends.


Kendra Wells on The Nib

The only people who should get money according to this guy are millionaires & up.

Georgia, you know what to do! Take away this POS’ power!

Goodbye 2020

We’ll miss you.

Click through for the Cliff Notes version

Still – it should be noted that the universe does not give a flying f* what four-digit number we apply to the Year column of a given moment. Time is continuous.

Also, that the nightmare is only really ended once Pumpkin is dragged from the White House. So three more weeks for that.



They will, too. And a Rethuglican Congress will do f-all to stop it. Georgia, vote!

One in two GoFundMe campaigns are to cover an American’s health-care bills. Obamacare is not enough. We need Medicare for All.

All in the Same…

We’re not all in the same boat.

We are, however, all in the same storm.

If anything, COVID-19 has heightened the privilege issues we already had before.

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