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Today’s post is about password discipline, and how most companies that we entrust with passwords don’t really have much!

See it over at Safer Computing.

Weirdly Beautiful

and beautifully weird

Out of all the acts on this show, there are one or two that are just… something.

I think this should have gotten the golden buzzer, but for some reason they do not consult me on these matters!

Thousand Mothers

This may be cheating a bit on the #WaltzWednesdays theme. This is in triple metre, sure enough…

…but that would be an exhausting waltz.


via Daily Kos

As Hannah Arendt has famously pointed out, the politeness that stems from fear of not knowing who will shoot you dead if offended, is not much to be valued. And it’s the opposite of freedom.

Dog in a Cat Suit

I would like to introduce to you, Cleo and Caesar.

Cleo was our calico Carbo-Kitty. She would eat spaghetti if you left a bowl of it unattended, and not for the meat! Red sauce or marinara was fine with her. If you were holding a cookie and looked away at something, she’d help herself to a bite. She ate lemon bars, fer cripe’s sake! Jill once had to chase her out of a bowl of marble-cake batter. Cleo never saw a carb she did not like.

Caesar was our dog in a cat suit. He considered himself Jill’s, and Jill his. He followed her around the house, like a puppy. When I arrived in their lives, Caesar was the one who could never quite accommodate himself to my presence, especially in his person’s bed! He’d wrap himself around Jill’s head – I guess to keep me from stealing her warmth?

One thing over which we bonded, though, was sports. Cleo and Caesar would both watch sporting events with me – but not the same ones. Cleo’s jam was golf. If golf was on and I was watching it, Cleo would soon settle herself down on the couch next to me and watch it too. I think she had heard about a Tiger who was tearing it up in those years, and she was pleased that a great cat would be doing so well in such a human pursuit. Not to mention, the birdies. She wanted to see if she might get one of those, to play with.

Caesar, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed a football game. I used to watch the NFL and Caesar watched it with me faithfully until the end of his too-short life. It was just about the only thing he’d do with me, but we did have that.

Cleo and Caesar are both long gone now but not remotely forgotten.

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