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This is interesting advice to offer people who might not have much meaningful choice in the matter.

I guess this is catching up on Waltz Wednesday after missing posting for the Rochester Security Summit and for the mad scramble of work-catch-up attending the Rochester Security Summit created.

We’re back on our normal schedule now, anyway.

posting delayed

back on the weekend

God Loves…

Click thru for the object of His affections

This does explain a lot.

A Little Story

Today I went to our CVS to get a flu shot.

In their candy aisle, they had lots of Halloween-themed stuff. Alongside it was lots of Christmas-themed stuff. It was about 50/50.

Does this even make sense?

The moral of the story is, don’t try to figure out merchandising in 2019.

But do get your flu shot.

Things I Found

…while looking for other things

Genius. I particularly liked the ragtime break.

If you’re young enough to be excusably unfamiliar with the Smothers Brothers I highly recommend reading up on their astounding career. You can start here: ‘The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour’ at 50: The Rise and Fall of a Groundbreaking Variety Show

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