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Just for the record, I called this one over three years ago.

Click for all of the hideous truth

In 2016/17 we were determined not to let this become normal. And yet, here we are. It has worn us down.

This looks good

This looks pretty good. Yes, NBC is a major network and will probably screw it up. But, so far so good.

We’ll find out more Monday. Monday, because, we never watch anything live except the Macy’s and Rose Bowl parades. I have an extreme antipathy to commercials.

Surveillance Society

The entire economy is moving from oil to data.

Click Click Click!

What data? Data about you. Data they can use to get you to buy crap.

Are you OK with this?

Really Happy About This

My new workplace, come March.


We have only two cats and they are no easier to figure out.

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But then Gert snuggles up on my shoulder and purrs. And it’s all OK.

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