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A mildly sophomoric discussion can be fun to have about whether the universe we experience is “real,” or just an elaborate simulation some other universe is running.

Tom Tomorrow explores this avenue in a pretty desperate attempt to mask his straight-up reporting of the news, as “parody.” Which we know, since early 2017. is un-possible. #NoParody

Centrist? Undecided? Non-existent.

This is the story of the centrist, undecided voter.

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I personally don’t think there are any undecideds. I don’t see how anyone can truly be so abysmally stupid or ridiculously naive as to not see a huge difference between Pumpkin and an actual human like Biden, unless they are in a vegetative state. And those folks aren’t answering polls.

Any response of “Undecided” in a poll, I presume to mean, “I’m voting for Pumpkin because he enables my racism. But I’m ashamed to say so to this guy taking a poll.

It Had To Happen

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So… what fuckery will the Rethuglicans come up with to hold onto the one thing they truly care about…


Also – how long do you think that narcissistic toddler can maintain the discipline of quarantine? I put the over/under at about 1.5 days.

Anyhooo… if there was ever a time for thoughts and prayers, this is it. 😷

Heavy Metal?

Almost halfway through Blizzard of Ozz, the very dark, very metal debut solo album for Ozzy Osbourne, an English country madrigal breaks out. (Skip to 15:47, if the pre-set time fails, as it does in some browsers.)

Masks & Taxes

They don’t care. There is no shame. It’s impossible. They are getting what they want, and they simply don’t give a f* who it hurts. If you look at their attitude about wearing masks during the pandemic, I saw a meme that sums it up:

In hindsight, it may have been a mistake to tell Americans that wearing masks was for the protection of OTHER people

And now, this.

For many reasons, not least these four posted by a friend of mine on Pluspora.com yesterday, I sadly predict that this latest “Oh, boy, we’ve got him NOW!” moment will pass just like all the others did.

  • His followers would have to accept that they were conned. They won’t do it.
  • He will yell “fake news” and his followers will chant along because they’ve been well trained.
  • His followers dig his hateful policies and don’t care that he’s actually a fraud and a loser as long as he hates the same people they hate.
  • His followers think tax avoidance is what rich people do, so Trump’s tax returns are aspirational for them. (They won’t recognize the business failures part.)

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