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Christmas Late Posting

Christmas was a very full day; posting got delayed. Sorry. Back to schedule tomorrow.

We did a full complement of Christmas activity, COVID notwithstanding. We had a lovely Zoom with the kids for an hour. We opened presents – Jill got me a very beautiful set of Japanese-made chef knives I can’t wait to try out. They feel wonderful in my hand.

We watch all the “required” movies. Also, we watched a Christmas special that I had long missed out on. Have you not seen this yet? It’s very.

Now, you might think this trailer makes the show look, umm, not good. I can assure you the trailer does not do the full show justice. The full show (find it here) is much, much worse.

But now, I have seen it. To have dragged myself through this feels like a leveling-up of my Star Wars fandom. Sort of like reading The Silmarillion, for a Tolkien fan. Which I have also done. Twice. Oy, the things we do for fandom.

Christmas Song

Another Christmas is upon us. This is the two-dozenth one I have enjoyed, every one of them with my beautiful wife Jill.

Tull’s take on Christmas values never seems to go out of date. Even… or especially… in 2020.

Anatole of Paris

Have you ever seen this? You should see this.

What Did They Expect?

Trucks backed up waiting to get into the Baltimore Distribution Center

Pumpkin appointed an idiot with a mission to f* up the Postal Service so as to try and steal the election. Luckily, that failed. But the effects will live on. Now the Christmas rush may be more than the USPS can handle.

Rethuglicans are going to be a monkey wrench in the workings of our nation until they are all exiled to the obscurity that is more than they deserve.


Pumpkin’s version of the Brown Shirts, the Proud Boys, are harassing and assaulting people in Washington DC.

Sure hope that guy is not a cop. Oh, wait…

There were stabbings at a rally convened to support Pumpkin’s quest to overturn an election, and videos are circulating showing people in right-wing tee shirts harassing passers-by for any or no reason. Pumpkin encourages this violence.

My “favorite” t-shirt from this lovely group of “humans” is this one:

In case you’re wondering, that stands for “Six million wasn’t enough.” I hope my Pumpkin-fan brother reads this.

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