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Not Just a River in Egypt

Also: a Rethuglican strategy for handling a pandemic.

Click Thru! You Want The Rest!

As a nation, if we don’t vote these turds out – or get rid of them however – we deserve what we get.

Bonus cartoon:

Soldarity Scam

All those feel-good photos of cops taking a knee? They tingled my BS spidey-sense at the time.

Click Thru for the 411

Where are the genuine changes? Not just racist symbols going down… is actual systemic racism going down? Is racist policing going down?

I am afraid not – until we do a “flush’n’fill” on the governmental systems that protect white privilege.

Lazy Day

We are having a very lazy Caturday.

Saving the world can wait

We’ll never be quite as good at that, however, as Gertrude and Alice are.

Gertrude Solicits Belly Rubs

Single Point of Failure

By now you have seen this image all over.

Check out the coverage of this story in The Hacker News. It’s better than most, but still doesn’t get it quite right… in my opinion.

Here’s the thing: Not Obama nor Gates nor Bezos nor any of these prominent figures “got hacked.” What they did was, they trusted their identity and part of their public face to a single entity: Twitter. Twitter is the only one in this story that “got hacked.” The Hacker News article details why they did, but it’s the fact that it matters so much that I find so distressing.

To me, the problem is not that Twitter got hacked, the problem is what a gigantic vulnerability for everyone this points up. I can think of one particular moron who could literally start World War III via his Twitter account. In fact, he damn near did.

Is this what humanity needs as a single point of failure for… all of civilization? Twitter?


Isn’t that what we yell now? After all, the Pumpkin has pretty much trashed every Norm!

Oh by the way, Happy Bastille Day! Where my guillotine at?

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