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Happy New Year

We have a tradition to eat some shortbread on New Year’s Day every year. Jill brings that from her maternal Scottish side of the family.

She says if you eat shortbread on New Year’s you have a good year. I can’t say I know how that works, but it’s 21 for 21 so far, so why would I mess with it?

Happy New Year to you, however you make it so.

Holy Carp!

Have you ever watched something on TV that was utterly surprising? We just got around to watching a season of America’s Got Talent (thank you Hulu!), and this came up in episode 1:

We were blown away. And just for the record, before Howie’s comments, I turned to Jill and said, You know, I cannot believe this is about to come out of my mouth, but… doesn’t she remind you of— and Jill said, Janis Joplin?

Go catch up with all her stuff on YouTube. Not everything is as clean and refined (!) as this one is, but it’s all got that raw life energy.

And she’s 14, people. 14.

P.S. Howie could not sign her to a record deal but Simon could. And did.

Ads Get Worse

Today’s post is over at Safer Computing, about how online ads just get worse and worse.

A Spell

That’s the original. You probably know the cover better.

Oh wait, not that cover. This one.

Christmas Eve

I have to admit, we do this. But not for 364 days. That would be exhausting. Still, I cannot deny that we started it last week.

Everyone have a safe, happy, restful and loving holiday. Even if you don’t personally celebrate and have the simple luxury of a day off, or a day on but quiet.

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