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About moving and the aftermath

Cat & Moving Report

As last seen here (and then not seen), two weeks ago our living room was a mess of box.

Not only has that improved somewhat, but the cats have also agreed to come out of hiding, owing in part on the presence of a functional fireplace.

Things You Forget

When you move you know there are things to do.  Change your address, cancel and start cable in the old and new spots, get all the internet working, and so on.

Who remembers that you’re going to have to find a new Chinese restaurant that delivers good food?  Or a source of decent pizza?


The same grocery chain has a branch near our new place… but the layout is all wrong different.   And the things they stock are subtly different too.  They all have Jif but this one has our variety.  Our old one did not have Bonne Maman jams but this one does. Yay! Hey, we take the wins we get.

Box Hell

This is our living room now.

<picture removed at spousal request>

Not much else going on.

When I left the old place to run an errand, an enthusiastic mover packed my Chromebook. So this iPad is all I have to blog from right now.


More soon, I hope.

New Favorite Store?

Something about the smell of a big hardware store that gives one a sense of endless possibility and grounded practicality – both at the same time.

Yesterday I filled a shopping cart with LED light bulbs.  I don’t know if they pay for themselves in energy costs in less than ten years, but I will sure like not having to change ceiling fixture light bulbs for that long or longer.

Things I never needed to consider in an apartment, like a generator and a snow blower, are now all on my radar.

Our House

Henry VII

As we drove up to it, Jill said, well THAT will have to change.  I said, if that tree face is the worst thing about this house, we’re going to make an offer on it.

It was, we did, and it’s ours now.  We signed our names for an hour to all the things a lawyer stuck under our noses, and they handed us keys.

WIth Henry VII

He’s named Henry VII because he is indeed getting replaced, and that will be Henry VIII.

Very very fine.

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