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Why Try?

Why try to parody these actual events?

What will you add to this story?


Not Even Trying

Tom Tomorrow is one of our brave cartoonists, trying to create parody in the face of a world that will allow #NoParody.

No… wait… he’s given up.

Pressing Matters

I think the strategic goal of his press conferences is to make sure that press conferences are an enormous waste of time.

Ruben Bolling writes that he was literally just finishing a cartoon about something colossally stupid coming from a WH press conference, when this latest turd dropped. He looked at the work on his drawing board and realized it was useless to parody something with a stupidity level so far below what had just occurred in real time.



Parody remains impossible

Go on, you know you want to click!

More Gun Worship

‘Murrica. Where parody remains impossible.

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