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Impeachment Stalling

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This is parody but it’s not. Parody is impossible. This is what they will do. Pumpkin will only leave office by force, I reckon.

Saying the Quiet Parts Loud

The racist-in-chief is starting to speak explicitly the things that were reserved for dog-whistling in 2016.

Linguistic boffins are taking notice.

And in the absence of any ability to parody effectively anymore, the political cartoon reporters have this update for you.

And now, the news

The problem with parody remains huge. He just barely managed to escape its gravity well last week, but as you see here, he’s back to straight reporting.

#NoParody Marches On

If it’s tax cuts for billionaires, or wars to pump up business for multi-national arms dealers, don’t think, don’t question!  Just Do It!

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But for anything like Medicare for All or a Green New Deal, anything that might benefit someone who doesn’t run their own SuperPAC… those things we must nitpick to dust.

#NoParody runs its course?

Coming soon to a supermarket parking lot near you: Tom Tomorrow at the wheel of the Weinermobile!

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