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The Asteroid Science Is Not Settled

This would go this way if there were a wealthy obsolete industry whose ability to have one more decent quarter were affected by an asteroid.

The fact is, the carbon industries (oil, coal, and adjacent) have been fueling this massive campaign of lies about the climate to eke out a few more good quarters.  And their majority shareholders and decision-makers are old people who don’t give a f* anyway.

Putin joined in on the reasonable projection that in 50 years the only place on this planet where food can be grown will be Siberia.



With his stooge now on SCOTUS, not only can Pumpkin investigate himself, he can pardon himself.

Click through for the whole comic on The Nib

Playing Defense

Seen this movie before, have we?

My sense is, Rethuglicans in the Senate are trying to gauge the minimum amount they need to pretend to follow a fair process with Kavanaugh’s accusers so as to prevent another half-million woman march on the mall, and a twenty-million woman march to the polls Nov 6.

Some of their gambits, like Brett’s “calendar”, are showing a few cracks and loose rivets.  But the rich-old-white-man-ocracy is not going anywhere until every woman, every African-American, every Latinx voter washes it away in the voting booth.

Be there.  November 6.  And every goddam Election Day after that.

No Parody

There remains #NoParody. 

I keep hearing clever/desperate plans to keep this toad off the Court. 

They remind me of the “plans” that were being floated in November and December 2016 to keep Pumpkin from completing the Russian Coup taking office.

How’d that go?

Buh-bye, McCain

Parody (remember when that was still a thing?) by The Nation

John McCain hagiography is on every channel today, but I say, feh.  McCain needed Pumpkin to make him look any good. 

And never forget, McCain gave us the proto-Pumpkin, the one who led the way: Sarah Palin.  The archetypal fact-free babbler who dropped most of the dog-whistle in favor of outright bigotry came to us ten years ago last month from Wasilla, courtesy of John McCain.

Slightly but not really off-topic: are narcissism and belief in conspiracy theories mutually-reinforcing mental illnesses? Asking for a friend.

GOP Senate Candidate Kelli Ward Claims McCain Timed His Cancer Treatment Statement To Hurt Her Campaign

Seriously, how deep does your narcissism have to run before you can entertain this concept?

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